By reading Noah Elkrief’s website, watching his videos, reading his emails, reading his Youtube comments, reading his books, participating in a 1-on-1 session, using his courses, or otherwise engaging with Noah Elkrief and Noah Elkrief LLC, you acknowledge that you have read, comprehended and fully agreed with the following disclaimer.

  • I understand that Noah Elkrief has no formal training to help others, and is not a medical doctor or psychologist of any kind.
  • I understand that Noah Elkrief does not diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or psychological disorder or conditions, but rather just helps people to investigate their own thoughts and feelings by providing instruction, advice, support, encouragement, and information.
  • I understand that even if Noah Elkrief uses words that describe medical or psychological disorders or conditions, he is still not treating the conditions or disorders, but just helping people to explore thoughts and feelings. His use of any words that describe medical or psychological disorders or conditions is solely for the purpose of using terms that are well known in society, and not as used clinically or in the diagnosis, treatment or cure of any medical or psychological disorders or conditions.
  • I understand that if I want to be treated for a medical or psychological disorder or condition, I must consult a medical doctor or other health care provider, and that I should not disregard or delay seeking professional medical advice as a result of something Noah Elkrief says or writes.
  • I understand that Noah Elkrief is not qualified nor able to give any advice about whether or not I should take medication.
  • I understand that if I am considering suicide, or believe that I may be a danger to myself or others, I should notify the police, a psychologist that specializes at helping suicidal clients, or contact my local emergency medical services as soon as possible.
  • I understand that if I have had, or I think I have had, any strong or serious traumas in my life, then I should consult my doctor or other health care professional before working with Noah Elkrief’s methods, and I should notify Noah Elkrief before having a session with him.
  • I understand that the word “counseling” on Noah Elkrief’s website is not used as a medical term, but simply describes an in-depth, honest, exploratory, and confidential conversation.
  • I understand that when Noah Elkrief tells me to try a specific exploration or exercise that it is really just a suggestion to try the exercise rather than a mandate.
  • I understand that I am fully responsible for the decision to engage with any exercise, and that I can decline to work on any exercise that I think would be harmful or too intense for me to manage.
  • I understand that Noah Elkrief often attempts to provide emotional relief by intentionally bringing up unwanted emotions that I may find to be scary, uncomfortable, or painful, and then using specific exercises to try to lighten, dissolve, release, or eliminate these unwanted emotions.
  • I understand that Noah Elkrief makes no guarantees as to the outcome of my use of his words and methods.
  • I understand that Noah Elkrief strives to keep all communications confidential, but that he can break confidentiality if he believes that I have or will cause physical harm to myself or someone else.
  • I understand that information that is transmitted electronically (i.e. email, Skype, dropbox, etc.) contains the risk of a security breach and losing confidentiality.
  • I understand that I am fully and solely responsible for my interpretation of Noah Elkrief’s words and actions, for any conclusions that I form, for any discoveries that I make, and for all actions and non-actions resulting from or relating to my engagement with Noah Elkiref’s words. I understand that Noah Elkrief and Noah Elkrief LLC shall not be liable for claims or damages, and expressly disclaims any and all liability of any nature, for any action, or non-action, taken as a result of his website content, video content, book content, or content from 1-on-1 sessions.
  • I understand that engaging with Noah Elkrief’s words and online content is entirely at my own risk without any guarantee or warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranty for information given, advice, or opinion, and that by engaging with Noah Elkrief’s content, I agree to forever release, discharge, indemnify, and hold harmless Noah Elkrief and Noah Elkrief LLC for any type of injury, inconvenience or disagreement that results. In the event that I bring legal action against Noah Elkrief or Noah Elkrief LLC, I agree that any such action shall be governed by the substantive and procedural laws of the State of New York, without regard to its conflicts of laws provisions, and that such action shall be subject to the exclusive venue and jurisdiction of the State and Federal courts located in New York County, New York.I understand that by choosing to engage with the words of Noah Elkrief and Noah Elkrief LLC in any format, that I have read the above informed consent, understand it, and agree to it.
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