Reclaim Your Naturally Joyous Self

Deprogram From The Education System

In Order To Live A Genuinely Joyous Life, We Must Have A Healthy Relationship With Our Work

What Is Your Relationship To Work?

  • Do you spend more time working than doing what you enjoy?
  • Is your work-life filled with a lot of pressure to prove yourself?
  • Do you feel a lot of anxiety about failure or imperfection at work? 
  • Are you working in a career that you don't feel passionate about?
  • Does your work-life feel monotonous, boring, or miserable?
  • Are you putting your success above your emotional and physical wellbeing?
  • Do you feel isolated, competitive, or socially anxious around colleagues?
  • Do you prioritize your career above connection, ease, peace, or joy?

It is so common or “normal” to live like this that we may not even realize how messed up it is that most of our lives are spent unhappily working.

Your Current Way Of Living Isn't Authentically Your Choice

Do you remember how you felt as a young child?

What were your priorities then? What mattered most to you?

What we typically cared about most was playing with friends, hugging our parents, cuddling with our pets, going on an adventure, climbing a tree, making sand castles, dancing, or playing sports.

Do you remember what that felt like? Do you remember how enthusiastic, joyful, creative, playful, loving, or relaxed you were?

What we cared about most was doing whatever gave us the nicest feeling we could possibly have right here, right now.

It was so simple.
… Until you went to school.

We all naturally prioritize joy, love, & happiness in our life... until we go to school.

School Programmed You To View Boredom & Stress As "Normal"

Our current education system was designed to create the next generation of factory workers. School wasn't created for the purpose of supporting our happiness.

  • In school, instead of being supported to follow our passions and joys, we are forced to sit in classes where we feel bored and uninterested. 
  • In school, instead of being given tasks and assignments that help us learn through curiosity and natural interests, we are motivated to get work done through fear of punishment.
  • In school, instead of being guided on how to follow our creativity and intuition, we are taught to memorize information for exams and to do as we're told.
  • In school, instead of being supported to live with joy, we are told to do things that make us miserable because it can make us happy one day in the future.  
  • In school, instead of being empowered that we are lovable as we are, we are taught that the better you perform relative to your peers, the more love and rewards you deserve. 

It's not an accident that we aren't living our authentically joyous life.

The school system teaches us to accept misery and motivate ourselves through fear.

Luckily, It's Not Too Late For You

You can deprogram yourself from school's harmful conditioning. You can get back to the blank slate, natural, innocent, and authentic expression of your own unique self.

You can live with happiness, freedom, and joy. You can feel passionate, motivated, and enthusiastic about your career. It's possible to live a life where you follow your desires, intuition, and heart.

This is your birthright. This is actually what is most natural to you. You lived like this as a child. You just forgot.

You deserve to reclaim your most natural way of being. That is why I created this course!

This Course Will Help You To Reclaim Your Naturally Joyous Way Of Being

This 7-week online course is designed to undo the harmful impact that the education system has had on the amount of joy in your life. 

Just because it's normal to be miserable, that doesn't mean you can't live joyously. 

Are you ready to make the shift?

What's Included In This Course

In this online course, you will receive access to a new module twice each week for 7 weeks.

All 14 modules include a roughly 20-minute video that is meant to help you heal and release a specific harmful belief that was imprinted onto you during school. 

In addition, each module contains 2 written exercises designed to help you integrate the shift into your life. 

Here is a sample of 7 out of 14 modules

1) You Can't Follow Your Desires While In Class

In class, each time we don’t act on our intuitive desires to talk, laugh, or play, we are essentially telling our intuition, “I don’t care what you tell me to do. Something else is more important”. This causes the voice of our intuition to get weaker and weaker, eventually causing us to not be able to follow our intuition.

2) You're Forced To Do Things You Don't Want

Every time that we are forced into doing something some we don't want to do at school, we lose some of our willpower and self-belief to be able to get what we want. This normalizes defeat and doing things we don’t want to be doing. This causes us to more easily follow orders and less easily follow our desires.

3) You're Motivated By Fear & Punishment

In school, we are motivated to do work we don't want to do through the threat of some future pain (bad grade, disapproval, rejection, poverty). This normalizes fear-based motivation. We then become so used to fear as a motivational source that we forget it's even possible to feel genuine motivation.

4) Your Time To Do What You Enjoy Is Limited

It is common for each of us to really enjoy a particular class at school (i.e. art, gym, math). But, we are only allowed to maybe spend 1 hour per day, or less, engaging with that activity. This normalizes an extreme disproportionate balance between joy and misery, causing us to settle for a life with little joy.

5) Nobody Cares Whether You Are Happy

Throughout our entire education, our parents and teachers know that we would be happier doing other activities than classwork or homework. But, they value our "progress" over our happiness. This sets us up for a lifetime of valuing work we don't enjoy over doing what actually makes us happy.   

6) Your Grades Determine How You Are Treated

For most of us, good grades at school lead to love, approval, and rewards. Bad grades lead to rejection, disappointment, or punishment. This trains us that our performance determines how worthy of love we are. This leads to a life filled with anxiety and pressure whenever our performance will be assessed. 

7) Your Classmates Are Your Competition

Within the school system, our performance is determined relative to our peers. If we perform better than our peers, we are rewarded. If we perform worse, we lose some love and approval. This leads us to view others as competition, instead of as teammates. This causes disconnection, harshness, and isolation.

Bonus: 90-Minute Recorded Question & Answer Session

When I first launched this course, I offered a Live Question & Answer Session on Zoom at the end of the course. In this Q&A Session, I guided participants through obstacles to living from their naturally joyous selves.

Now, I am making this recording available to you, so that you can benefit from witnessing how I supported others.

(Value: $100) Now FREE

About Noah Elkrief

I know what it’s like to feel stressed, dull, monotonous, over-worked, and isolated in my life. I went through thousands of hours of healing to get to a place where I feel happy, open-hearted, authentic, motivated, and aligned with my purpose. I know first-hand how amazing this shift of experience feels. That’s why I’ve made this course.

I am the author of, "A Guide To The Present Moment", which was the #1 Bestselling Counseling book on Amazon. My Youtube videos have over 225,000 subscribers and 20 million views. 

I composed this course based on my own healing journey, as well as thousands of hours of counseling sessions I provided to over 1,000 individuals from around the world since 2010.

What People Are Saying About Noah

"You are so authentic, calm and positive. Just watching you sit talking or your eyes closed makes me feel better. Your videos are like hypnotic sessions, I change after watching them. I cry... Very powerful. Thank you." - Ray

“I don’t worry as much about my future now. It feels great not to have this burden of stress and worry. It’s so silly when I think about how worked up I used to get (shaking head now). Thank you Noah.” - Lauren

"I love the structure and emotional presence you have. It clearly feels like you have gone through experiences yourself, which makes it easy to feel understood by you and easier to open up to myself during the videos." - Aleet 

What You Can Expect From This Course

#1: Instant Relief

Why spend endless hours on a self-help tactic if you don't know whether it will help you?

Each video in this course is filled with guided exercises and explanations that are meant to provide you with an instant experiential impact. No need to guess or hope that it may help one day in the future if you practice it enough.

#2: Permanent Impact

Why spend your time and energy on a self-help tactic that only provides temporary relief?

All of the videos in this course are meant to address the roots of why you're not living your authentically joyous life. Whether you experience 20% or 80% more happiness from this course, the impact is meant to be permanent. No maintenance required. 

#3: Easy To Do

Why join a course that requires so much time that you'll just endlessly procrastinate doing it? 

I created this course to be easily digestible. That's why the average video is about 20 minutes, and you only receive 2 videos per week. You can get the full benefit of this course because it's not overwhelming.

This course is meant to have an instant and permanent impact on your life.

You Can Reclaim Your Naturally Joyous Way Of Living

  • Imagine that you could easily hear your intuition, and then actually follow it.
  • Imagine viewing others as teammates and supporters instead of as competitors.
  • Imagine being motivated through desire and joy, instead of through fear and pressure.
  • Imagine that you could choose to spend more than just a few hours per week being happy.
  • Imagine feeling relaxed at work without the pressure to prove yourself.
  • Imagine that you began to prioritize love and happiness over being productive.
  • Imagine deeply embodying the knowing that you deserve kindness and happiness.

 This is how you can feel when you deprogram from the education system.

60-Day Hassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee

If this course supports you to live with more of your natural joy and happiness, then it would clearly be worth a lot of money to you. But, you can’t know how helpful the course will be until you give it a try. I get that. That’s why I offer a 60-day hassle-free money-back guarantee.

I don’t want you to miss out on the possibility of living a life filled with more joy, ease, and motivation because you don't want to risk losing some money

If you genuinely try engaging with all the modules, but don’t find the course to be really helpful, just ask for a refund. I’ll send you the refund within 24 hours. No questions asked.

Now, there’s no risk for you in joining this course. Go ahead, give it a try and see what happens.


"What you talk about is so deep, profound and insightful, and you explain it with such clarity. Amazing! Really, really helpful. Thank you!" - Nick

“Thank you so much for all that you’re doing. Your videos have lowered down my stress and anxiety by at least 80%. I’m so much more relaxed and happy.” - Gunjan

"Thank you so much Noah. I’m so so grateful for you’re crystal clear vision. You’re able to see through most of the things that fog and plague our life and distract us from fulfilling what we came here to do." - Byron

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Reclaim Your Naturally Joyous Self

Deprogram From The Education System

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