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Hi. Welcome. This is a space for support and healing. It is a place for meeting in deep honesty and openness. I offer 1-on-1 sessions in order to help your journey to be more easy, light, joyous, loving, and smooth. I invite you now to take a few minutes to explore the content on this page, then feel if what I offer can be supportive for you. Wishing you lots of ease and gentleness on your journey. 

My approach

Imagine a beautiful white light bulb shining bright. Now imagine that hundreds of layers of dark cloth have been placed all around this light bulb. The light has always been bright. We just can't see the light because of what's on top of it. There has always been a bright light at the center of your being. It is just that there are layers of trauma and beliefs on top of it that make it difficult to know and feel this light. I want to help you remove the layers on top of your light (heart, soul, essence) so that you can live from the beautiful light that you are. 

The way that I can help you to live from your heart, soul, and authentic self is by helping you to address the painful triggers, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, shadows, and patterns you experience in your life. Each time we release or heal one of these types issues... the more easy it is feel our self-worth, open our heart, act from our authentic self, and experience our soul's essence.  

What issues I help with

I would like to help you with the issues that I know most intimately from my own experience. The issues that I will share with you below are the ones I'm most passionate about helping people with because I know how painful it is to experience them, and I know how to break free of them. Here are some of the main issues I can help with:

Self-worth Issues: You feel inadequacy, insecurity, unworthiness, like a fraud, defective, insufficient, self-critical,  lacking, terrible about yourself, or like something’s wrong with you. 

Motivation: You feel weak, fragile, small, lost, lifeless, or incapable of getting anything done. 

Pressure: You feel intense pressure to improve, progress, be perfect, prove yourself, or be a certain way.

Relationship Issues: You experience triggers, controlling, anger, trust issues, attachment issues, fear, codependency, anger, insecurity, distant, abandonment, rejection, or conflict in your relationship/s. 

Anxiety: You feel anxiety at work, in social situations, related to health, or with family. 

Loneliness: You feel abandoned, isolated, alone, all alone, distant, shut-down, or lonely. 

Unknown Blocks: You want to live from your heart, soul, or authentic self. You want to feel free, happy, peaceful, relaxed, solid, powerful, joyous, confident, abundant, loving, or connected. You want to listen to yourself, trust yourself, love yourself, or be kind to yourself. But, there are some blocks in your way.

How I help clients

Through my journey to heal my own issues, I have developed a very holistic approach to healing that incorporates the wisdom and embodiment of many modalities. Here are a few of the ways that I support clients during 1-on-1 sessions.  

Love & Acceptance: I meet you from a place of deep embodied acceptance, which energetically supports deeply buried beliefs/emotions to feel safe enough to arise to the surface. 

Release Methods: I can help you in a variety of ways to release painful trauma, buried emotions, negative beliefs, inherited ancestral beliefs, societal programming, past-life wounds, and dense blocked energy. 

Intuitive Sensitivity: The journey of releasing my own stuff has awakened my sensitivity to detect the hidden beliefs and feelings that are underneath the words people share with me. 

Disbelieve Thoughts: I offer deep wisdom insights to break the power of the conscious and unconscious beliefs that are causing you pain or blocking you from experiencing life as you desire.

Inner-Child Healing: I help you to see, listen to, understand, and feel love for your inner-child. I help your inner-child to express buried emotions, release what's not theirs, clear up false conclusions, and receive the love/safety they never got.  

Spiritual Healing: I offer insight, messages, light healing, remembrance activations, loving frequency, deep soul wisdom, and high frequency healing.

About me

I am here to pave pathways towards love, authenticity, self-worth, and soul embodiment. I have taken the journey from feeling closed-off, inauthentic, worthless, and disconnected to living from the authentic expression of my soul. The journey wasn't easy, but I am now enjoying the fruits of my efforts. Now, it is my passion and purpose to help make this journey easier, lighter, quicker, and less painful for others. I do this by combining the grounded, sharp, and structured intellect of my mind with the deep wisdom and love from my soul.   


I have been offering healing sessions since 2010, I published a Bestselling book in 2012, and my videos have over 20 million views. 

Practical Information

  • Price: The cost for a 3-session package is $495, and the cost for a 6-session package is $895
  • Duration: Each session is for 1-hour. I am only available for support during our scheduled 1-hour sessions. 
  • Platform: The sessions are video calls on Skype. If you prefer Zoom or some other platform, that's fine also. 
  • Recordings: It is included in the price to receive video recordings of our sessions. You can also choose to not record.
  • Scheduling: Within a few minutes after purchasing sessions, you will receive an email with a link to schedule your sessions. The next available appointment is usually 1 week away. My working hours are 9am to 10pm NY time, Sunday through Thursday. You must use all your sessions within 3 months of purchase.  

Would you like my support?

If so, I invite you to choose one of the options below to get started.

3 session Package

Targeted help for a specific issue



6 session package

Receive help for multiple issues




I encourage you to follow your intuition about whether to have sessions with me. But, if you don't have sufficient clarity, you're welcome to send me an email explaining what you want help with, and I'll get back to you about whether I feel I can support you.

If you are deeply committed to your own healing journey, and have already done a lot of work on yourself, but you can't afford my standard rates, we may be able to work something out. Send me an email to let me know what you want help with, and what you can afford, then I'll let you know if it works for me.

My email is Noah - at - Noahelkrief.com. If you don't receive a reply within a few days, please check your Spam folder. 

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