Do You Have A Painful Issue You Can't Resolve?

Welcome. I'm Noah.

I know how miserable it can be to live with painful thoughts, emotions, triggers, and behaviors.

I know how frustrating and hopeless it can feel when nothing you try seems to eliminate them.

It can be so tricky, deep, subtle, or confusing to find and address the roots of pain.

Let me use my intuition and experience to make this journey much quicker and easier for you.

I would love to help you feel better.

Have a look below at the issues I specialize in to see whether I am the right fit for you. 

1) Romantic Relationships

Fear – Do you live in fear of rejection, betrayal, or abandonment? 

Breakups – Are you struggling with hurt, grief, anger, or obsessive thinking from a breakup?

Conflict – Do you react to triggers and conflict with too much anger, harshness, avoidance, or fear?

Sexuality – Do you feel too much insecurity, shame, or fear to enjoy sexuality with a partner?

Closed Heart – Are you afraid of intimacy, love, or opening your heart again?

2) Relationship With Yourself

Loneliness – Do you feel deeply lonely or empty whenever you are by yourself with no distractions?

Unworthiness – Do you feel completely undeserving of love, joy, kindness, success, or comfort?

Self-Hatred – Does the voice in your head keep telling you how terrible, worthless, stupid, or defective you are?

Inadequacy – Do you always have an underlying feeling that you are somehow not good enough?

Behaviors – Can you not stop some “bad” habit/behavior, or can’t form some “good” habit/behavior?

Obsessive Thinking - Can you not stop thinking about some person, subject, decision, past event, or future outcome?

3) Work Issues

Anxiety – Do you feel terrified of imperfection, failure, disappointing others, or not being good enough?

Pressure – Do you feel constant pressure to prove you are smart, knowledgeable, or great at your job? 

Money – Do you have plenty of money, but yet it’s never enough to feel relaxed, safe, or good enough?

Fraud – Do you feel like a fraud, imposter, or underserving of your job position or level of success?

Procrastination – Do you frequently avoid tasks that you really want or need to spend time on?

4) Social Issues

Social Anxiety – Do you feel scared, uncomfortable, or awkward in certain social situations? 

People Pleasing – Do you constantly try to make others happy and have a difficult time saying no?

Avoidance – Does your fear cause you to avoid social situations, dating, or public speaking?

Inauthenticity – Do you act however will get you love and approval instead of being authentic?

About Noah Elkrief

I am a man with a deep passion and commitment to healing anything within myself that doesn't feel light or loving. 

Amazingly, with every piece of suffering I heal within myself, I become a clearer, kinder, wiser, more intuitive healer for others.

I’ve offered 1-on-1 sessions to over 1,000 individual clients since I started in 2010. My videos on Youtube now have more than 20 million views. My book, “A Guide to The Present Moment”, was the #1 Bestselling Counseling book on Amazon. 

Prior to 2010, I was accepted into Mensa High IQ Society, worked at Goldman Sachs in NY, and worked as a strategy consultant in London.

What Happens During Sessions

  • You may feel safe enough to share things you've never told anyone.
  • You may break open to vulnerability in a way you've never felt safe enough to do.
  • You may have the "a-ha" moment when you finally see the root of your pain.
  • You may experience the beautiful moment when your painful belief or emotion lifts off of you.
  • You may feel lighter, clearer, calmer, and happier after your pain has dissolved.

What Happens After Sessions

  • You may naturally feel less stressed... more relaxed, confident, and in the flow at work.
  • You may naturally feel less anxiety... more calm, solid, and authentic in social situations.
  • You may naturally feel less tension... more love, joy, and safety in your relationship.
  • The voice in your head may naturally treat you less harshly... more internal kindness.
  • You may naturally feel less lonely and inadequate... more whole, enough, and content within yourself.
  • You may naturally stop your "bad" habits... actually be able to do what you want to do.

Would You Like To Resolve Your Painful Issue?

Choose 1 of the options below to get started

Targeted Relief


  • 4 x One-Hour Private Sessions
  • Video Recordings
Priceless Impact


  • 8 x One-Hour Private Sessions
  • 2 x Free Bonus Sessions ($500 Value)
  • Video Recordings

Within a few minutes after your purchase, you will receive an email with the link to schedule your sessions. 

All sessions must be used within 4 months of purchase.

If you have any questions, please email me at Noah [at] NoahElkrief [dot] com

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