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I offer 1-on-1 sessions on Skype

What Can I Help You With?

I can help you to lose painful triggers, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, shadows, and patterns. I have helped clients with an extremely wide variety of issues over the years, but here are a few types of issues that I frequently help clients with.

Self-worth Issues: You feel inadequacy, insecurity, unworthiness, like a fraud, defective, insufficient, lacking, terrible about yourself, weak, fragile, or like something’s wrong with you. 

Pressure: You feel intense pressure to improve, progress, be perfect, prove yourself, or be a certain way.

Relationship Issues: You want to enjoy a loving happy relationship, but you experience triggers, controlling, anger, trust issues, attachment issues, fear, codependency, anger, conflict, or basically any other painful issue. 

Anxiety: You feel anxiety at work, in social situations, related to health, or with family. 

Loneliness: You feel abandoned, isolated, alone, all alone, or lonely. 

Desires: You want to live from your heart, soul, or authentic self. You want to feel free, happy, peaceful, relaxed, solid, powerful, confident, abundant, loving, or connected. You want to connect to yourself, know yourself, listen to yourself, trust yourself, love yourself, or be kind to yourself.

Spiritual Issues: You’ve been doing emotional or spiritual work for a long time, and you just want some help with something.

What's The Difference Between Your Videos & Sessions?

My videos are a one-sided interaction where I offer very generic advice. A 1-on-1 session is incredibly different because I have a chance to hear and feel what’s going on with you. When clients share with me, I can intuitively sense hidden unconscious beliefs, suppressed fears, sneaky survival tactics, attachments, false conclusions, and many other things like this. This allows me to then guide you through exercises that are designed exactly for what you’re struggling with. In addition, I can help clients work through the various forms of resistance and difficulties that often arise when clients try to engage with the types of exercises that I use. 

Who Is Noah Elkrief?

I am a man committed to living from my heart, my soul, and my authentic self. I love to enjoy all aspects of life, and to support others to do the same. I have been offering 1-on-1 sessions since 2010 and have worked with well over 1,000 individual clients. I published a book in 2012, “A Guide to The Present Moment”, which was a #1 Amazon Bestseller. My Youtube channel has over 220,000 subscribers and 20 million views. Prior to this work, I worked for Goldman Sachs in NYC and as a strategy consultant in London. I was also accepted into Mensa. I am extremely spiritual & highly sensitive, while also being extremely grounded & highly intelligent. I am passionate about doing this work, and I'm so grateful that I get to support such wonderful, kind, and honest people every day.  

Practical Information

  • Price: The cost for a 3-session package is $495, and the cost for a 6-session package is $895
  • Duration: Each session is for 1-hour. I am only available for support during our scheduled 1-hour sessions. 
  • Platform: The sessions are video calls on Skype. If you strongly prefer using another platform, we can work that out. 
  • Recordings: It is included in the price to receive video recordings of our sessions. You can also choose to not record.
  • Scheduling: Within a few minutes after purchasing sessions, you will receive an email with a link to schedule your sessions. The next available appointment is usually 1 week away. My working hours are 9am to 10pm NY time, Sunday through Thursday. You must use all your sessions within 3 months of purchase.  

Would you like my support?

If so, I invite you to choose one of the options below to get started.

3 session Package

Targeted help for a specific issue



6 session package

Receive help for multiple issues



Aren't Sure?

There's no way for your mind to know for sure whether I can fully help you to get the relief you desire. I certainly won't promise you that I can or will. Rather than look for certainty, just trust your intuitive feeling about it. If you feel resonance, or it feels like a "yes", go for it. If you don't feel a "yes", but your mind thinks I should be able to help, don't buy sessions. Just because I'm good at what I do, and just because I've helped others, that doesn't mean I'm the right fit for you. That being said, if you don't have sufficient clarity, you're welcome to send me an email (Noah - at - noahelkrief.com) to share what you're going through and ask whether I feel I can support you. If you don't receive a reply within a few days, please check your Spam folder. 

Can't Afford It?

If you are deeply committed to your own healing journey, and have already done a lot of work on yourself, but you can't afford my standard rates, we may be able to work something out. Send me an email to let me know what you want help with, and what you can afford, then I'll let you know if it works for me. My email is Noah - at - Noahelkrief.com. If you don't receive a reply within a few days, please check your Spam folder. 

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