Let Me Help You To Be Yourself

You deserve to live a life filled with joy, ease, laughter, and love. I’m here to support you to finally get lasting relief from the anxiety and self-worth issues that prevent you from living your most authentically happy life.

Are you struggling with any of these issues?


Does the voice in your head treat you harshly? Do you feel insecure or inadequate? 

I want to help your thoughts to be kind towards you. I want to support you to feel great about yourself. 


Do you feel stress or pressure at work? Do you feel anxiety in certain social settings? 

I want to help you to feel calm flow at work. I want to support you to feel secure & happy with people.


Do you strategize what to do or how to be in order to get approval from others?

I want to help you express yourself freely. I want to support you to live your most authentic life.

Private Counseling

I know how painful it is to live with inadequacy, unworthiness, stress, and anxiety. I had to go through a lot to break free of these issues. Now, I use the wisdom I’ve acquired through my healing journey to help make your path to happiness much quicker and easier.   

I have supported over 1,000 clients in private sessions over the last 12 years, and the work keeps getting more effective and enjoyable. If you would like support in your anxiety or self-worth issues, I invite you click the link below to learn more.

These Courses Are Available To Start Any Time

This course will guide you to permanently lighten your guilt, shame, & self-blame, so that you can experience more self-love and self-kindness in your life. 

If you struggle with any form of inadequacy, self-doubt, or unworthiness, then this course is for you. This course heals the blocks to genuine confidence.

As young children, our lives are filled with joy and ease. As adults, our lives are often heavy & tense. This course removes the harmful beliefs that came from school. 

About Noah Elkrief

I am a man with a deep passion to live with immense freedom, joy, love, kindness, and authenticity. I’ve had to go on a long healing journey to make it happen, but I can now truly enjoy life.

Since 2010, I have been helping viewers, readers, and clients to resolve the issues I’ve had to go through myself. I love doing this work 🙂  

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