Forgive Yourself To Love Yourself

Lighten Your Guilt & Shame... Increase Your Self-Love

Do you live with guilt, shame, or self-blame?

  • Do you feel guilty for things you did/do that hurt someone?
  • Are you mad at yourself for a wrong/bad decision you made or keep making?
  • Do you feel ashamed for making choices that hurt yourself (i.e. unhealthy habits)?
  • Do you judge yourself for not being able to do what you want to do (i.e. healthy or productive activities)?
  • Do you blame yourself for the unhappiness of your parents, romantic partner, or children?
  • Do you feel harshness towards yourself whenever you aren't great, the best, or perfect?
  • Are you angry or disappointed with yourself for not reaching your potential?
  • Do you feel guilty for having such an easy or great life, while so many are suffering?

Many people don't realize how harsh and unkind their inner-voice is because it's all they've ever known.

Why It's So Important To Address Guilt, Shame, & Self-Blame

Reason #1

It's Really Painful

The experience of guilt or shame can be extremely sharp or painful. It can be so painful that we have to numb ourselves or engage in undesirable activities to help us try to escape our pain.

Reason #2

A Terrible Companion

Living with an internal voice that treats you harshly is a miserable experience. It's like constantly having someone next to you that is mean and critical. This unsupportive voice makes it hard to enjoy life.

Reason #3


When we hold onto guilt, shame, or self-blame, we are effectively believing we deserve pain. When we believe we deserve pain, we unconsciously look for ways to harm our life, our emotions, or our bodies.

Reason #4

It Blocks Joy, Love, & Abundance

If we feel angry at ourselves, we are effectively believing that we don't deserve goodness. This belief causes us to unconsciously block ourselves from receiving support, love, kindness, abundance, or joy.

Reason #5

You Can't Love Yourself

In any moment that you are feeling shame, guilt, or self-blame, you aren't loving yourself. You can't experience the genuine happiness of loving yourself, being kind to yourself, or enjoying who you are, as long as you're carrying these self-judgments.

This Course Will Help You To Love Yourself

This 8-day course will help you to permanently reduce your guilt & shame by healing 8 of your most painful beliefs.

What's Included In This Course

In this 8-day online course, Starting May 1st, you will receive access to 1 new video each day. Each video is designed to help you permanently lighten, or fully lose, your guilt & shame around 1 specific situation. 

Day 1: Forgive Yourself for Hurting Someone

If you physically or emotionally hurt someone in the past, this video will help you to stop believing you're a terrible person, and help you to realize that it's okay to forgive yourself. (22:03)

Day 2: Forgive Yourself for A Wrong/Bad Decision

This video will help you to forgive yourself for a "bad" decision, by helping you to disbelieve the idea that you're stupid for making such a decision, and that you deserve punishment for making a mistake. (23:21)

Day 3: Forgive Yourself for A Choice That Hurt Yourself

If you ever engage in activities that you know are "bad" for you, but yet you do it anyhow, then this video will help you to forgive yourself by supporting you to understand why you do what you do. (19:59)

Day 4: Forgive Yourself for Not Being Able To Do What You Want

Do you ever believe that you're weak, lazy, undisciplined, or defective for not being able to do the productive or enjoyable things you want to do? If so, this video is going to be great for you. (27:31)

Day 5: Forgive Yourself for Your Incapacity To Make Others Happy

When our romantic partner, parents, or children aren't happy, it's easy to believe it's our fault. This video will help you to stop blaming yourself, or your inadequacy, for someone else's unhappiness. (35:16)

Day 6: Forgive Yourself for Not Being Perfect/The Best

Are you hard on yourself whenever you believe you're not perfect, special, or amazing? This video will help you treat yourself more kindly and with more unconditional love. (23:50)

Day 7: Forgive Yourself for Having An Easy/Great Life

When our life is great, while others are suffering, we can feel guilty. It can feel unfair for us to be happy, as if we don't deserve our great life. This video will help you to lose your guilt and let in joy. (22:45)

Day 8: Forgive Yourself for Not Reaching Your Potential

As a child, did you or your parents believe you were going to achieve great things? Did you make poor choices that prevented you from reaching your potential? Let me help you to forgive yourself. (23:11)

Bonus: 90-Minute Recorded Question & Answer Session

When I first launched this course, I offered a Live Question & Answer Session on Zoom at the end of the course. In this Q&A Session, I guide 2 participants through challenges they are having with shame and forgiveness.

Now, I am making this recording available to you, so that you can benefit from witnessing how I guide these participants from shame, blame, and confusion... to self-kindness, forgiveness, and clarity.

(Value: $100) Now FREE

About Noah Elkrief

I'm a master of understanding guilt, shame, & self-blame. And the only way you become a master at such a strange topic is sadly because you're forced to endure it for a really long time. I've lived through practically every type of shame, and I've done the work to break free of them. 

Now, it is my passion and deepest desire to help others to make the transition from self-blame to self-love, from internal harshness to internal kindness.   

I composed this course based on my own healing journey, as well as thousands of hours of counseling sessions I provided to over 1,000 individuals from around the world since 2010.

I am the author of, "A Guide To The Present Moment", which was the #1 Bestselling Counseling book on Amazon. My Youtube videos have over 225,000 subscribers and 20 million views. 

What People Are Saying About Noah

"This is the first time I understood how to face my difficult emotions and completely accept them. This is life changing for me. I couldn’t stop crying the whole time after coming face to face with my feeling of inadequacy. I could finally be at ease with it. Thank you Noah from the core of my heart."  - Pam

"You don't know this but your videos saved my life Noah. I can't begin to thank you enough because I'm the happiest I've ever been.  I can finally look myself in the mirror and be able to say I actually love myself. I'm crying writing this. Thank you for all the videos." - Alex

"I love the structure and emotional presence you have. It clearly feels like you have gone through experiences yourself, which makes it easy to feel understood by you and thus makes it easier to open up to myself during the videos." - Aleet 

What You Can Expect From This Course

#1: Instant Relief

Why spend endless hours on a self-help tactic if you don't know whether it will help you?

Each video in this course is filled with guided exercises and explanations that are meant to provide you with an instant experiential impact. No need to guess or hope that it may help one day in the future if you practice it enough.

#2: Permanent Impact

Why spend your time and energy on a self-help tactic that only provides temporary relief?

All of the videos in this course are meant to address the roots of your guilt or shame. Whether the intensity of your shame reduces by 20% or 100% from this course, the impact is meant to be permanent. No maintenance required. 

#3: Easy To Do

Why join a course that requires so much time that you'll just endlessly procrastinate doing it? 

I created this course to be easily digestible. That's why the average video every day is about 24 minutes. There is no homework to do and there is no practice required. You can get the full benefit of this course because it's not overwhelming.  

The most common mistakes people make that perpetuate shame

Mistake #1

Shame Is Needed For Motivation

It is common for many of us to want to hold onto our shame or guilt because we believe it incentives us to improve and become better. We fear that if we lose the shame, we will lose our motivation to be better.

Truth: You can be motivated by desire & intuition, not just by fear.

Mistake #2

I Deserve To Feel Terrible

When we feel guilt, it is often because we believe we deserve to feel it and should feel it. We would feel even worse about ourselves if we lost our guilt. It would feel unfair, like avoiding justified punishment. 

Truth: You don't deserve punishment, you really deserve support. 

Mistake #3

Self-Improvement Will Alleviate My Shame

If we judge ourselves for a "bad" decision, action, or life situation, this will create shame or guilt. Once we feel this shame or guilt, it's easy to believe that improving our decisions, actions, or life situation will alleviate our shame.

Truth: Improving your actions, decisions, or life situation may help you to not create new shame & guilt, however, this will do nothing to alleviate previously-created shame & guilt that will still remain in your mind and body. 

This Course Can Help You Live & Feel So Much Nicer

  • Imagine that you could feel genuine love & compassion towards yourself despite all of your harmful choices.
  • Imagine that the voice in your head treated you kindly and supportively even when you aren't perfect or can't do what you want. 
  • Imagine you could actually like yourself, and feel good about yourself, even when you’re around amazing people.
  • Imagine making choices that really support your wellbeing because you no longer need to punish yourself or run away from your shame.
  • Imagine that you could allow yourself to enjoy what you already have in life, without feeling guilty about it, or feeling like it's not "great" enough.
  • Imagine being motivated by desire, joy, or passion, instead of by shame.
  • Imagine allowing yourself to receive love, support, and kindness from others because you truly know you deserve it. 

 This is how you can feel when you finally address your guilt, shame, & self-blame

30-Day Hassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee

If this course supports you to fully lose some of your guilt, shame, or self-blame, then it would clearly be worth a lot of money to you. But, you can’t know how helpful the course will be until you give it a try. I get that. That’s why I offer a 30-day hassle-free money-back guarantee.

I don’t want you to miss out on the possibility of living a life filled with more self-love, happiness, and self kindness because you don't want to risk losing some money

If you genuinely try engaging with all the modules, but don’t find the course to be really helpful, just ask for a refund. I’ll send you the refund within 24 hours. No questions asked.

Now, there’s no risk for you in joining this course. Go ahead, give it a try and see what happens.

Join "Forgive Yourself To Love Yourself"

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