10-Day Self-Worth Challenge

Lose Your Inadequacy & Increase Your Confidence

Why Join This 10-Day Self-Worth Challenge?

Reason #1

Reduce Inadequacy & Shame

This course can help you to permanently lighten, reduce, or completely lose your inadequacy, unworthiness, self-doubt, shame, or self-hate.

Reason #2

Lower Anxiety & Pressure

Low self-worth is a major cause of anxiety. This course will reduce your stress at work, social anxiety, and pressure to prove you're great.

Reason #3

Improve Confidence & Authenticity

This course will improve your confidence, self-love, sense of security, calmness around people, and your capacity to be authentic. 

Reason #4

Increase Success in Love & Career

Your insecurity, unworthiness, and self-doubt blocks your success. This course will help you to feel more deserving of love and career success. 

Do you want to live with more confidence & less inadequacy?

Do you recognize any of these painful thoughts?

  • Do you ever make a mistake, and think, “I’m so stupid” or “I’m always doing something wrong”?
  • Are you ever around successful people, and find yourself thinking, “I’m such a loser” or “I’m a failure”?
  • Do you ever want to start something new, but then think “I’m too weak, I can’t do it”?
  • Have you ever thought, “Nobody will ever love me” or “I don’t deserve to be loved”?
  • In your pursuit of success or a relationship, have you ever felt or believed, “I’m inadequate” or “I’m not good enough”?
  • Have you ever failed or acted unkindly, then thought “I’m horrible” or even “I’m a worthless piece of garbage”?

It's so painful to feel insecurity, inadequacy, unworthiness, shame, or self-hate.

Low self-worth causes anxiety, pressure, over-analyzing, & avoidance

Do you fear rejection, failure, or imperfection?

If you don't deal with your painful feelings of shame, inadequacy, or unworthiness, you can end up living your life in fear of these feelings being triggered.

  • You may feel like a fraud or an imposter, pretending to be cool, happy, or smart.
  • You may feel anxiety at work, feeling pressure to prove you’re smart, great, or perfect.
  • You might experience social anxiety around family, friends, lovers, or strangers.
  • Your fear of rejection might cause you to avoid relationships and social activities.
  • Your fear of failure may cause you to not pursue your goals and dreams.
  • Your fear of imperfection may cause you to be constantly over-analyzing.

Fear of feeling inadequate or unworthy prevents us from truly being happy

This Course Can Help You Reclaim Your Natural Confidence

This 10-day Self-Worth Challenge will help you to permanently feel more confidence by healing 10 of your most painful beliefs.

What's Included In This Self-Worth Challenge

In this 10-day online course, you will receive 1 video each day. Each video is an intuitive healing session meant to help you permanently lighten or completely lose the pain from 1 specific negative belief. 

Day 1: “I’m A Loser”

This video will help you to stop feeling like a loser for not being as successful as others in your career, your relationships, or any other aspect of your life. (13:31)

Day 2: “I’m So Stupid”

Even if you believe you're smart, you can still feel like you're stupid. Let me help you break free of the shame, prison, or self-hatred from your belief of "I'm so stupid". (26:47)

Day 3: “I’m Not Enough"

The purpose of this video is to stop running from the belief of "I'm not enough", and face it, so that you can feel that you are whole and enough as you are. (20:28)

Day 4: “I’m Horrible”

If you have the voice in your head of "I'm horrible" or "I'm a terrible person", this video can help you to permanently lighten or fully lose this thought. (31:18)

Day 5: “I’m A Worthless Piece Of Garbage”

If you are disgusted with yourself, and feel completely worthless, then this video is your way out of the attachment to such a painfully negative self-identity. (27:52)

Day 6: “I’m Inadequate”

This will change your relationship to feeling inadequate. You can go from hating and fearing this feeling, to welcoming it as a harmless friend that means nothing about you. (25:20)

Day 7: “Nobody Will Ever Love Me”

This will help you to lose the weak, sad, victim feeling of believing that somebody outside of you is the key to your happiness, but you are completely powerless to get it. (35:12)

Day 8: “I’m Always Doing Something Wrong”

Do you treat yourself harshly when you make a mistake, do something wrong, or fail? This video will help you feel more compassion towards yourself when you mess up or aren't perfect. (18:35)

Day 9: “I’m A Failure”

This video will help you lose the shame and powerless feeling of being a failure in your career, health, relationships, spiritual progression, or life generally. (38:32)

Day 10: "I'm Nobody, I'm Unimportant"

If you like you haven't done anything great with your life, you may feel like you don't really matter, you're a nobody, or you're nothing. This video will lighten your pain. (23:59)

About Noah Elkrief

I know what it’s like to feel insecure, worthless, socially anxious, and pressure to prove I'm great. I went through thousands of hours of healing to get to a place where I feel happy, authentic, confident, and worthy of love.

I know first-hand how amazing this shift of experience feels. That’s why I’ve made this course. I want to help others to let go of the false beliefs and old emotions that lead them to somehow think and feel they are not enough. Everyone deserves to know and feel their true self-worth.  

I composed this course based on my own healing journey, as well as thousands of hours of counseling sessions I provided to over 1,000 individuals from around the world since 2010.

I am the author of, "A Guide To The Present Moment", which was the #1 Bestselling Counseling book on Amazon. My Youtube videos have over 225,000 subscribers and 20 million views. 


"This is the first time I understood how to face my difficult emotions and completely accept them. This is life changing for me. I couldn’t stop crying the whole time after coming face to face with my feeling of inadequacy. I could finally be at ease with it. Thank you Noah from the core of my heart."  - Pam

"You don't know this but your videos saved my life Noah. I can't begin to thank you enough because I'm the happiest I've ever been.  I can finally look myself in the mirror and be able to say I actually love myself. I'm crying writing this. Thank you for all the videos." - Alex

"I love the structure and emotional presence you have. It clearly feels like you have gone through experiences yourself, which makes it easy to feel understood by you and thus makes it easier to open up to myself during the videos." - Aleet 

Join The 10-Day Self-Worth Challenge

Reclaim Your Confidence & Authenticity

Finally Lose Your Inadequacy & Shame

Take advantage of this offer, and you'll get all of these resources:

  • 10-Day Self-Worth Challenge - Daily Videos with Guided Exercises (value $397)  
  • Bonus #1: "I'm Not Good Enough" (value $47)
  • Bonus #2: "I Don't Deserve To Be Loved" (value $37)
  • Bonus #3: "I'm Weak - I Can't Do It" (value $37)
  • Bonus #4: "Nobody Cares About Me" (value $27)
  • Special Bonus: 2 x 90-minute Recorded Q&A Sessions (value $197)
  • Upgrade To Lifetime Access - Previously Only 10-Day Limited Access (value $97)
  • Hassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee - 90 Days To Try It Out Risk-Free

Total Value: $839

Only $297 Today 

What You Can Expect From This Course

#1: Instant Relief

Why spend endless hours on a self-help tactic if you don't know whether it will help you?

Each video in this course is filled with guided exercises and explanations that are meant to provide you with an instant experiential impact. No need to guess or hope that it may help one day in the future if you practice it enough.

#2: Permanent Impact

Why spend your time and energy on a self-help tactic that only provides temporary relief?

All of the videos in this course are meant to address the roots of your self-worth issues. Whether the intensity of your inadequacy reduces by 5% or 95% from this course, the impact is meant to be permanent. No maintenance required. 

#3: Easy To Do

Why join a course that requires so much time that you'll just endlessly procrastinate doing it? 

I created this course to be easily digestible. That's why the average video every day is about 20 minutes. There is no homework to do and there is no practice required. You can get the full benefit of this course because it's not overwhelming.  

#4: Heal On All Levels

Why spend all your time using a self-help tactic that just addresses 1 potential cause?

Our shame and inadequacy don't just have 1 cause. Part of our pain comes from our beliefs, part comes from buried emotional pain, and part comes from our parents (to name a few). If you only try tactics that work to heal on 1 level, it won't be enough to have a meaningful impact. 

In this course, I help you to lose self-worth issues by working on the mental level (disbelieve false conclusions, societal de-programming), emotional level (inner-child work, emotional release), energetic level (clearing inherited patterns, energetic release), and spirit level (remembrance activations, high frequency healing).

The most common mistakes people make to lose inadequacy

Mistake #1

Achieve More Career Success

No matter how much success you achieve in your career, it won't eliminate your feelings of inadequacy because it can't magically remove the beliefs and buried emotions that cause you to feel inadequate.

Mistake #2

Get Someone To Love You

No matter how much your partner loves you, it can't make you magically love yourself. In order to love yourself, you must heal & release the painful beliefs and emotions that cause you to feel unworthy of love.

Mistake #3

Just Repeat Positive Thoughts

No matter how many times you repeat a positive thought or affirmation to yourself, it's not going to magically eliminate your shame because it is doing nothing to address the reasons why you feel shame. 

Mistake #4

Meditate Every Day

No matter how many hours you meditate for every day, it's not going to undo your painful beliefs or release the buried traumas that cause your unworthiness because you're not actively targeting it. 

Mistake #5

Go To "Normal" Therapy

No matter how many years you go to therapy for, it's not going to help you feel genuinely confident if all you do is vent. It feels good to share and be listened to. But, it doesn't magically eliminate the roots of your pain.

This course will lighten your anxiety & inadequacy

  • Imagine you can feel calm and be totally authentic while with friends – No social anxiety
  • Imagine making a mistake and just being kind to yourself – No harshness towards yourself
  • Imagine that you’re with family or friends and no longer feel like a failure – No insecurity
  • Imagine feeling completely relaxed and confident at work – No more anxiety
  • Imagine that you can just relax when you’re off work – No need to be constantly productive
  • Imagine that you feel lovable and worthy when you’re on a date – No more inadequacy

This is how you can feel when you finally address your inadequacy, shame, & unworthiness

Inadequacy and unworthiness blocks career success and loving relationships

Enjoy more career success and loving relationships

  • Imagine feeling relaxed and capable as you give presentations at work – No inadequacy 
  • Imagine feeling confident to pursue career goals or ask for a promotion – No more self-doubt
  • Imagine feeling solid and worthy of love as you pursue romantic interests – No insecurity
  • Imagine allowing yourself to receive love & support from people in your life – No isolating 
  • Imagine feeling open-hearted and loving in your relationship – No more coldness
  • Imagine feeling deserving and ready for infinitely more love and abundance – No unworthiness. 

It's easy to have more success, love, connection, & abundance when you feel deserving of it 

Join this course now, And you'll also get Access To all of these Bonuses

Bonus #1:

"I'm Not Good Enough" (Perfectionism)

We are often so scared to feel "I'm not good enough" that we spend our life running away from it. Our almost constant need to be productive, improve, get better, or make progress is often caused by the unconscious fear of feeling "I'm not good enough". This video will address the roots of this belief/feeling so you can reclaim your life & self-worth. (42:03)

(Value: $47) Now FREE

Bonus #2:

"I Don't Deserve To Be Loved"

Do you believe that in order to get someone to love you, that you must be special, great, or amazing in some way? When we believe that in order to get love, we must earn it or deserve it, it is easy to end up feeling like "I don't deserve to be loved". This video will clear up this confusion so that you can fully realize you deserve love as you are. (33:37) 

(Value: $37) Now FREE

Bonus #3:

"I'm Weak - I Can't Do It"

Do you ever find yourself failing to do what you want to do (i.e. yoga, meditate, eat healthy)? Do you ever find it difficult to get things done (i.e. work, study, chores)? When you've failed to do what you wanted to do over and over again, it is easy to form the belief "I'm weak". This video will help you to lose this belief so you can feel capable to do what you want. (29:20)

(Value: $37) Now FREE

Bonus #4:

"Nobody Cares About Me"

It's painful to believe "Nobody cares about me". Even if we intellectually believe people care about us, that's still not enough to feel "I'm cared about". We may spend our life trying to convince ourselves we're cared about or get others to prove that they care about us. But it's never enough. This video will get to the core of the issue so you can finally feel cared about. (21:43)

(Value: $27) Now FREE

For Right Now, You Will Also Get Access To This Special Bonus

2 x 90-Minute Question & Answer Sessions

When I first opened this course, I provided Live Question & Answer Sessions on Zoom to help participants with any difficulties they were having. This was a premium add-on option for participants. I am now including the recordings of 2 90-minute sessions for Free. 

(Value: $197) Now FREE

What Participants Are Saying...

"I highly recommend Noah's courses! I find that every video made me feel calm, loved, and hopeful for the future. As a result, I'm already living a more relaxed and peaceful life, feeling much better about myself, and not judging others as harshly. Noah speaks to you like you are a close friend, because he truly does care about you. Thank you for everything Noah! 

- Bethany C., Canada

"The course helped me to face my own insecurities and find my strength in my vulnerability. This course goes beyond any "pep-talk" that covers up any insecurity within yourself. It is a gentle, loving guide towards your difficult beliefs and emotions which enhances your connection to yourself. I certainly notice more gentleness towards myself and muuuuuch less self-hate.

- Emily F., England

"Through this course, I was able to access emotional pain that was hard for me to reach. Because of that I saw improvements in my behavior, my wellbeing, and my inner dialogue. My mind feels more cooperative inside and less competitive. I feel less emotional pain in my heart region. And I feel more confident than before.

- Davide S., Germany 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the content available right away?

Yes, you will get immediate access to the Course Membership Area. You can access all of the modules from any browser or any device. 

Is it okay to take this course if I have a lot of traumas?

In this course, we will intentionally bring up some painful beliefs and emotions in order to heal them. If the idea of this feels too uncomfortable for you, then this course may not be right for you. 

Who is this course for?

This course is for people who want to permanently lose their inadequacy, unworthiness, performance anxiety, or social anxiety. 

Who is NOT right for this course?

If you have been diagnosed with any psychological disorders, or you are suicidal, this course can be helpful for you, but it is recommended that you first consult with your psychiatrist. I am not a doctor, and this course isn't meant to treat disorders. 

30-Day Hassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee

If this course supports you to fully lose some of your shame, insecurity, or inadequacy, then it would clearly be worth a lot of money to you. But, you can’t know how helpful the course will be until you give it a try. I get that. That’s why I offer a 30-day hassle-free money-back guarantee.

I don’t want you to miss out on the possibility of living a life filled without shame and inadequacy because you don't want to risk losing some money

If you genuinely try engaging with all the modules, but don’t find the course to be really helpful, just ask for a refund. I’ll send send you the refund within 24 hours. No questions asked.

Now, there’s no risk for you in joining this course. Go ahead, give it a try and see what happens.

Join The 10-Day Self-Worth Challenge

Reclaim Your Confidence & Authenticity

Finally Lose Your Inadequacy & Unworthiness

Take advantage of this offer, and you'll get all of these resources:

  • 10-Day Self-Worth Challenge - Daily Videos with Guided Exercises (value $397)  
  • Bonus #1: "I'm Not Good Enough" (value $47)
  • Bonus #2: "I Don't Deserve To Be Loved" (value $37)
  • Bonus #3: "I'm Weak - I Can't Do It" (value $37)
  • Bonus #4: "Nobody Cares About Me" (value $27)
  • Special Bonus: 2 x 90-minute Recorded Q&A Sessions (value $197)
  • Upgrade To Lifetime Access - Previously Only 10-Day Limited Access (value $97)
  • Hassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee - 90 Days To Try It Out Risk-Free

Total Value: $839

Only $297 Today 

If you have any questions, please email us at support [at] noahelkrief [dot] com

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