Do You Have A Painful Issue You Can't Resolve?

Welcome. I'm Noah.

Are you struggling with a painful recurring thought, belief, emotion, or trigger?

I know how frustrating and defeating it can feel when nothing you try seems to help.

It can be so tricky, deep, subtle, or confusing to find and address the roots of pain.

I’ve helped over 1,000 individual clients over the last decade to resolve their painful issues.

Let me use my intuition and experience to make this journey much quicker and easier for you.

I would love to help you feel better.

What I Can Help You With

One of the main reasons why my work is so effective for my clients is because I only help people with the issues I’ve struggled with, and resolved, within myself.

This allows me to have a deeper understanding of my clients’ issues, more compassion for their struggle, more insight into how to heal their issues, and more confidence that it’s possible to break free from their pain.

Have a look below at the issues I specialize in to see whether I am the right fit for you.

1) Romantic Relationships

Fear – Do you live in fear of your partner leaving you, cheating on you, or being mad at you?

Breakups – Are you struggling with hurt, grief, anger, or obsessive thinking from a breakup?

Triggers – Do you keep getting triggered by something your partner says or does?

Codependency – Are you caretaking for your partner or feel totally dependent on them?

Loneliness – Do you feel deep loneliness while you're single or fear loneliness while in a relationship?

2) Self-Worth

Inadequacy – Do you think you’re great, but yet always subtly feel like you are not good enough?

Unworthiness – Do you feel undeserving of love, joy, kindness, success, ease, or comfort? 

Self-Hatred – Does the voice in your head keep telling you how worthless, stupid, or defective you are 

Inauthenticity – Do you act however will get you love, success, or approval rather than being authentic?

3) Anxiety

Anxiety – Do you feel afraid of imperfection, failure, rejection, sickness, or other “bad” future outcomes?

Pressure – Do you feel constant pressure to prove you are great or to become great? 

Money – Does it feel like you never have enough money to feel relaxed, safe, or good enough?

Social Anxiety – Do you feel scared, uncomfortable, or awkward in certain social situations?

Procrastination – Are you avoiding a task or project that you really want or need to spend time on?

About Noah Elkrief

I’m a man who really wants to enjoy this life.

Whenever I experience a thought or emotion that doesn’t feel enjoyable, I absolutely love to discover what’s causing my pain, and to experience the beautiful relief of resolving it.

I started meditating every day when I was 6 years old, and since then, my healing journey has taken me all over the world to be supported by all sorts of wonderful wise people.

Amazingly, with every piece of suffering I heal within myself, I become a clearer, kinder, wiser, more intuitive healer for others.

I’ve offered 1-on-1 sessions to over 1,000 individual clients since I started in 2010. My videos on Youtube now have 230,000 subscribers and more than 20 million views. My book, “A Guide to The Present Moment”, was the #1 Bestselling Counseling book on Amazon.

What Happens During Sessions

  1. I will ask you questions to understand the specific issue that you want to resolve. 
  2. I will likely try to activate your painful issue in order to explore your issue more deeply and intuitively discover the root.
  3. At this point, through your own discovery or through my explanations, you may have a deep insight ("a-ha" moment) when you finally see the root of your painful issue.
  4. Depending on what’s causing your issue, I will intuitively guide you through exercises in order to resolve your subconscious beliefs, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, trauma, suppressed emotions, repressed parts, inner-child pain, inherited ancestral beliefs, or societal conditioning.
  5. You will likely experience the beautiful moment when your painful belief or emotion seems to just dissolve or lose its power. The way I work is meant to have an immediate experiential impact.

What Happens After Sessions

  • The goal of each session is to address the root of a specific issue so deeply and fully that it never comes back.
  • In one session, we may be able to address 100% of an issue, or we might only be able to resolve 30% of an issue.
  • If we are able to fully resolve the issue, that means your specific painful thought or emotion will never get triggered ever again.
  • If we are able to resolve 30% of an issue, this means that the next time your thought or emotion gets triggered, it will feel 30% less powerful/painful.
  • No matter how much improvement you experience from a session, the result is meant to be permanent. There is no maintenance or practice required in order to keep the impact. 

Recent Client Testimonials

"It is difficult to describe how life changing sessions with Noah are. I appreciate this so fully now in retrospect; my anxiety, existential angst, and overall worrying thoughts have decreased substantially. I owe it to Noah. He is smart and straightforward, while always remaining compassionate and supportive."

Sarah - Doctor - 12/23

"To say working with Noah has been life changing is an understatement. I’d met with several therapists before meeting Noah and from the very first session, felt a powerful shift. Noah has helped me peel back layer after layer of trauma that has blocked me from fully embracing who I am and living the life I really want to live. I wish every person could experience the healing I’ve experienced from working with Noah. He has a rare gift that’s worth the time, money, and energy invested into sessions with him."

Nora - Therapist - 12/23

"Words can’t describe how much of an impact Noah’s guidance and kind words have had on me. He is kind, intelligent, and has a beautiful way of being able to open you up to seeing the core of who we are and what drives us. I can’t recommend him enough!"

Joe - Director - 11/23

"Noah is a truly transformational guide and has helped me unravel and make peace with many of my life’s stories. I have deeper insights into my patterns and programming, an abundance of self-acceptance, and a renewed sense of joy. He helped me see and let go of long held beliefs and partnered with me as I’ve taken off the limits of what I can do in and with this life! He has been an exceptional support and I’ll be forever grateful to him. Thank you Noah!"

Lorraine - Doctor - 11/23

"Noah has provided for me in sessions the safest space I've ever known. With Noah's gentle guidance, deep wisdom and intuition, I have been able to feel, heal and release so much deep-seated trauma that I would not have been able to see or face on my own. I know there is nothing I could bring to a session that would be met with any judgement. My life has transformed exponentially over the years I've worked with Noah. From feeling so stuck in suffering on my own, my life now feels lighter in every area. I can't put into words how deeply I respect and honour Noah for all that he is, and feel privileged to have had him be a part of my journey."

AMY - Lifeguard - 11/23

"I feel heard, seen and understood, and free to be as I am. Noah's presence makes me feel genuinely cared for. I may go into a session thinking I was struggling because of one thing, but Noah’s insights and intuition make me look so much deeper into the root cause of what is actually going on, and that has been incredibly helpful.  Even in just one session, I always feel a major shift and it allows me to look deeper within myself."

Rebecca - Nonprofit - 11/23

You can read many more older testimonials at this link here.

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