What happens when we release a buried emotion

When we release our buried emotions, they can no longer be triggered. When a painful emotion has no potential to be trigger, we will no longer experience the automatic response of fear when there used to be the potential for it to be triggered. Imagine that you previously performed poorly on an exam, believed a thought that says “I’m not good enough”, and it created the emotion of unworthiness. It felt painful so you distracted yourself from it, which caused it to unconsciously remain buried in your body. From that moment on, your unworthiness can be triggered easily at any little sign of failure. This will cause you to feel pressure to prove you are good enough, and you will experience fear whenever there is the potential to fail at something. If you manage to release the buried unworthiness, all of this goes away. The possibility of failure no longer has the potential to activate old buried unworthiness, which means that fear will no longer be activated when there is the possibility of failure. There is no maintenance or practice required. The triggers just leave. 

However, it’s important to understand that just releasing buried emotions sometimes isn’t enough on its own to fully and permanently lose your emotional pain. To use the faucet analogy, if you poke a hole in the bottom of the cup, this will begin emptying the cup of water. However, if you keep the faucet on, you will keep adding more and more water. If we fail or get rejected, and believe a thought that we are inadequate, we will feel the emotion of unworthiness. If we let ourselves cry about it, we are releasing the emotion. However, if we keep believing the thought, we will keep creating more emotional energy. When this happens, we can cry for years about the same incident (endlessly releasing), but it will never end if we keep believing the thought that tells us we are inadequate. This is why it’s important to work on releasing buried emotions and disbelieving the thoughts that create them. 

In this course, I will guide you through many ways to release the buried emotions that create your exam stress.