Why working on our thoughts isn’t enough

Even though disbelieving thoughts is helpful, it’s not enough. The reason that we don’t just work on the level of thoughts/mind is because disbelieving thoughts does nothing to impact the emotions already buried in our body. To go back to our analogy again, if we turn off the faucet, we may not be adding any new water to the glass, but this action does nothing to empty the water that was already poured into the glass. Disbelieving a thought prevents us from adding new emotional energy into our body, but it doesn’t remove any of the buried emotional energy already inside of us. 

If we believe “I failed because I’m stupid”, it creates unworthiness. If we aren’t able to express this emotion, it will stay buried in our body. If we disbelieve this thought, and realize we aren’t stupid, we will stop creating more unworthiness. However, our previously created unworthiness will still be buried in our body. That means we can still feel the trigger of unworthiness at any sign of potential failure. As long as there is the possibility to have our unworthiness triggered from failure, we will continue to experience the trigger of anxiety about the potential failure. If we have a lot of success or do great on IQ exams, we can think and believe, “I am smart”. We even have factual evidence that seems to prove we are smart. But, if we still have the buried emotion of unworthiness from when believed “I am stupid” in the past, then we will still get triggered feeling stupid. We may think “I am smart”, yet we can still feel stupid. And if there is the possibility to feel stupid, we will feel anxiety about this possibility. 

No matter how much our mind believes or “knows” that we are great, it’s not enough to shift how we feel if we are still carrying old buried emotions.