You can live with the confidence, joy, and love you desire. You can lose the inadequacy, anxiety & triggers standing in your way. Let me show you how. 

Who I Am

Welcome. I’m Noah. 

In this life, I’ve had the great fortune of being slightly obsessed with thoughts and emotions. I just always knew it was possible to feel totally happy, but that I just had to find a way to discover and resolve what’s causing my pain. 

This led me to spend ridiculous amounts of time exploring and unraveling the deep roots of my painful issues. 

Now, I get to enjoy the fruits of my efforts. In my life, my mind feels clear and calm. My body feels safe and filled with aliveness. My heart feels open and caring. And my emotions feel very light and lovable. 

Since I got so effective at resolving my own issues, I just had to help others to do the same. I’ve been supporting others with my work since 2010.  

What I Can Do For You

I absolutely love to help people to break free from the painful issues that I’ve had to experience and resolve within myself. When I’ve been through the journey of pain to freedom for a particular issue, I feel it gives me deeper expertise and more compassion for my clients. 

The issues that caused me the most pain in my life were around self-worth, anxiety, and relationships. Therefore, I now specialize in helping clients to reduce or completely lose their insecurity, unworthiness, anxiety at work, social anxiety, and relationship triggers.

I do this by resolving subconscious beliefs, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, trauma, suppressed emotions, repressed parts, inner-child pain, inherited ancestral beliefs, or societal conditioning. 

You can experience this transformation through: 

How I Work With You

Everything I share comes from my own direct experience of what’s worked inside of me. It’s not theory or philosophy. 

Everything I share is designed to have an instant experiential impact. No need to believe it may work someday.  

Everything I share is meant to have a permanent impact. No need to maintain some daily practice to keep the results. 

Everything I share comes from the compassion and self-love that I’ve cultivated through my struggles. No pressure or forcing. 

Everything I share is an invitation to discover something for yourself. I don’t want you to just trust me or follow me. 

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On A Personal Note

I would love to let you know a little bit more about myself on a personal level. 

  • I am 38 years old, and I’m from Westchester, NY
  • I have been traveling around the world while giving sessions online since 2014. 
  • I currently live between Ubud, Bali and Koh Phangan, Thailand.
  • I love to dance, play soccer, walk in forests, bicycle, stand-up paddle board, surf, play padel, snorkel, and go on adventures. 
  • I was raised attending an Ashram and meditating every day.
  • I am currently in a beautifully loving monogamous relationship.
  • Before starting this work in 2010, I worked as a Strategy Consultant in London and at Goldman Sachs in NY. 
  • During this time, I was also accepted into Mensa High IQ Society.
  • I’ve spent a ridiculously large amount of time and money on healing myself… and it’s been so worth it. 
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