I want to help you to...

Live From Your Authentic Self

I would love to help you to show up as your own authentic expression, to fully embody your soul, to live from your unique essence, and to know that you are totally enough as you are. 

Release Painful Beliefs & Emotions

It is my passion, my gift, and my purpose to help people to release the painful and dense beliefs, emotions, and energies that keep them from living with the freedom, love, joy, and peace they deserve.  

Remember Who You Are

Do you know that you are a beautiful, whole, loving, wise soul? We agree to forget this when we are born, but it's possible to remember. And, oh man, it feels good to remember! 

Would you like 1-on-1 support?

I offer individual counseling through 1-hour sessions on Skype. I have been offering this service since 2010, and I have helped more than 1,000 clients. Individual sessions are extremely impactful for my clients. 

Where you can find my work...


I share most of my content as videos on Youtube. I currently have over 100 videos, with 220,000 subscribers and 20 million views. 


In 2012, I published my book, "A Guide to The Present Moment". It was the #1 Bestselling Counseling book on Amazon for a while.

Are you stressed about exams?

I have created an extremely comprehensive online course that is designed to help you lose your exam stress. Please click the link to learn more about it.

About Noah Elkrief

I want to be happy. I want to feel free, joyous, enthusiastic, peaceful, and alive. I want to be loving, open-hearted, kind, and connected in my relationship with others. I want to feel powerful, solid, safe, healthy, and passionate.

Since I care about living like this, I have been committed to working on anything that blocks me from experiencing life how I want. Somehow, this led me to discover my soul and open my heart. I am now living with a tremendous amount of peace and joy. This has inspired me to support to heal and release the blocks that prevent them from living from their soul and open heart.

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