This is meant to have an instant and lasting impact

All of the work we will do in this course is meant to have an instant and permanent impact. When we release a buried emotion or disbelieve a thought, we are meant to instantly feel the impact. We may notice we feel lighter, more open, happier, less tense, more solid, more relaxed, or more clarity. There is no need for you to believe what I shared in the previous sections or future lessons in this course. There is no need for you to trust me or what I say. If you engage with the exercises with a simple openness of “I will give it a try because this might help”, you can get the full impact. Even if you believe it won’t help, you can still get the full impact from this course.

When we disbelieve a thought or release a buried emotion, we may instantly feel much lighter. This is wonderful. But, the goal is that you feel lighter when you are actually studying or taking an exam. Therefore, I encourage you to test the impact in real life each time after you engage with the lessons in the course. Sit down to study, do homework, or work on a project. Explore what differences you notice in how you feel. The exercises we will do together are meant to have a cumulative and permanent impact. The exercises are not meant to just give you a nice temporary feeling that you have to try to maintain by continuing to do them. The more impact you notice, the more it motivates you to continue doing this type of mental and emotional work on yourself.