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An unhappy work-life is "normal"

Does your life revolve around your career? Do you spend much more time working than doing anything else? If so, do you at least feel joy, lightness, ease, and flow at work?

For most of us, it is much more common that our work lives are filled with stress, boredom, isolation, social anxiety, pressure to prove ourselves, and feelings of inadequacy.

It is so common or “normal” to live like this that we may not even realize how miserable and messed up it is that our lives are spent unhappily working.

Before you started school, you were happy

It wasn’t always this way. You didn’t always feel how you do now.  Do you remember yourself as a young child? 

You were an artist. You were an adventurer. You built lego houses. You played in the sand. You dreamt of being an astronaut, a ballerina, or a basketball player.

Do you remember what that felt like? Do you remember how enthusiastic, joyful, optimistic, creative, playful, loving, or relaxed you were?

There was no self-doubt, no self-criticism, no pressure, and no anxiety. You just did whatever you felt like doing and expressed whatever you felt like saying.

It was so simple.
… Until you went to school.

School programmed you to feel like misery is "normal"

Our current education system was designed to create the next generation of factory workers who could do easily replaceable jobs. School wasn't created for the purpose of supporting your happiness.

In school, instead of being taught how to be happy, feel joyful, and experience loving connection in your life, you learned how to memorize information for exams.

Instead of being taught how to follow your creativity, intuition, and authentic expression, you were taught to follow the rules, sit through boredom, and force yourself to do work you don't enjoy.  

Your stress, inadequacy, and boredom didn’t exist within you when you were building lego castles as a child. These feelings aren’t native to you. You weren’t born with them. You were taught to think and feel this way by how you were treated in school. 

It's possible to be happy again

Who said that you have to feel bored, stressed, or inadequate in your career? Are you sure you can’t feel confident and worthy while pursuing your goals? Are you sure it's not possible to feel joy, love, and connection with the people around you?

Just because it's not "normal" to feel this way, it doesn't mean it's not possible or natural to feel like this. 

Luckily, it’s not too late. You can deprogram yourself from school's harmful conditioning. You can get back to the blank slate, natural, innocent, and authentic expression of your own unique self.

You can live with happiness, freedom, and joy. You can feel passionate, motivated, and enthusiastic about your career. It's possible to live a life where you follow your desires, intuition, and heart.

This experience of life isn’t just meant for the wealthy elite. This is your birthright. This is actually what is most natural to you. You lived like this as a child. You just forgot.

You deserve to reclaim your most natural way of being. That is why I created this course!

Join This Course To Reclaim Your Naturally Joyous Way Of Being

This online course is designed to undo the harmful impact that the education system has had on you, so that you can finally feel confident, motivated, relaxed, happy, loving, joyous, and authentic in your life. Just because it's normal to be miserable, it doesn't mean it's not possible to be happy.

Ready to feel like yourself again?


"I love the structure and emotional presence you have. It clearly feels like you have gone through experiences yourself, which makes it easy to feel understood by you and thus makes it easier to open up to myself during the videos." - Aleet 

“Thank you so much for all that you’re doing. Your videos have lowered down my stress and anxiety by at least 80%. I’m so much more relaxed and happy.” - Gunjan

“I don’t worry as much about my future now. It feels great not to have this burden of stress and worry. It’s so silly when I think about how worked up I used to get (shaking head now). Thank you Noah.” - Lauren

About Noah Elkrief

I know what it’s like to feel insecure, stressed, afraid of failure, dull, and isolated in my life. I went through thousands of hours of healing to get to a place where I feel happy, open-hearted, authentic, motivated, and aligned with my purpose. I know first-hand how amazing this shift of experience feels. That’s why I’ve made this course.

I composed this course based on my own healing journey, as well as thousands of hours of coaching sessions I provided to over 1,000 individuals from around the world over the last 10 years.

I have been supporting others to release painful beliefs and emotions since 2010. My book, "A Guide To The Present Moment" was #1 Bestselling Counseling book on Amazon. My Youtube videos have over 225,000 subscribers and 20 million views. 

What's Included In This 7-Week Course

This course will compassionately guide you through 14 different modules that are each meant to help you deprogram from a specific harmful belief that was imprinted into you during your time at school. Here are the details:

  • This a 7-week online course that begins as soon as you sign-up
  • You will receive access to a new module twice each week for 7 weeks.
  • All 14 modules includes a roughly 20-minute video and 2 written exercises that are meant to help you heal and release a specific painful belief. 
  • As a Special Bonus, you will also receive a 90-minute Recorded Question & Answer Group Session where guided previous course participants through their difficulties. 

This course can permanently improve how you feel

A concert can help you feel joy for a few hours. A vacation can help you to feel relaxed for a week. But, neither of these investments of time and money has any cumulative impact on your overall happiness.

If you want to feel more free, happy, joyful, relaxed, and confident in your life, then you're going to have to address the beliefs that cause your unhappiness, anxiety, pressure, and inadequacy. That's the only way to experience a genuinely cumulative and permanent impact on how you feel in life.

This course will permanently improve your experience of life by helping you to heal and release 14 of the most happiness-blocking and misery-creating beliefs that were programmed into you at school.


"What you talk about is so deep, profound and insightful, and you explain it with such clarity. Amazing! Really, really helpful. Thank you!" - Nick

"You are so authentic, calm and positive. Just watching you sit talking or your eyes closed makes me feel better. Your videos are like hypnotic sessions, I change after watching them. I cry... Very powerful. Thank you." - Ray

"Thank you so much Noah. I’m so so grateful for you’re crystal clear vision. You’re able to see through most of the things that fog and plague our life and distract us from fulfilling what we came here to do." - Byron

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I want this course to help you get back to the naturally happy, joyous, energized, loving, strong, motivated person you were truly meant to be.

But, if you try all the lessons in this course, and it isn't extremely helpful for you, then you can get a full refund within the first 60 days of purchase. No questions asked. Just send an email to my friendly support team to let them know, and they'll send your refund right back to you.

There's no risk for you. Give it a try and see what happens. 

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