Unexpressed emotions remain buried in our body

When we believe a negative thought, it creates an emotional energy in our body. Once we create an emotional energy, the emotion will naturally want to immediately express itself. For example, if we believe the thought, “I am a failure”, it may cause us to feel worthless, and then we may instantly start to cry. Crying is a form of emotional expression. When we express an emotion, we are releasing that emotion from our body. Emotions are meant to be expressed and released instantaneously after creation. When we cry, we are releasing the newly created emotional energy from our body. This is why crying often feels lightening or like a relief. 

Emotions can express themselves and release from our body through crying, talking, breathing, screaming, shaking, coughing, or other possible ways. However, it is very often the case that we don’t express our emotions. This generally happens because we are scared to feel the intensity of the emotion or because we feel our emotions won’t be accepted by the people who are around us (parents, friends, classmates, teachers). When we create an emotion, but don’t express it, we end up intentionally burying this emotion in our body. This is like putting up a dam on a flowing river, keeping all the water trapped in one place. Throughout our lives, we have all buried many emotions.