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Welcome. I'm Noah.

If you made it to this page, I imagine that you're having a difficult time with some thoughts or emotions.

I know how challenging it can be when you desperately want to stop thinking/feeling a certain way, but you just can't seem to find a way out. I "see" you. 

I offer 1-on-1 sessions to help people break free of the mental and emotional patterns that are just too difficult, deep, or tricky to break out of themselves. 

Through 12 years of offering 1-on-1 sessions, I’ve discovered that sessions are most impactful for clients when I’m helping them with issues I’ve had to go through myself. 

Therefore, I specialize in helping clients with the 3 issues I’ve had to experience the most throughout my life: 1) Anxiety. 2) Self-Worth. 3) Relationships.

Please have a look below to see whether I am the right fit to support you. 

1) Anxiety

Social Anxiety - You feel anxiety or inadequacy in certain social situations, which leads to avoidance, uncomfortability, or difficulty speaking authentically.  

Performance Anxiety - You feel a lot of pressure to be the best, be perfect (perfectionism), not mess up, or prove that you’re great/smart/good.  

Relationship Anxiety - You fear rejection, abandonment, judgment, or conflict in relationships/dating. 

Money Anxiety - You have enough money to physically provide for yourself/family, but it’s never enough for you to feel relaxed, safe, or good enough.

2) Self-Worth

Inadequacy - No matter how much you accomplish, you still feel insufficient, inadequate, or not good enough.

Unworthiness - You feel worthless, defective, broken, or self-hatred.

Self-Critical - Your internal voice treats you really harshly and unkindly.

Inauthentic - You act however you believe will get you love & approval, instead of being authentic.

Undeserving - You feel undeserving of joy, love, success, abundance, happiness, or peace, which causes you to avoid, block, sabotage, or resist “goodness”.

3) Relationships

  • You feel harsh, distant, angry, or cold towards your partner.
  • You are the victim or perpetrator of controlling or manipulation.
  • You don’t know how to heal/stop specific triggers or behaviors.
  • You live in fear of your partner leaving you or not loving you.
  • You want to leave your partner, but you’re too scared.
  • You are codependent with your partner.
  • You are struggling with getting over a breakup.

About Noah Elkrief

I am a man with a deep passion and commitment for healing myself. I love to discover the roots of my painful patterns.  

Amazingly, with every piece of suffering I heal within myself, I become a clearer, kinder, wiser, more intuitive healer for others.

Supporting people on their journey out of suffering is an amazing privilege for me that touches my heart deeply every day.  

I’ve offered 1-on-1 sessions to over 1,000 individual clients since I started in 2010. My videos on Youtube now have more than 20 million views. My book, “A Guide to The Present Moment”, was the #1 Bestselling Counseling book on Amazon. 

Prior to 2010, I was accepted into Mensa High IQ Society, worked at Goldman Sachs in NY, and as a strategy consultant in London.

What To Expect In Sessions

The intention in 1-on-1 sessions is to help you experience a lasting shift in the way you think or feel. 

I don't have any particular routine or formula by which to help you make this shift. Rather, my intention is to listen to you, understand you, and see you as deeply as possible. Then, I allow my intuition to guide us in whatever direction feels supportive.   

During sessions, I will typically guide you through identifying and resolving subconscious beliefs, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, trauma, suppressed emotions, repressed parts, inner-child pain, inherited ancestral beliefs, or societal conditioning. 

As I guide you through exercises to heal your suffering, you can expect to feel an experiential shift in "real-time" as we work on it. 

I don't give you tools or advice, which may make you feel better some day in the future if you practice it enough. I will help you to transform how you feel on the spot. 

The vast majority of clients report a clear experiential shift after just 1 session.

Money-Back Guarantee

If I can support you to fully & permanently lose whatever issue you're struggling with, then it would clearly be worth a lot of money to you. 

But, I completely understand that you can’t know for sure whether I can help you until after you’ve already had a session with me. 

That’s why I offer a full money-back guarantee.

After the 1st session, if either of us don't feel confident that I can be really helpful for you, then I will happily give you a full refund. 

I do this work to help people. I don't want to take your money if I can't help you.

And, I don’t want you to miss out on the possibility of losing your anxiety, self-worth, or relationship issues just because you’re not sure whether I can help. 

If you intuitively feel like I could help you, then I invite you to give it a try. 

Am I The Right Fit For You?

  • Do you want to feel calm and open-hearted in your relationship?
  • Do you want to comfortably be your authentic self no matter who you’re with?
  • Do you want to feel relaxed, and in the flow, while working?
  • Do you want to experience deep safety and calmness in relation to money?
  • Do you want to feel deserving of success, love, joy, and kindness?
  • Do you want your internal voice to treat you kindly no matter what you’re doing?
  • Do you want to feel worthy, good enough, and lovable in every cell of your body?

Let Me Make Your Life Easier

I've been through a lot of mental and emotional suffering in my life. 

And I've had to go on a long and painful healing journey to finally feel genuine happiness. 

Along the way, I gained a lot of hard-earned wisdom.

Let me make your journey towards happiness much quicker and easier than it otherwise would be. 

Let me save you those years of painful struggle. 

Every one of your painful beliefs and feelings are within you for a very logical reason. 

None of it is inside you because you’re somehow messed up.

Allow me to use my experience to help you find the source of your pain and find the way to free you from it.

Would You Like To Receive My Support?

I would love to help you feel better

Choose 1 of the options below to get started

Targeted Relief


  • 4 x One-Hour Private Sessions
  • Video Recordings
Priceless Impact


  • 8 x One-Hour Private Sessions
  • 2 x Free Bonus Sessions ($500 Value)
  • Video Recordings

Within a few minutes after your purchase, you will receive an email with the link to schedule your sessions. 

All sessions must be used within 4 months of purchase.

Can't Afford Private Sessions?

Check out my online courses

Release The Blocks To True Self-Worth

If you struggle with any form of inadequacy, self-doubt, or unworthiness, then this course can really help you. This course heals the blocks to genuine confidence.

Forgive Yourself To Love Yourself

This course will guide you to permanently lighten your guilt, shame, & self-blame, so that you can experience more self-love and self-kindness in your life.

Reclaim Your Natural Joyous Self

Many of us went from being joyous children to stressed adults. This course deprograms the harmful beliefs that were formed by the education system. 

If you have any questions, please email me at Noah [at] NoahElkrief [dot] com

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