Do You Want To Lose Your Exam Stress?

Permanent Relief Is Easier Than You Think

Do You Feel Stressed About Your Grades?

  • Do you experience a lot of stress when studying for exams?
  • Are you living with anxiety about your grades and GPA?
  • Do you feel a lot of pressure to get perfect scores, be the best, or prove you're smart? 
  • Do you feel pressure to get into the best graduate school or get hired by the best companies?
  • Are you afraid of failing, messing up, or disappointing your parents?

While it may be "normal" to be stressed about school, that doesn't mean you have to live with it.

Great Grades Won't Reduce Your Stress

Every time you get a great exam score, you may feel a nice high, feel great about yourself, or feel the palpable sense of relief.

But how long does that last for? A few hours? A few days? Maybe a few weeks?

No matter how great you perform on your exams, it’s never enough to actually help you live with less stress in your life because there is always another exam to take.

Even if you get a perfect grade on every exam in every class this year, it won't reduce your stress at all. You will still feel the same amount of stress and pressure to get great exam scores next year. It never ends.

It’s time to be honest with yourself. You have already gotten many great exam scores in your life. Has your anxiety got any lower?

Unaddressed Exam Stress Leads To Endless Career Stress

I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but the stress you feel about exams isn’t going to end when you graduate.

If you don't address your stress related to exam performance, you're going to feel stress related to your future work performance.

  • Do you seek great grades to prove you’re smart, great, good enough, or the best? If you derive your self-worth from your school performance, you are inherently going to look for your self-worth from your future career performance. 
  • Do you seek great grades in order to achieve some future goal that you believe will make you happy? If you fear the failure to achieve your goals while at school, you’re inherently going to fear failure in your future career.
  • Do you fear that bad grades will lead to a "bad" outcome that could cause your family or society to judge you or be disappointed with you? If you fear how others view you while in school, you are going to fear how others view you in your career. 

If we fear failure or imperfection at school, we are going to fear failure or imperfection in our careers.

I've worked with so many highly successful clients in their 40s and 50s who still live with intense anxiety. It's just that their anxiety is now about their business performance, their wealth, their boss's opinion, or their clients' satisfaction. 

Stress Only Leaves When You Directly Address It

Great grades can’t alleviate our stress. Career success can't reduce our stress.

In order to lose our stress, we must actually address the cause of our stress.

If you want to break free of the painful self-worth issues and stress that arise about your school performance, you’re going to have to directly address the negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that are causing them.   

Whether you’re stressed about your next exam, your GPA, getting into your top-choice graduate school, or working for your preferred company, it is possible to lose your stress.

You don’t have to feel anxiety and pressure.

It's possible to feel confident, secure, and relaxed as you put forth your best effort to achieve your goals.

It's possible to feel motivated to pursue your goals without feeling stressed.

I Invite To Join This Course To Help You Lose Your Exam Stress

This online course is designed to help you to finally lose your stress about exams, stop feeling anxiety about your school performance, and start to feel secure and confident about yourself. 

This Course Can Permanently Reduce Your Stress

This course is designed to help you to permanently reduce or even fully eliminate the stress you feel about your exams and grades.

This is a deep comprehensive course that addresses the roots of why you feel stressed in your life. The results you experience from this course will last forever.

This isn’t just meant to give you a nice temporary experience of relief. This isn’t just meant to give you a nice technique to manage your stress. 

This is about addressing the roots of your stress so fully and deeply that stress just permanently doesn't show up when you have an upcoming exam or project deadline.

You will just naturally feel relaxed, confident, and secure when you have an upcoming exam, job interview, or performance assessment. 

This Course Provides Instant Relief From Stress

Everything I will share with you in this course is meant to have an instant impact.

I am not sharing with you superficial concepts and nice theories that just sound interesting.

I am going to guide you through a wide variety of exercises that are meant to instantly eliminate specific negative thoughts and painful emotions from your experience.

You will not have to practice what I share in the course to one day hopefully feel the impact.

You are meant to feel the impact from in "real-time" as you engage with each exercise.

Losing your stress can happen much quicker and easier than you may think is possible.

What Impact You Can Expect From This Course

Feel More Relaxed

Feel calmer when preparing for and taking exams. Feel more relaxed about your grades.

Feel Confident

Feel more secure, confident, and solid when you take future exams.

Feel Motivated

Feel motivated to get great grades and achieve from your desire rather than from fear.

Study More Easily

Procrastinate less, and study more easily, because studying feels more relaxed. 

Enjoy Life More

Feel lighter, happier, and more joyful in your school life and future work life.

It's Time To Lose Your Stress, Pressure, & Insecurity

Lose Stress

Lose your stress taking exams. Lose anxiety about your GPA. 

Drop Pressure

Lose the sense of pressure to be the best, superior, or perfect.

Lose Insecurity

Lose your feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, and self-doubt. 

What People Are Saying About Noah...

“I was very, very sick from stress. Your videos gave me great relief, to the point where I was in tears because it was the first time in months I was able to put down the burdens of my mind. Today I’m completely stress free, I have turned my life around. I am very thankful to you.”



“I don’t worry as much about my future now. It feels great not to have this burden of stress and worry. It’s so silly when I think about how worked up I used to get (shaking head now). Thank you Noah.”



“You were the only one who helped me in dealing with anxiety. Shortly after I started listening to your videos, I had a test and I remember going absolutely relaxed. I slept perfect the night before and I had no stress at all. Before watching your videos, I felt very insecure the previous months.”



What's Included In This Course

As soon as you join this course, you will get instant access to all the exercises, videos, and lessons. You can go through the content at whatever pace feels comfortable for you. 


10 guided emotional exercises - Each exercise uses a different tactic to help you instantly and permanently let go of the painful emotions that cause your anxiety at school.


13 guided thought-clearing lessons - All of these lessons are designed to disprove and remove the common erroneous conclusions and distorted beliefs that cause exam stress. 


7 hours of videos - These videos will help guide you through the various exercises most effectively and most enjoyably. No reading required for these exercises, but text is available for extra support.


29 total lessons - All of these lessons were created with the single intention of removing the root cause of all your stress related to your school performance. 

“I have been depressed and suffered from anxiety for years. Immediately after watching your videos, I had a mind-blowing epiphany, and I have since been so happy and at peace with who I am. I cannot thank you enough, this inner peace and freedom which I am experiencing is beyond words. I can finally let go of all my fears, anxieties, and worries.”



About The Course Teacher, Noah Elkrief

My name is Noah Elkrief, and I help people to lose unwanted thoughts and emotions. I started offering 1-on-1 counseling in 2010. Now, ten years later, I love my work more than ever, and I’m so happy to be supporting such a large number of people.

I am the author of the #1 Amazon Bestselling book “A Guide to The Present Moment”, my Youtube channel has over 220,000 subscribers (20 million views), and I've helped over 1,000 clients through 1-on-1 sessions. 

I know what it’s like to feel stressed about my performance, and how it is to feel pressure to be the best. I was accepted into Mensa (top 2% IQ), I worked on the trading floor at Goldman Sachs in New York, and I was an elite Strategy Consultant in London. After finding the emotional peace I was looking for, I became extremely passionate about helping others to lose their suffering and live with more peace, joy, and freedom.  


“I must say that ever since I watched your videos, my life has changed tremendously. As far as I can remember, I have had anxiety but I did not know how to get rid of it until now. I want to thank you for the great work you are doing.”



“Never have I felt so calm and secure in my life, and I’ve struggled with anxiety for years. Really helped, thank you, Noah.”



“I have crazy anxiety all the time since as far back as I can remember. After this, I can’t even explain. It’s just like it all stopped. It feels like the first time I haven’t been anxious in forever. I just feel calm. ”



This Course Is Extremely Valuable

I have helped thousands of people to lose their stress through 1-on-1 sessions, my book, and online content. 

I know what it takes to help someone get permanent stress relief. 

This course is filled with so many incredibly helpful strategies that I am really confident it can help you.

This course is the most comprehensive, deepest, and most valuable content I have ever shared.

It can permanently remove a huge percentage of your anxiety & insecurity, thereby helping you to live happier at school and in your future career.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

I know that you can't know whether this course will be helpful for you until you try it. That is why I'm offering you a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. I want this course to help you to fully and permanently lose your stress. But, if you try all the lessons in this course, and you don't find the course to be extremely helpful, you can get a full refund within the first 30 days of purchase. You will receive the refund within 24 hours, no questions asked.

30 Days


Are You Ready To Lose Your Exam Stress?

Join This Course To Finally Lose Your Insecurity, Pressure, & Anxiety About Exams

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