Here are a collection of testimonials from my work. I stopped adding testimonials to this page in the beginning of 2016 because it became too time consuming and I assumed there were enough testimonials to demonstrate that my work is impactful. 

“Thank you, Noah. It is always nice to talk to you. Your words had such a huge impact on my life, Im now experiencing a lot of peace. You helped me find it within myself. Im so grateful and happy!!! Thank you so much!!”

–    Gabriel, 1/16

“Thanks so much. I listened to many relationship speakers and what you said was the only thing that eased my pain. Thanks again for what you do!”

–    Robert B, 1/16

“Thank you very much, all this time, I have been looking forward to things that I believed would be success, looking for that peace of mind in them, using video games as an escape from reality and from my thoughts, your video helped me a lot, thank you honestly”

–    Luis C, 1/16

“All I can say is …. wow. That was profound. Your insights are amazing. Thank you very much Noah.”

–    Shane R, 1/16

“You saved me , and i’m saying this with all my heart , you are such a wonderful person”

–    Fadi M, 1/16

“Thank you again, Noah. As usual, you are able to communicate practical insights in a way that makes them immediately accessible. I think I will need ti watch this video over a few times. What is most amazing is your ability to share with a deep humility across a broad range of very raw, issues in a way that makes timeless spiritual insights sound like plain old common sense. You are in a league all of your own here. There is zero sense that you are somehow more spiritually enlightened than your viewers and this to me is a hallmark of a genuine sage. Procrastination has been a huge issue in my life, so I am glad you shone the light of your wisdom onto this topic. There is always something more than you words that communicate, it’s a deep sense of peace that transmits in your voice tone and mannerisms. I think/feel/ that the insights shared in this video will have a tangible impact on my life in many ways. Thank you, my friend.”

–    David R, 1/16

“I just wanted to thank you,I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety most of my life and just recently I ran across your videos and to be honest you explained things better than any therapist I’ve ever seen!”

–    Bobby E, 1/16

“Aww what can I say? Wow It’s really helping me a lot, I wish someone would have told me this lol, I’ve been having this sleeping problems since I was a kid, but no one really got it, they actually just made it worse by scaring me. Haha this is the answer I’ve been looking for in my whole life. Thank you so much Noah…”

–    Rizcha P, 12/15

“Brilliant, best advice I’ve ever got, Thank You Sir.”

–    Barry O, 12/15

“I can’t tell enough how grateful I am for you. I’ve been everywhere: even in a mental hospital. They couldn’t help me and didn’t understand me.. I was caught in a battle that was never stopping.. but now, just listening to your video’s, something finally happened! Thank you SO much! ”

–    Babey, 12/15

“I just want to hug you. Thank you again for relief I’ve been crying all night and morning praying for my thoughts to stop and I swear you finally helped so much.”

–    Nicole, 12/15

“Noah I have been to counseling, a psychologist and on and on but I must tell you that your videos have been the ONLY thing that has legitimately helped me realize what I was missing. Thank you Noah for the enlightenment that you have given me. p.s I wish the money spent on me blabbing to the “professionals ” was in your pocket instead of theres. 😉 Thank you again for your generosity in sharing your helpful perspective!!!”

–    1thankful, 12/15

“Noah is just so beyond words. I can’t thank him enough for transforming my life.”

–    Mogin, 12/15

“Noahs like finding a bubbling spring of water in the desert. I had 3 session with him and “”flipped”” a number of thought switches of my “”imaginary”” self off and on … amazing. He has a gift and is doing wonderful work”

– Scott D, 12/15

“Wow, I immediately stopped feeling guilty about what I did after watching this. Amazing..Thanks bro :^)”

–    Oumar T, 12/15

“You helped me better in 1 hour, than my psychologist in 10 hours/appointments.”

–    Armin N, 12/15

“Also, thank you so so so much for ALL of your videos. You are a brilliant teacher, I feel so at peace watching and listening to your teachings.. my life is slowly changing before my eyes because of this new way of thinking (or not thinking!?) haha. either way, thank you. xo!”

–    Tianda H, 12/15

“Oh my god….Noah your techniques are so real and practical…unbelievable.”

–    MsAnu, 12/15

“This was the single most helpful thing I have heard all year. Thank you so much for making these videos.”

–    Dan M, 12/15

“To anyone who has been driven by their seemingly insurmountable and preponderant social anxiety, or any other anxiety for that matter, to the point of discouragement, cynicism, pessimism, skepticism, and hopelessness: this video has the potential to change your life. Elkrief’s philosophies are truly unique and nothing short of revolutionary in the way psychology approaches these highly treatable, yet often misunderstood, afflictions. ”

–    Llamacus, 12/15

“You are not an ordinary therapist/counselor/or psychologist. You are an ANGEL. The way you cured most of my emotional issues, the word ANGEL is most appropriate for you dear Noah… my heartfelt prayers will be there for you always. :)”

–    Wax A, 12/15

“You have helped me SO much. My past was tough but you’re the reason I understand my feelings/thoughts and know how to deal with them. I started watching during summer when I was feeling sorry for myself again and luckily you’ve shown me the light. I have health anxiety disorder but your videos literally help me more than any of my counsellors ever did. ”

–    Elven, 12/15

“I just wanted to say that your video on social anxiety has definitely changed my whole perspective which I thought was perfected…I went into that video hoping to change my thoughts on one area of my life which was a crazy level of social anxiety and I now feel peace in all aspects of my mind, life, being….I now feel complete love&peace in everything and towords everyone….I have no fear of losing this peace again because it is not who I am…nothing is! Wow. So much insight you amazing man! And so much appreciation from people like me! I honestly cannot believe this feeling of light, while I lay down. Lightness…tenderness! You are god haha :L Thank you so much! Namaste”

–    Meabh, 12/15

“I can not stop listen to you! You are the FIRST guy who gives me” the key” to open my “happiness door”! You are AMAZING! You really are! Thank you soooo much for all your advices! Great job,Noah”

–    Daniel C, 12/15

“I have been suffering with GAD for the past 3 yrs of my life… on and off antidepressants and traquilizers…quit a really good job recently bc of my uncontrollable anxiety and expressing severe depression. I was shaking for months, reality didn’t exist just the pain, anguish,and suffering of a silent disease. It robbed me of my life. I lost countless of friends and almost lost my husband until I found you on You Tube. Its has been only a week and I have religiously watch your vidoes every day. You have honestly saved my life!!! I can not believe it. I see the light, I see my life and I see that I am becoming happier and finally enjoying every moment of my life. Thank you so much and you truly save lives. Someone needs to nodify Oprah or Dr. Phil. Lol!!! ”

–    Nicolette, 12/15

“I want to convey my sincere thanks and above them, there is a feeling of thankfulness that can’t be described in words. I had been suffering and tried all the therapies to cure my depression but it was deep rooted in the memory of past when I missed the cool stuff of college and remained friendless for 4 years. For another two years I remained lonely inside cause I was thinking about them only. After further 2 years of job and everything, finally I accidentally found your video and I did not know it was going to change my life forever. In case a busy man like you reads my email, I want you to know that you have a value in my life that is equal to my best friend. I went to everything ranging from self help books to religion, positive thinking etc. but nothing helped. Thanks a ton…”

–    Vaibhav G, 11/15

“Hello, Noah. Big fan of your videos. Actually to say I’m a fan would be a bit minor for what I am to you (in my mind of course). I actually only discovered your videos two days ago. It’s funny, that day I woke up and the first thing I thought of was committing suicide. Things have been brutal the past few months and I guess I couldn’t take it. For the longest time, I was very lonely. I hadn’t had a girlfriend in like 4 years and I was feeling pretty unlovable. I woke up, laid in bed, and I felt like I had to scream out of nowhere. I did, then punched two holes in the wall. severely cut up my dominant hand and made my thumb swollen(still is a little bit). Later in the day, I had a plan to hang myself, but in a desperate attempt to stay alive, I looked up how to love yourself and your video was the first one to pop up. And immediately after the video (probably eve during it), I felt something I hadn’t felt in such a long time, contentment and I was actually at peace. It was the most relief I had felt in years. I was a long time suffer of depression and your videos had enough impact to completely r”

–   create my range of emotions and not because of the video itself, it made me realize that everything I’m feeling is because of a thought I perceived as negative, but that it’s okay to think a thought (you have no control over it) and not every thought you think is truth. So thank you, I mean really. You literally saved my life.
– Dominic, 1/16

“I can’t thank you enough Noah, I swear sometimes I can get so stressed out but then I think to myself “oh, these are just thoughts in my head they don’t mean anything about me,just thoughts,there is nothing to stress about.” I feel like I have come so far in these past year , it’s crazy, scratch that incredible,Thank you Noah your method has really helped me make it through tough times.”

–    Trujillo, 11/15

“Noah !!! You cured my social anxiety!!! I love you, omg!!! Noah!!! I mean this THANK YOU !!! I will take all your advice and work on it I just…feel so powerful right now like I never did before !!! I feel like I CAN do anything ,and that is thanks to you!!!!You helped me !!!! :D”

–    Joceline A, 11/15

“Thank You Noah, The way you get to the very core of the matter is truly unique and ingeniously simple!!!”

–    Cutting Edge Cool, 11/15

“Thank you so much Noah!!!! You have no idea how helpful this was! I cannot believe at the end of the video I feel calm and my anxiety is gone. My mind is more clear and I feel happy, you are amazing!! ”

–    Ileana, 11/15

“Thank you so much this helped me a lot. Now I know that I can have better than the joy in a relationship. All I need is myself to feel joy. Thank you.”

–    Elijah E, 11/15

“Thank you, I now feel relieved that I can help myself. I have been suffering with depression for 5 years and been to therapists but none have given me this much hope and peace. I always knew if I change my thoughts, I could be happy but it never worked. ”

–    Destiny, 11/15

“When I finished watching this video I was hoping and praying that I’d come back to it to thank you because it helped me. Well it’s been a little while since I watched this and I can say that I haven’t been this happy in a very long time. I feel so great, I feel like me again. I’m not scared of being around people, and I’m starting to learn more about myself and I’m starting to actually like myself 🙂 So I cannot thank you enough, you basically saved my life..I wasn’t sure how much longer I could live the way I was..and to anyone reading this that is not sure this can help..I promise you if you really try you will get better. I didn’t think I could, I thought I’d be alone forever, suffering in silence, but I’m okay now, and I can’t wait to see who I become :)”

–    Sullux S, 11/15

“Wow. Best talk ever. I’ve realized so many things I wasn’t aware of! Everything you said is so true. I have to tell you that you have changed my life. ”

–    Alban H, 11/15

“You are amazing. Thank you so much. You literally saved my life and my kid’s life. I was very short circuit with my family members and I felt ashamed when I was seeking ways to get rid of my anger. Your videos have made the most sense thanks again.”

–    Targo B, 11/15

“Hi Noah, I have been haunted for years with my mother’s and others opinions about me. I was desperately trying to convince myself that I am worthy, lovable, etc. Been through lots of loss and separation, therapy, spiritual retreats, workshops of emotional intelligence, self help books, you name it. After watching this I feel free, relieved, at peace. Thank you so, so much.”

–    Mónica F, 11/15

“I love all your videos! From the moment I watched the first one, I felt totally different and had a much better outlook. Thank you Noah for your videos!!!! They really make a difference. YOURE THE BESTTT!!!!!!! So Smart :)”

–    Jacklyn P, 11/15

“Noah, I have been suffering with the idea that I always have to think positive. By watching your video you just open a New Door full of possibilities. I suffer from anxiety for many years and it is because I force myself to think positive every single time I’m face with a challenge. Thanks for sharing this new philosophy. This is going to be my new way of approaching things from now on…. Thanks again”

–    Karina M, 11/15

“Thank you for the videos, Noah. I had been engulfed onto the self development world but your work is different and much more profund. ”

–    Hélène M, 11/15

“Thank you man, really, this means so much, this made me feel much much better, really, thank you so much. I keep r”

–   editing this message cause im amazed some guy that probably lives really far away (I live in Spain) just helped me out so much without asking anything in return.Keep up these awesome vids!
– Blead, 11/15

“Thank you. Thank you soooo much! That was beautiful ey”

–   opener.
– Tomasz W, 11/15

“Thanks Noah. I feel like you just saved my life. You are wise and calm.”

–    Carlos M, 11/15

“This guy’s legit people. Loosing self image is the only thing that’s ever allowed me to feel true peace and wholeness. It’s unlike, and infinitely more fulfilling than any other experience imaginable. I can’t emphasize enough how deeply true this is, and how much suffering just falls away from doing something so simple (yet not always easy). It truly has to be experienced to be understood, and I can’t imagine any better feeling. ”

–    Van I, 11/15

“This made me feel a lot better, my girlfriend broke up with me and she went to another guy. However I’ve forgotten all about that now thanks to this wonderful video. Thank you Noah”

–    PooDeePie, 11/15

“This video really did change my perspective on things. It helped me today from recovering from this girl who broke my heart over a group chat where all my friends saw it. It destroyed me entirely. But I looked this video up & it really did help. Thank you”

–    Christian C, 11/15

“Thank you so much for breaking down what’s been so confusing for me.”

–    L Yu , 11/15

“You have made a tremendous difference in my life and everyday thinking and for that I am forever grateful! Thank you. So. Much.”

–    Ruxandra, 11/15

“I’ve been suffering from depression for years, usually precipitated by my being single, social phobic, regret over unhappy relationships. During a spell of depression following a dating website scam, I saw some of your videos and they’ve had a fantastic and rapid effect. Your presentation is so sincere and true and quite groundbreaking (I’ve had CBT in the past but nothing like this). Thank you for helping me to be the authentic me again.”

–    Mike M, 10/15

“As a long time student of the “Living in the Now” mindset I have to tell you…seriously…that after a long self improvement and disbelieving my thoughts regimen YOUR WORDS AND VIDEOS REALLY BROUGHT THINGS HOME FOR ME!! I have never felt more free and relaxed (HAPPY!!) as I now do…as I imagine you did once your thoughts dissolved away as you simply saw them for what they really are. Thank you for all your insightful words and videos…I can only hope that this feeling remains with me long term as yours did after some time and your discovery of what thoughts really are. I liken all our thoughts to just clouds passing through our mental “skies”…and then I mentally shoot an arrow through each errant thought and…POOF!…the cloud simply disintegrates. I am sure you have also seen things similarly. It really is a wonderful realization isn’t it!!! Anyway thanks again…”

–    Cal T, 10/15

“Your videos made me change the way I process reality and you were the only who helped me dealing with anxiety and in particular social anxiety. Shortly after I started listening to your videos I had a test and I remember going absolutely relaxed. I slept perfect the night before and I had no stress at all. I also had to give a presentation. I felt very insecure the previous months because my project was not going the way I wanted and I thought all my coworkers were going to judge me as I am not good enough, but actually the talk went pretty good and I was not nervous at all. You also helped me months back to feel in peace with my broken relationship. Your video helped me release the anger and resentment towards him. I haven’t watched your videos in a while, but I have internalized your messages so much that now they are part of my every day thinking. ”

–    Elsa, 10/15

“I would like to send you my heartfelt gratitude for the help your video ‘how to completely loose social anxiety’ (YouTube), has given me. I was diagnosed with acute on chronic social anxiety, and through watching this video I have been able to identify my (faulty) belief which was driving it. 4 months after my diagnosis I now feel free of my social anxiety. Many many thanks.”

–    Samantha H, 10/15

“I am not quiet sure how I can explain my current feelings, but it s something Ive never experienced before. It feels my chest is wider, more flexible & can accommodate more O2 molecules. I v been to many psychologists, psychiatrists, therapist & no one played with my feelings as you did, congratulations for the method that you have created on your own way. Appreciate your time & effort.”

–    Haya A, 10/15

“Your talk about the need to shed labels has altered my life in so many ways possible. It made me question everything that I seemed to hold on to so dearly and step back and look at it again. Thank you for spreading the light and I am honoured and so grateful to have learned from you. The first time I heard you was a few months back, around April, and now I am on the way to recognising and shedding labels, both the good and the bad. Sometimes, in the midst of all of this, I experience the overwhelming beauty that there is in the present moment. Thank you for everything.”

–    Saumya M, 10/15

“I cannot tell you how I have felt since our appointment yesterday. All I can do is express it in cliches, like “I feel a weight has been lifted off me” or, “I have never experienced such peace”. Why the hell doesn’t the whole world, counsellors, psychotherapists, and especially psychiatrists, know about your technique. Maybe there would be the odd person who couldn’t access their feelings and would not be amenable to your treatment. But I express enormous gratitude. May you continue to help poor distressed souls.”

–   Michael H, 10/15

“I have applied the techniques to many thoughts and feelings I’ve experienced. My life is pretty much anxiety free now. Thank you so much!!!”

–    Cindy V, 10/15

“Hi noah, I’ve been suffering social anxiety almost my whole life, for a while I saw myself as shy and awkward. I was afraid to lose people due to my belief on others opinions. today after seeing this video, I completely feel at peace about me being me. at first I saw how long the video was and thought to myself, “this won’t help me, I won’t be able to make it through this”, and I completely zoned in to everything you were saying. thank you for the video and the help. I truly feel at ease”

–    Brendan J, 10/15

“I’ve suffered with depression since I was 10 years old and never really gotten any help although in the last few years I haven’t had seasonal depression like I usually do or at least it’s only lasted a few days at a time. in the last couple of months I’ve started to regress a bit and recent relationship issue left me feeling absolutely worthless. but watching this video made me feel 80% better within the first 15 minutes. I feel so much happier and like I have something to live for. thank you so much and god bless x”

–    Tim S, 10/15

“Noah Elkrief has absolutely changed my life! I literally listen to his videos everyday. He’s amazing. I work as a therapist and I have used him with my clients as well. He’s amazing!!!!!”

–    Jenny D, 10/15

“All I can say is thank you! I’m a smart guy and thought I knew everything cause I have an answer for everything and 9 times out of 10 I’m right. I’ve had a psychiatrist for over a year and she never helped me cause of what “I know”. You have dumbfounded me and made me realize how stupid I am and I appreciate that cause somebody needed to! So thank you”

–    Tim B, 10/15

“Dude, you’ve made me look at life so differently. You changed my perspective a lot. Thank you”

–    Mahmod A, 10/15

“For someone who suffers with clinical depression, I cannot say thank you enough”

–    Lauren G, 10/15

“Thanks so much Noah, you really helped me understand that i’m not what my thoughts are, and they’re not in reality. You helped me a great deal today. I hope this peace you gave me lasts, and I hope I can never forget this lesson and never more suffer from what I believe is real, and what I believe needs to change. ”

–    Neto H, 10/15

“I love you! You’ve wrapped all the good stuff up and put it into this simple package. I went from about a 50% frea”

–   out to almost completely peaceful in the time it took to participate in this video. Keep it up, we need you.
– Diane L, 10/15

“I suffer bipolar, which generally started out as more of a clinical depression. Ever since 6th grade (I am in grade 9 now) I have had these thoughts and been getting attended to by a few psychiatrists. I always feel like and know they don’t understand, but there was something special about this video that just told me that for once, someone understood.”

–    Pheonikz, 10/15

“I’m very impressed with your explanation of loneliness. I have been dealing with living alone for the first time, in a foreign country away from family and friends and I have been evaluating all this. You have helped me tremendously, thank you!”

–    Nilia F, 10/15

“Noah is a top bloke, helped me in my hour of need with my tinnitus. Props to you sir, I wish you well.”

–    Kris V, 10/15

“Thank you. I’ve been on different types of medication for years and im due at the doctors tomorrow after another anxiety attack. Thank you for this video. I knew peace for myself was the answer. I never understand much but I understood every word in your video. I cant tell you how gratefull I am for it. If i had a one to one with you before this video I would have said to my self “what does this young kid know”, but this video has helped me understand alot about myself and my illness. Thank you again. Its my thoughts that make me ill.”

–    Marketman, 10/15

“Thank you so much for this video! I have had a hard time dealing with social anxiety lately, after I moved to another country. This helped. :)”

–    Magnus R, 10/15

“Thank you so much for this video. I suffered from social anxiety since i was 12 and am now 25. This was so helpful. I for the first time feel like i have direction and control in overcoming this disorder that has ruled me for so many years. Thankx again”

–    Brittany T, 10/15

“Thank you so much. You have no Idea how much this video helped me. I am so grateful that your words touched me and made me feel really great.”

–    Liana K, 10/15

“Thank you so much!! This helped me. I didn’t want to get out of bed..but somehow this relaxed me and made me feel better..I never thought about it like that and it’s so true thank you!!”

–    Luis R, 10/15

“Thank you very much. I always kept hating myself and since I saw this video, I truly loved myself. Thank you. God bless you! (:”

–    Hazel E, 10/15

“This has just made me let go of my worries about saying something boring. I was so worried that everything I said was lame that I would overthink and either miss my chance or produce a boring situation through my extended silence. That was my worry, my projected image of me, and you just got me to let go of that. It’s been a week since I watched this and already I’ve been invited to more events and a few people I was close with have asked if I went to see someone or something, because I am happier!”

–    Gooblyful, 10/15

“You are so calming in your whole way of communicating …. and your teaching is simple, easy to take in, makes sense and really brilliant. Thank You”

–    Yvonne W, 10/15

“You just helped me so much. I just got through taking my anger out on a very good friend of mine. Thanks to this I won’t do it again. You have opened my mind so much. Thank you.”

–    Floyd I, 10/15

“This video helped me significantly. I wanted to end my life later today. I don’t want to anymore. Thank you so much. With all my heart.”

–    Logan P, 10/15

“You helped me really to stop thinking negative thoughts and not to take things or what other people say or maybe could think about me too much serious. I can really enjoy life much more better now and I feel so much lighter. I am more in the present moment instead of being stuck in my created storys and thoughts. From all videos and teachers i heard until now i find you explained best and the content was most helpful. Be there really in the moment and realize the facts. Actually it is easy. Thank you very much”

–    Nici K, 10/15

“I have to tell you that your insights were not only helpful, but I feel that they are life changing. After watching several of your videos and reading your free ebook, I feel an amazing level of peace. What’s more is that your approach works without being tied to a New Age spirituality that may be hard for some people to swallow. I say that because the only other time that I have seen a teacher of your caliber was when I listened to the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. You are amazing, and I’m grateful for your insights. ”

–    Tommie S, 9/15

“Before I found your videos I had extreme social anxiety which led to depression. I mean just being out in public made me feel sick to my stomach. The stress I had created by worrying if my friends at the time liked me or not pushed me to the edge of taking my own life. Your videos made a huge impact on not only my anxiety, but my whole life as well. In short, thank you, thank you so much.”

–    Jack C, 9/15

“I love your blogposts and your YouTube clips. Especially the one on sleep. You are a legend. I’m sleeping again after years of insomnia. I’m so grateful to you. You don’t know me but you have touched my life. I thank you…! ”

–    Nadine S, 9/15

“Dear Noah, truly great insight. Your videos are very enlightening. You have a way that you break down the thought process, that helps to make sense of otherwise, very confusing and frustrating situations. Thanks and keep it up.”

–    Caroline M, 9/15

“I have been depressed for 2 years and you made me feel so much better. I cried so much before this video, and I stoped crying after the video ended. Thank you so much.”

–    Ella M, 9/15

“I have never heard anyone make so much sense on this topic in my life!!! It is worth a watch, Amazing video. Anybody with social anxiety please watch this!”

–    Emma E, 9/15

“THANK YOU NOAH!!!! The way you address this habit hit the nail for me. Your explanation kind of opened a new door inside me, it let me breath. This thing of associating the value of ourselves with the outcome of what we do, and that preventing ourselves from not putting 100 percent of our efforts into it is crucial. Thanks again! I have no questions for now. Busy putting my house in order and enjoying it!!! :)”

–    Palitoy B, 9/15

“Thank you so much for all the wisdom you share. It is really instant. I had such a great day today. I realised my fear of anxiety created anxiety, my fear of people seeing me being anxious, and today I was just ok with it. I didnt have to change anything in myself, didnt have to do anything, I just let myself be. Today was such a great day in such a long time and I dont care if tomorrow is not gonna be that good. You are saving my life. Thank you for what you do for people.”

–    Mika K, 9/15

“Watching and really listening to this, was the best thing I did all day! wow! never have I ever experienced something SO powerful! Never! I did not believe that I would feel any different, after watching this video, and boy, was I wrong! I.feel.peace! And I am so happy. Right now, in this moment, I’m so happy. The negative thoughts may return, but now I KNOW what to do with them. Holy cow, Noah, I want to thank you so much. From my Heart, thank you! I really needed this. And I will Watch this video over and over Again, if I need. You just made my day. THANK YOU! ”

–    Camilla D, 9/15

“Absolutely helpful.Thanks Noah. This video changed the way I look to my self! I can’t believe that a video in YouTube can did this with me! Thanks man! Good luck,Greeting from Iran”

–    Ali E, 9/15

“Amazing how comfortable I feel after watching this video. Thank you. I feel as though a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Lovely voice and lovely mind. 🙂 you have a gift.”

–    Jen M, 9/15

“Dude, you helped me lots ^ infinite . You are just amazing ! Now I dont need anyone’s sympathy and attention. I have learnt to let go! Credits : Noah Elkrief”

–    Ishanshu T, 9/15

“Gotta say that this is the best relationship advice I’ve watched ever 🙂 thank you!”

–    Chloe D, 9/15

“I don’t know how you do it but every time I watch your vids a great load is lifted off my shoulders, I want to thank you so much Noah you are the best! Sending you lots of love.”

–    Ayse K, 9/15

“I suffer from anxiety, and after a year my relationship is now long distance due to university. I have been struggling to keep jealous thoughts out of my head and keep my anxiety at bay, and by watching this I finally feel at ease. It’s difficult when you think your happiness is dependant on one person and only they can make you happy, but really the only person you should hold accountable for you happiness is yourself. Thank you for sharing your discoveries x”

–    Liana V, 9/15

“Oh my gosh, this video was amazing. Thank you . Thank you so much for taking the time to explain it. I never really understood what people meant when they said “its not what happens to you, its how you deal with it”. NOW I understand. You make so much sense and explain it so well. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have helped me and that is a rare gift, not many people take the time to give others.”

–    Lesa P, 9/15

“Thank you so much! You truly did change my mindset. I’ve always have had social anxiety, can’t make friends, can’t get a job and I struggle to go to school. But this video helped me a lot.”

–    Sabbahs, 9/15

“Thank you so much, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed for some time, and this helped me out of it☺”

–    Louis R, 9/15

“This is exactly what I needed to hear. Such a simple breakdown of how we need to change our perception on this subject. I am smiling on the inside. FINALLY. And I thank you so much for talking to us like this. You’re appreciated!!”

–    Shonda V, 9/15

“This video has honestly made me feel so much better. I feel at peace and ready to accept the fact that my relationship didn’t work because my ex and I both expected each other to make one another happy when we weren’t happy with ourselves. ”

–    Randi M, 9/15

“This video made me cry, mainly due to the fact that I was genuinely convinced everyone hated me and that I was a disgrace and I was ugly, fat and stupid. This helped me realize not everyone hates me.”

–    Ally G, 9/15

“Thanks so much for your kind words of wisdom. From our one hour conversation, I now feel more at peace, and more loving towards my wife than from so many, many hours of talk therapy.

– Ted B, 8/15

“Dear Noah, I GET IT!!! After25 years of “being depressed” and on medication I finally get it. All because of YOU! I’ve spent the whole day watching your videos on EVERYTHING. From Loneliness to Anxiety to Depression. They’re all just “Thoughts”. They’re not who I really am. THANK YOU”

–    Mary B, 8/15

“After so many years of suffering and trying every therapy in the book, I think it finally clicked in my head. You have litterally covered everything I never fully understood. Thnk you so much for your help :)”

–    Julia K, 8/15

“After watching this I realised I was mad for nothing. You see I used to get really mad over games online now I don’t even get angry at any game at all. When people call me names I just laugh.”

–    Kawaii P, 8/15

“Hi Noah. Thank you so much. I feel huge relieve after watching your videos. I can’t believe I was so silly. Thanks for giving me feeling of freedom. :)”

–    BletMan P, 8/15

“I have read countless books, been to seminars, read articles about why I stayed with a mean person. Thinking that it was me who didn’t measure up and analysing what could have happened. And I gotta say, this video brought me so much enlightenment and peace. Thank you!!!”

–    Macy L, 8/15

“Man, how do you just understand this 24/7? This is so powerful, and so true, once you just think about it and analyse it clearly. Thank you Noah, there’s no way to thank you enough for insights like this. Clearly life saving.

– Yeap, 8/15

“Noah, coming from someone who has seen war and seen death, worked for the fire service and seen death, worked for corrections and seen the results of criminals crimes, divorced, experienced some dark days with anxiety and depression, I want to thank you for uploading these videos. You sir gave me a completely different perspective on what I use to call the shit sandwich of life. Much appreciated and god bless. You are an angel. ”

–    GamerzVoice, 8/15

“Noah, THANK YOU. You just CURED me from a very bad feeling due to a break up that happened a few days ago. This relationship just ended after 4 years of being together. He left me, and also had cheated on me in the past. I really wanted to work on our relationship but he preferred not. I was anxious, sad and angry that he let the relationship down and haven’t contacted since the break up. Tonight, I wrote to my ex with a very peaceful mind and heart, getting personal closure. I now feel GOOD! This is a blessing.”

–    Mia, 8/15

“Oh God, I see my self in every word you say, thank you from the bottom of my heart Noah. I feel better now.”

–    Diandra Z, 8/15

“Thank you Noah for being the hand that had opened the locked door that my mind created for me. I don’t know if you had opened it fully or just a crack, but it was enough to help me ‘see’ rather than ‘live’ in my negative thoughts for the first time in a long time. ”

–    Maria, 8/15

“Thank you for these. I love the way you process pain. I have watched these so much lately and they seem to be all that helps. ”

–    Macy L, 8/15

“Thank you, Noah…Good one! I am finally listening to someone who understands. It can be so frustrating when someone constantly have to tell you that you have to think positively all the time. ”

–    Merscis, 8/15

“This is genius! Finally I found a process that works, simple and effective. ”

–    Julio F, 8/15

“This is the most amazing video. An eye opener and brings instant relief. Thank you Noah for your wisdom.”

–    Nitronium B, 8/15

“This was like a breath of fresh air. Your message is pure love.”

–    Nila, 8/15

“This was so amazing. I feel such a relief from this. I was creating so many scenarios in my head over analyzing worrying but really thinking about what you said, im already applying it and it actually works! :)”

–    Cali A, 8/15

“Truly the best advice I’ve ever heard..Im kinda impatient but I managed to sit through this 30 min video because your words are so healing. This definitely helped me alot so fast. Thank you sincerely”

–    Sienna C, 8/15

“Wow, I’m speechless. I’m loving the clarity you provide. It’s absolutely one of the most helpful things I’ve come across. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you pretty much descried the logic of meditation. One brief moment I thought that you were hypnotizing me, but then I just realized that I was profoundly focused, something that I’m not used to. You managed to capture the inner workings of my mind, and I couldn’t do anything but focus. Incredible! ”

–    John D, 8/15

“You are helping me so much right now it’s insane.”

–    Emilia A, 8/15

“Your videos are literally changing my life. Thank you so much, there are no words to express how much you are helping me and how grateful I am. I only wish everyone could come across your videos, I want to share them with as many people as possible. You’ll never know how much this means to me, thank you isn’t enough.”

–    Shelby S, 8/15

“I am a clinical psychologist directing a group private practice in Denver, Colorado. I’ve been working in this field for 30 years. Noah Elkrief’s video tutorials reach a level of brilliance few in our profession can match. The current offering on Anxiety Relief is one of many exceptional examples.”

–    Dr. Thomas Giles, 8/15

“You are amazing. You really helped me through a brake up. You deserve a lot of credit. You are doing a wonderfull job!”

–    Yener C, 8/15

“I… well… I lost my job and can no longer put on an act to get another one quickly. Next to me is a letter explaining that the bank intends to sell my home and my phone just rang, surely from one of many debt collectors. It appears likely that I will soon lose many things, perhaps everything, but today, today I woke up and there is peace. Simple peace. A peace that doesn’t mind as every thread of who I thought I was is violently ripped off my back… and it brings tears of gratefulness to my eyes for your work. To be able to stand with dignity (instead of screaming) through this experience would previously be unimaginable… and even more… for the first time in 30 years the trees and world outside my home looks… playful. Well I guess the demons may return and make me scream but I think they know the game is up. I get that they are my creations. To hold the knowledge that you have given me about what I am doing… it is not possible to describe how valuable that is. Thanks for doing what you do.”

–    Michael L, 7/15

“Thank you so much for the liberating concept that believing compliments encourage pain! And that trying to think of myself as good is what perpetuates all of my suffering! Story of my life! I am so grateful to have stumbled across you. Now I can reach peace more easily. God bless you!”

–    Tabitha F, 7/15

“The session had a sudden impact on me a few days later. I started to feel relieved and now I feel totally free of this drama. I came from thinking I had to die to feeling I finally can live free and it’s the best thing that could happen to me. I don’t feel I ever want my husband back as he was such a burden, I just never realised before. It must have been anxiety that kept me hanging on. However I thank you so much. Now I can move on with my life and let it all go. It’s a bit creapy, I hope I wont relapse as it went so quickly…. Almost impossible, but it’s really true. Thanx again.”

–    Sonja W, 7/15

“I have been dealing with severe anxiety, automatic negative thinking, previously depression and eating disorder. A friend of mine discovered your videos on YouTube and showed me one focused on anxiety. I started watching that at least one time every day. I immediately felt you speaking directly to me and already from watching your video the first time I felt a difference, a better grasp of my thoughts. I felt so overwhelmed, like I was seeing the world with new eyes. Suddenly you made me understand so many things that has created years of suffering for me, in seconds you made me understand things that even my shrink was never able to help me with. I thought happiness was an unreachable thing for me and I had nearly given up on everything. Thank you for giving me back my hope!”

–    Anna S, 7/15

“I hope you’re well. I recently suffered from a bout of depression after years of struggling with anxiety, and this was the lowest I have ever felt. I was like this for about a week, suddenly unable to go to work and finding only moments of relief and ease. During one particularly low moment, I came across your video on instant relief from depression, and it was the first video I clicked on. I was at first skeptical as the feeling was as real as anything, however by the end I felt a new sense of peace that I had never felt before. I have not felt depressed or anxious since, and would sincerely like to thank you for your work and wish you the best of luck with what you are doing. Even in writing this, I don’t think I can truly convey the change that I have felt after watching your video!”

–    Taufiq W, 7/15

“For years I battled with depression, loneliness, and social anxiety, it seems nothing I do would make it go away, after watching your videos, it has given me a new perspective on things, it’s actually working for once, so thank you Noah, really appreciate it, I so want this effect to stay forever…may be too much that I fear a little that I might loose it…but for now it’s working and it’s great…big thank you…”

–    Rainbow S, 7/15

“I have really struggled with loneliness ever since primary school, and as I got to my early 20’s its got so bad, because I don’t have friends or a partner, its really effected my life and I’ve bee to counselling so many times and spoken to people and Its just got to a point I felt so tortured inside because no one understands, but this video is literally how my mind works, FINALLY someone understands, and it gave me a reality check and literally changed my life. thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.”

–    Aya A, 7/15

“I hit rock bottom but didn’t seek any help. Been suffering for 2 years. My depression was getting worse and worse until 2 days ago I watched few of these videos and they helped me so much. I’m so surprised this worked and was so simple. I can’t thank you enough Noah elkrief. Im on the up and life is good again.”

–    Vincent D, 7/15

“I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety and I found your techniques are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much. I’ve been to therapists that speak complete gibberish and thought that made no sense but your videos make complete sense. ”

–    Lee R, 7/15

“Every time I look for advice, all I here is the things I need to improve or add to my life. You’ve taught me that it’s the things I need to let go of that will make me happy. Thank you so much! ”

–    Justin W, 7/15

“I think you just saved my life. WOW!!!!! I’m blown away. Thank you.”

–    Chris J, 7/15

“Mannn…u helped me a lot. I was depresed since last summer. And i started to have suicidal thoughts. You saved me life. Thank you, thank you soooo muchhhhh.”

–    Goca, 7/15

“Thank you so much. The way you get to the core of our thoughts/motivations/assumptions is golden wisdom. Thank you. ”

–    Eli B, 7/15

“Just wanted to let you know that I’m back from my vacation and that our session has worked wonders! When I got on the plane there was only a faded memory of what used to be a very frightful experience and I couldn’t understand why I ever had problems getting on a plane. Thanks so much for you help!”

–    Michael W, 6/15

“Before I had difficulty sitting in one spot focusing on one project for a long time. Now I can sit for more than 3 hours on a project without procrastinating. ”

–    Migara, 6/15

“I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy how clearly you break down the logic of your methods and how simple you make it. I know you aren’t swayed by what I say but I want to extend a heart felt thanks for the teachings that you are disseminating :)”

–    Newell, 6/15

“All I can say is Wow. Im so glad I found you. Thank you, you are wonderful. I am usually the person listening and calming people down, counseling others, with no one to listen to or counsel me. Your voice is so calming, your wisdom is inspiring me. What a difference!! A simple shift and awareness in my thoughts has snapped me out of a recent depression, literally. Its like I snapped out of it….Thank you!!!!”

–    Jen X, 6/15

“A lot of your videos have been really helping me through my recent break up. It was really hard on me and left me with a lot of sour feelings, but your videos helped me get past all the bad feelings and move on with my life.”

–    Katpop, 6/15

“Hi Noah, I found this video six months ago, when I was very, very sick from stress. Your video gave me great relief, to the point where I was in tears, because it was the first time in months I was able to put down the burdens of my mind, even if it was only for a few seconds at the time. This video helped introduce me to mindfulness and meditation, and today I’m completely stress free, I have turned my life around, giving up striving for money and succes. Instead I focus on creativity, peace and joy. I no longer plan or live for tomorrow, now I enjoy every day. I am very thankful to you.”

–    Nickclsn, 6/15

“Hi Noah, I’m happy to say that today was my first anxiety free day in a long time, after viewing your video the other day and realizing how easy it really is to be at peace and comfortable with oneself. I’ve been struggling with anxiety and depression for a while and it’s tiring and overwhelming, to say the least. Thank you for this, greatly appreciated!”

–    Adrian P, 6/15

“Hi, Noah! Thank you so much for this video! I’ve been in therapy for 7 years, but this one video of yours changed my whole perspective! I’m very grateful!”

–    Kristina Z, 6/15

“I am a 2 time widower 67 yrs old. About 2 weeks ago I lost a girlfriend of 4 1/2 years to cardiac arrest. Your video was a real eye opener so to speak. Best advice I have received on grief. Thank you very much for uploading this”

–    Examiner, 6/15

“I was feeling a lot of negative emotions and feeling sorry for myself and crying. I now feel at such ease watching this and hearing your words. My eyes are open, and I’m so thankful that you take your time to make these videos to help people like me realize that all the negative thoughts that creep into our mind aren’t always true. Such relief. ”

–    Chrystal T, 6/15

“I was having a complete meltdown, I couldn’t breathe for an hour properly because I was hyperventilating. I came to a complete sense of peace after watching your videos. Thank you. ”

–    Sue R, 6/15

“Really enjoyed your video. It works very well. I have been dealing with anger issues my whole life and most doctors would diagnose me with IED. Your words did wonders for me. Thank you. ”

–    Scott B, 6/15

“Thank you. This really helped me through some of my aftershock grief of losing my brother.”

–    Flame A, 6/15

“Thanks Noah…you’re like the kinda friend I’ve never had…it’s like you get me! It feels like I’m not alone anymore! Really.”

–    Mark M, 6/15

“Wow! You’re extraordinary, you’re fantastic and your words are so powerful! I have to deal with depression and I’m glad I came accross your video! What you say in it is so true and powerful and it brings me peace, contentment and relief. Thank you so much!!!”

–    Noob, 6/15

“You are amazing… You helped me 100000% Thank you so much. I couldn’t sleep before I watched this.. And you helped me. 😀 I never thought I’d get out of this pain but i’m pretty sure I can now, Thank yoou again!”

–    Melissa P, 6/15

“You are great, really, this has worked better than anything else I’ve tried. Thank you.”

–    Kejia W, 6/15

“You helped lift a huge weight off of my heart and my mind. Thank you kind sir.”

–    Pest M, 6/15

“Thank you for the experience on Wednesday evening. It is exciting to find something so very novel. Yesterday was a much better day. I am glad that you are ‘out there’ in cyberspace. It is refreshing to come across something which is both profound and ‘tailored’ to our strange world of BUSY BUSY BEES. You come across very well: sincere, genuine, intelligent, compassionate, warm.”

–    Philip H, 5/15

“I doubt if you are aware of just how much positive impact your site has had on people like me and feel like you not only have brought comfort to folks like us but have actually saved lives of people like me who probably would have killed themselves after years of trying other ways to deal with depression and anxiety. What you are doing is a wonderful blessing and I just wanted to encourage you in what you are doing and offer my appreciation. In loving friendship I sincerely hope things are going well for you and your loved ones.”

–    Bill D, 5/15

“I want to thank you for what you have done for me. I have experienced a complete revolution inside my head, and my life has become so much better in such a short time. Life becomes so much more simple when you don’t have a voice in your head constantly talking, or it does talk, but you don’t take it seriously.”

–    James N, 5/15

“I cannot put into words how thankful I am. I have read your ebook, used your 5 step process on your website and watched many of your videos on youtube. The playlist “”how to deal with a break up”” was particularly beneficial for me. You have enabled me to gain back my self worth, self esteem and happiness. I actually feel happy – content, fulfilled and at peace even though my circumstances are the exact same as they were 5 months ago. I was depressed for over a year and felt I didn’t have the self-worth or strength to cope without my abusive relationship in my life anymore because I viewed being single as a very negative thing. You have taught me that there is no good or bad in reality and I now feel able to pursue many goals in my life without anyone by my side. This is the only thing that has actually worked for me and I can’t stop telling all my friends about it and sharing your message. Thank you so much for the work you do and what you give to this world.

– Alice D, 5/15

“Never have I felt so calm and secure in my life, and I’ve struggled with anxiety for years. Really helped, thank you, Noah.”

–    Abbey M, 5/15

“Your insight is superb. You’ve really helped me have a better handle on my anger. I also want to note how how comforting your tone of voice and character is. It allowed me to put my guard down and really take in what you were saying. There aren’t too many people who impress me but you are now one of them. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with me. I owe you one.”

–    Ken U, 5/15

“Thank you so much for this video. The most devastating thing has happened to me this week and watching this video brought me so much relief! Thank you so much for everything you’re doing!!! You don’t know how much your video saved my life.”

–    Wyndel C, 5/15

“Hi Noah. This is my favourite of your videos and its helped me so much in the past few weeks. I’ve been really stressed about school lately and don’t have many people I could turn to. You’re meditation is so calm and brings tears to my eyes. By the time the video its over, I don’t want it to end. Thank you so much.”

–    Broad W, 5/15

“Im so thankful I found you after doing years of watching self help videos that wasted a lot of my time.”

–    Yakup D, 5/15

“In the 6 years I’ve dealt with social anxiety not one of the many psychologists and even psychiatrist I’ve seen have taken the effort or time to explain in detail like you have the subconscious processes and root causes for this disability. ”

–    Chris D, 5/15

“Thank you so much for this enlightening video! You have the incredible ability to make complicated topics seem so accessible and easy to understand, I love it! Greetings from Switzerland :)”

–    Roxanne J, 5/15

“I can’t help but laugh because what you are saying is so obvious, yet so easy to miss.”

–    Ronnie L, 5/15

“This actually makes me feel a lot better and now I realise why I’ve always felt like a failure with “positive thinking”.”

–    Samantha J, 5/15

“This is the best video on this topic I have ever seen, and I have been researching this for years. I love your clarity, logic and strategies. When I first heard you speak, I thought you might have a background in cognitive psychological therapy, but instead you have been on an incredible, intuitive and meditative journey. I am looking forward to seeing all your work. Many thanks for sharing your work. Very freeing.”

–    Martinez, 5/15

“Wow.. thank you man.. you saved my life.. Ive been doing meditation for 9 months but still frustrated that I cant fucking silence my stupid talkative thoughts.. but in this video i realized that thoughts are nothing, its not me.. they are just experience like a wind that come and go.. they dont mean anything.. I know now that I am always silent I mean ME, ME , ME not the brain or thoughts or body.. just ME, I am always silent, I am just watching these nonsense thoughts coming, and its kinda hilarous that they are so meaningless, nonsense. LOL.”

–    47 47 , 5/15

“Hi Noah, I am one of those who dont watch this kind of videos however your videos are extremely helpful. You have NO idea how much they have helped me. Please keep up the good work. ”

–    Rita K, 5/15

“Two days ago my girlfriend whom i have been living with told me she cheated on me. Normally this would have destroyed me, as i have developed a strong sense of insecurity and mistrust from past failed relationships. Your questions have helped me to see the good in the worst of situations. Sitting here now writing this to you i am filled with a new sense of excitement to be single. I can make all my own choices with no external input, and i can focus on improving my talents and furthering my education. Not because “i need to show everyone how fine i am without her”, but because your questions have also showed me that i don’t have to be afraid of failure anymore. I can be happy through success and failure. Im no longer left with consistent thoughts about wether or not pursuing my musical talents is “worth the time” because in the end there may be no reward for my effort. I can now simply lose myself in the music, because the negative thoughts of wether i will succeed or not are gone. In fact i can simply lose myself in most things, like writing this email, in conversations with people, in looking at a tree outside my window, in my work, sometimes even in the simple joy of walking and feeling the air molecules pass over my skin. I still have much to learn and genuinely look forward to the learning process. Thank you for dedicating your life to the happiness of others.”

–    Jerrick N, 4/15

“At first I want to say that you literally changed my life. I was extremely depressed and desperate because as you may know about Iraq circumstances, it’s so severe and there is no way for a good mental help but I want you to know that YOU SAVED MY LIFE LITERALLY. I don’t know how I must thank you! Because it’s not enough to describe it in a words! You are definitely and literally GENIUS, and I think that not everyone can understand your perspective (which is undeniable facts) that is because it’s a whole new knowledge and maybe it takes time for some people to understand. All what I want to tell you is THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.”

–    Ali J, 4/15

“What I did with your wisdom was drop a 24 year old methadone addicction so thank you for removing the liquid handcuffs … Your teachings are inspiring thank you”

–    Liz M, 4/15

“I can’t believe I used to live a life where thoughts had so much power over me. Things have become so much clearer.”

–    Sam C, 4/15

“Noah, thank you so much for showing me the key to happiness. I used to believe that having a girlfriend was the key to my happiness in life that I fell into despair for never having one, but now I realize that the key to happiness is ME. Now I can be relaxed when I’m talking to girls because there is no pressure! Thanks so much!!”

–    Erik S, 4/15

“Excellent video Noah. You have truly given me some insight that I have been searching for. Thank you so much. My eyes are filled with tears and my heart feels less heavy than it did before I watched this video. I will be watching over and over again. Thank you so much.”

–    LOVEPeaceHappiness24 , 4/15

“For about a year I was unable to relax for even a second. Not even sleep was an escape. So many negative anxious thoughts consumed me. I had forgotten what it feels like to be calm. I tried several therapists to no avail. But after implementing your thought process, I’m able to say “this thought doesn’t matter” or “isn’t true”, shut it out and go on with my life. I no longer dwell on things. It’s a great way to live.”

–    Molly S, 4/15

“Thank you so much, Ive been going through so much and this video has just changed my life around just now, my heart is calmer, my mind understands, and Im ready to be happy being single, and know everything is going to be great from here on out… all this time talking to everyone trying to get answers and never feeling whole, but this video was amazing and Id like to thank you!!! God Bless”

–    Christopher R, 4/15

“Thank you Noah, Before you even sent this link I sat with my feelings and for the first time I think, I let it all come out and at the same time I was accepting and gentle towards my feelings. For the first time I took care of myself, lovingly and without repressing or denying anything. Indeed, I am shocked. I woke up the next day and felt different somehow. Alive and secure. I feel as I don’t have to depend on other people to love me, I somehow have myself to give me that love and support. Thank you for helping me opening that door.”

–    Anissa A, 3/15

“Noah I really enjoyed our coaching call, and I wanted to thank you for all the help. All I have to say wow, our meeting has helped me more in 1 hour than I have been able to do by myself, listening to a million recordings, books and soul searching for the past 10 years. Your gifts are truly amazing, I salute you!”

–    George N, 3/15

“After seeing your youtube movie of social anxiety, I felt like ‘I saw the light’. After years and years of living on the edge of my emotions, big heights and low depths, of battling my emotions, of trying to change myself, of questioning the truth about myself, my emotions, my thoughts, everything fell in place with seeing your youtube movie. Wow. I was so excited and happy that I didn’t sleep all night after seeing this. Everything in me felt it was so true what you were all saying. Same with your other movies. They’re all matching with own experiences and discoveries, but never saw things so clearly. So far I have had some very-into-the-moment-moments already and have been experiencing more rest, peace and happiness in different situations as a result of your movies.

– AnneMarie V, 3/15

“I am very thankful and full of light ‘n’ breezy appreciation of your videos. I had been bombarded with thoughts that continually brought me down for the last 6 years. After watching your 3 videos about feelings, I am cured! Peace is now able to further be present in my life that I can now share even greater with others. I was turning to food in denial. Not any more. Thank you. Thank you. THANK. YOU! A hundred times over. ”

–    Shay A, 3/15

“Thank you so much for all that you’re doing. I watched the video of yours ‘how to fall asleep faster’ on youtube and it helped me ALOT. Now i’m so much more carefree of my life, Your videos have lowered down my stress and anxiety by atleast 80%. I’m so much more relaxed and happy. Trust me i’m not exaggerating anything here. Just being honest.”

–    Gunjan A, 3/15

“I’m a Kenyan, Noah i must say that ever since i watched your video on how to lose anxiety, my life has changed tremendously. As far as i can remember, i have had anxiety since i was very young. Now i’m 24 and free after searching for a way out for almost 9 years. I knew my anxiety wasn’t real but i did not know how to get rid of it until now. I wan’t to thank you for the great work you are doing.”

–    Hezron R, 3/15

“That’s the best video I ever watched on anxiety I think. I have crazy anxiety all the time since as far back as I can remember. And watching this, I can’t even explain. It’s just like it all stopped. It feels like the first time I haven’t been anxious in forever. I just feel calm. ”

–    Jessica C, 3/15

“From someone who’s never been so lost confused and afraid in his life, I thank you for giving me relief from all that.”

–    Kermicheo K, 3/15

“I finally, after 18 years of hell am starting to feel good. I finally have tears of joy in my eyes instead of tears of sadness. I can’t tell you how grateful I am and will try to help other people as well. Thanks again.”

–    Gloomis, 3/15

“You are an inspiring genius of the mind. I have finally found the answers I was looking for. Thanks man, keep it up, you are awesome. I thought I would never find someone to help me realize the confusions in my mind and thought I was the only one with this imaginary thought process. ”

–    Luis G, 3/15

“I am going through the hardest time in my life. Separating from the woman I was going to marry and she can’t give me a reason.. She doesn’t even know what she wants.. This video helped me see things differently.. I was able to look at the situation from the points of view you talked about and I feel much better and see a lot of truths in your words. Thank you for this video. ”

–    Cameron P, 3/15

“I have been diagnosed with anxiety and recently discovered your videos and all i want to do is hug you for saving me. These videos help me when I feel I can’t help myself (: thanks so very much!”

–    Lucille C, 3/15

“It’s amazing how an 18 minute video of truth and clarity can just clear things up and remove negative feelings and help feel love for everyone else. Awesome stuff, thanks so much for all the help I’ve received from the information you’ve brought forward Noah. I can’t express enough appreciation :)”

–    Jeremy D, 3/15

“Noah Elkrief is a spiritual ninja! It’s like you always sneak in through the back door. I never know which angle you’re going to approach these situations, but it makes #PERFECT sense every single time! Thank you so much! Clarity!!!”

–    The Realest Idealist , 3/15

“Noah is so easy to understand, he explains things so perfectly, I have read books by some authors that talk like they have just landed from mars, I don’t understand them. But Noah puts his words so everyone even a bit slow people like me can grasp his sayings quickly.”

–    Betty M, 3/15

“Noah your videos helped me through so much when I was going through such hard times. In my toughest moments your videos and your wise words were there for me. And I know the effect you had on me, you’ve had on so many other. From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you ”

–    Casio, 3/15

“Noah, I love your teachings. I have learned lots of tools over the years in counseling, etc. However, none have taught how to stay in reality. Most of the tools will try to replace your thoughts with positive affirmations, which have its place but only last until you the negative thoughts come back in and you think your failing in the process. Just with a couple of your videos I have such a new perspective. This has been by far the best help I have ever received. I feel the tools I have gotten from your teachings are really the best for me. Thank you. I am glad I found you on YouTube.”

–    Tammy R, 3/15

“Noah, I thank you for being the person to finally show me what I’ve been looking for since I left elementary school. My happiness. Turns out it was never gone. I was only being attentive to negative thoughts. And after disbelieving them, the result is hard to believe 😉 Thank you.”

–    Jus L, 3/15

“Noah, just looking at your is a meditation. You speak so calmly and gently, in a non  judgmental way…. I find a lot of peace just by listening to you, thank you for your videos.

– Lily, 3/15

“Thank you for your videos! You have helped me with depression and anxiety so much 🙂 ”

–    Emma S, 3/15

“Thank you for you’re wonderful videos, they helped me tremendously to sort out my confused mind :)”

–    Sylvia, 3/15

“Thank you very much Noah. I just recently had a break up with my first girlfriend, and I felt terrible when she broke up with me for another in the same week. When I found that out, I felt very saddened and depressed, trying to figure out what was wrong with me, why I fell in love with her, and why she left me. Now I finally found out the truth, thanks to you, and I feel as if a great weight has been lifted from my chest.”

–    Rava S, 3/15

“Thank you. You helped me out a lot, not just on this topic but generaly in life. I love you and love what you do, again thanks!”

–    Nikola V, 3/15

“Thank you. I have lost family members and watching your videos helps me see the positive in seemingly entirely awful situations. Keep it up!”

–    Jenna E, 3/15

“Wow after spending a few hours with your videos I can really feel the amount of thoughts in my head begin to decrease. You have a very simple yet brilliant way of explaining things that really clicked with me! Thanks!”

–    Josh S, 3/15

“Wow! First time ever that someone has been able to “turn it off”. Thanks so much, so relaxing!”

–    Jay M, 3/15

“Wow, I just found your videos and can’t stop watching. I’m currently going through a divorce from a marriage of 7 years. Your videos have helped so much in just 24 hours. It’s amazing to me that I never considered or discovered the things you’ve said. I only wish more people could open their minds to discover these things, the world would be a very different placd. Thank you Noah, please continue to share your insights! ”

–    Anna C, 3/15

“You make so much sense to me during a time that not much makes sense. Does that even make sense? Lol, thank you is what I am trying to say. You have helped me understand a lot of things I’m struggling with and thought I would never comprehend. ”

–    Amanda, 3/15

“Hi Noah. Words can’t describe how happy I am that I came across your video clips and met you on Skype for our sessions. You have been so very very much helpful and I truly appreciate how you supported me through my toughest moments in life. You are truly amazing and for all others who read this: don’t event think twice to reach out to Noah. you and your happiness are worth it to give it a try … you won’t regret. Noah I wish you all best in life and career. Best regards”

–    Serge L, 2/15

“I have read your e book one month ago. I listened to you first thing in the morning and before I went to bed every day. I find both your book and your u tube videos are helpful for me to figure out what is real and what is just another story in my head. Like every one else, I always felt a sense of loneliness for most part of my life . At the end of 2014 shortly just after Christmas, i read your E book and listened to you u tube for the first time. I felt a large chunk of the heavy burden that I felt in my chest, has just melted away… or dissolved away. Thank you Noah for sharing your love with us. ”

–    Tess, 2/15

“To be very honest whenever I go through  your videos, at the end it just put a sparks of Happiness and Peace in my whole body and mind. It’s works better than taking treatment from Psychiatrist. Thanks you very much Sir Noah Elkrief, for doing such a splendid job. Wish you all the best to you.”

–    Wali M, 2/15

“I read the ebook and have listened to your videos. My face and body was lit on fire by an explosion of a fire accelerent by someone else in June, and I have a significant amount of PTSD and trauma. I have listened to many people including Alan Watts and Eckhart Tolle prior to the accident, and have found your videos the most helpful over and over again at this point in time. whenever I am having a flashback or intense anxiety, You speak to the heart of me, genuinely comforting my fragileness as opposed to the kind of detached approach by some other philosophical entertainers. Absolutely the right flavor of message i needed to hear at this time. Thank you so much, I can be in very scary places sometimes and you are a beacon for reassuring truth.

– Mat K, 2/15

“I find your ebook very HELPFUL indeed. It has given me a certain clarity of mind. I find I can now connect with people better. I feel less afraid.  I even find I can smile and laugh so much more now, then I  did before. I feel more peacefu now, almost like a ‘new’ person.

– Shanta M, 2/15

“I had suffered depression for many years. I had tried every method to help myself. But to no avail. I had finally given up. I thought I had no hope. Until i saw your videos. It took a huge burden off me. Instantly! I simply have no words to say how much your videos have impacted my life lately, Noah. THANK YOU so much for sharing!:) :)”

–    Lina, 2/15

“I’m a senior in high school. Thanks alot for this video. Its helped me like crazy. I dont care about what others think about me anymore. I finally got over my shyness and talk to girls and finally got my first girlfriend

–    Yugio H, 2/15

“Thank you so much for this video. I’ve been suffering with this for such a long time now and this video has helped me an unbelievable amount. Who knew it could actually be that simple. You are an amazing teacher THANKYOU THANKYOU.”

–    Jenny M, 2/15

“Been crying for a few days over my break up and I felt like I was not good enough. Now, its the first time I can just breathe. ”

–    Eliza J, 2/15

“Good Lord, you are GOOD! Heaven Sent. THANK YOU. You help me so, so much. ”

–    Katherine B, 2/15

“I cant believe how honest you are and helpful. Im so thankful I found you. You make it so simple. I love you.”

–    Tj J, 2/15

“I was so depressed… I took advice from so many people but it didn’t help…I saw most of your videos…and I am happy now…Thank you sooo much!!! ”

–    Leander J, 2/15

“This is literally the logic and answer to all of my suffering regarding my ex. ”

–    Krystal C, 2/15

“I’m very lucky to have come across this video at this very moment in my life. I’ve been crying every single day for the past two weeks, drowning in my thoughts of missing someone. But this instantly helped me with all the feelings I’m having right now. Thanks for helping others with your words. ”

–    Marisol A, 2/15

“I’ve been meditating for years and this is one of the most simple, accessible and truthful explanations I’ve heard. Nice one Noah!”

–    Excel04, 2/15

“I’ve been trying to deal with this on my own for a long time, but never really could. Watching you made me understand what I really want, just one small thing, to be happy. Thank you. ”

–    Karin S, 2/15

“Noah your video has relieved me of so much stress and anger and anxiety. THANK YOU SO MUCH ”

–    James M, 2/15

“I’ve had anxiety for almost a year. My anxiety started after I gave birth to my son. I was so scared of hurting him. I started having panic attacks at the grocery store while I was checking out in the self check out line. I also started having panic attacks in the car and couldn’t drive. I feared that I was going crazy and my son would have to grow up without a mom. I also didn’t want to let my husband down. My anxiety got so bad that one night i ended up in the ER. To make a long story short, my anxiety led to depression. I found your YouTube channel after doing a google search. I watched your videos and I immediately felt relief from my depression, I can drive again and go to the grocery store. Thank you for posting these videos! I think this is revolutionary and i’ve shared your videos with other moms who are suffering from anxiety. Thank you, again, Noah!”

–    Ash, 2/5/15

“Wow thank you so much for this video!!! I’ve tried meditating many times and I’ve been doing it all wrong. Your video had me there within a couple minutes and it was great. I’ll be meditating all day today. You’re awesome sir. ”

–    Joe C, 2/15

“i’m not depressed anymore. on this last 10th december it was my 19th birthday, and as usual i was crying, i think i had been depressed for many years but almost a year ago i hit rock bottom, it might sound cheesy but the first video i watched almost cured my depression. just after your video was over i found my self smiling, like i had not in months. thankyou for making my birthday peaceful for me i haven’t read your ebook because frankly i think i don’t need to (because i don’t feel depressed). your that one video (how to forgive yourself) made me an atheist (eventually). thanks dude and best of luck for your life. 🙂 :D”

–    Aqsa M, 1/15

“Noah you’re an angel if I’ve ever seen one. My anxiety almost completely took me over- but you made me realize that all those worries stemmed from my foundation belief that “something is wrong with me”. I held onto this belief for a long time because a part of me thought that if I stop believing it that would be bad because then if there is something wrong with me I won’t be able to “stop” it or fix it. But I think I’ve finally let it go now. Being free of anxiety is so wonderful and for awhile I had forgotten what its like not to be always worrying about my future or my physical or mental state. Thank you for this relief. Peace and love <3”

–    Morgan, 1/31/15

“thanks! You just simplified all my books on Buddism and Zen in a, dare I say more effective way. I’ve been bi-polar for 20 years and I RARELY see anyone as clear headed as you. I’m really glad you’re in the buisness. I’m sure you help many people. Bless you.”

–    Greg, 1/25/15

“ Hey my name is Amanda and I am 15 years old. I wanted to share with you how you have changed my life forever. I’ve been in a very dark place for about a week, although it feels like years. I couldn’t find a way out. I was scared. I was depressed. I had anxiety and panic attacks. Nothing could make me smile. I’ve went to psychiatrists. Nothing could help, although I have a close bond with my family. A mom and a dad that love me and would give the world for me. A grandma that lives with us. A boyfriend that would do anything in the world for me. But I still kept having bad thoughts that would over ride all of the good things in my life and I didn’t understand why this all of a sudden this happened to me so quickly. So I was researching online about ways to cope with depresson and I came across your name, and your Youtube account. I thought I’d give it a shot and I’ve never been happier than I am now. I feel so filled with joy and peace. My heart is warm and I just feel so much love surrounding me just by listening to your video about how to deal with depression to stop listening to the bad thoughts. Everyone deserves to hear the graceful words that you speak. You are simply an angel that saved me from my darkness and I am forever thankful. Thank you so much.”

–    Amanda, 1/23/15

“U are awesome … thanks for ur advices, now after 6 months depression (after no psychologists could help) I am really feeling better about my self”

–    Soroosh, 1/15/15

“I am currently in my third year of university and since September I had been depressed and suffered from anxiety and an identity crisis. Immediately after watching your videos I had a mind-blowing epiphany, and I have since been so happy and at peace with who I am.  I cannot thank you enough, this inner peace and freedom which I am experiencing is beyond words. I can finally let go of all my fears, anxieties, and worries and devote all my energy to experiencing the present.  ”

–    Ryan, 1/13/15

“Hello Noah. I wanted to let you know that your simple, empathic video made me finally be able to smile with contentment from somewhere that was buried inside of me for most of my 42 years. Thank you.”

–    Franco, 1/10/15

“You left me with tears… Tears of happiness :)))) What a wonderful gift you gave me for the New Year!! I listened to your speech and something just broke in my heart and warming energy filled my chest giving me such a relief!  I was looking for that one piece and it was so close to realize it is PEACE  we ALL want.. Ive never searched for peace! I ve been living with my chronic depression and pills for years well.. not from now on any more, saying like it was my dog I nearly got used to that!! and I am so happy to feel it finally gone I hope forever!! even if I sound like a crazy so maybe I am as it is 03:22 am and   i am laughing and having song in my head first time since ..ever?! now I understand biblical words of searching for truth and peace in completely new way and totally different approach. Waiting for the morning to wake up happy and put new visions into life and practice. thank you thank you thank you xx”

–    wild money, 1/10/15

“Noah after watching your videos…i have pulled myself together after my divorce.  i was unable to do anything without thinking of “him” and why, and how sad i was without him… i even cried when i did shopping alone .. but now… i enjoy my life ..because my happiness comes from within me…I make my own happiness… i just got through new years, happy and I enjoyed myself – alone, and went out to beaches and cafes. Because of your videos…and how you taught me to think now – i no longer think myself to misery (i still have to actually talk myself out of it sometimes)…….. You are right…our thoughts create emotions = create our misery… Thank you may God bless you”

–    comments1234, 1/3/15

“Hi Noah thk you for all yur videos! I started taking medication since yr 2000 for anxiety n depression after having a burnout fm a very hetic lifestyle. N this further aggrevate the society anxiety i had all along to worsened real bad. (By the way i din know im suffering fm society anxiety n thought i was jus a very shy individual by nature till i watch yur video on society anxiety). After watching yur videos, i believe i had found the root to most of my anxieties. I started to apply yur principles eg breaking away fm self image, the circle block that doesnt fit into a triangle hole, wat i do doesnt represent wat i am etc for about 2 weeks now. I felt i had experienced a new lvl of freedom in this 2 weeks that i nvr really had experienced before in the past 14 yrs. Yes medication do give me relief to a certain extent, but I knew i was a prisoner in my own mind n ive been searching for the key to unlock it thru doctors n self help books. But what u said is somethg that i nvr heard or seen before. Last week when i went bk for my review with my psychiatrist, they saw a big change in me. Thank you Noah once again for giving me the keys to freedom n God bless u n yur love ones!!”

–    Cort05, 1/3/15

“I am very grateful for your insight and different approach, at age 45 I’ve dealt with a lot of doctors and tried many meds and therapies but out of them all your simple concept to not give credit or belief to negative thoughts has been the most helpful.”

–    April, 1/3/15

“im from bosnia. i watched your videos and all i want to say is thank you. you tought me how to view my problems from another angle. i solved my problem of social anxiety and things that happend in the past. i am a new man thanks to you. you are a good man”

–    Irhad, 1/3/15

“The knowledge that you’ve shared with me about how the standards we have about what is GOOD and BAD, create thoughts saying “I’m good or bad”, creating these horrible unpredictable emotions, has been beyond life changing. How it has brought a peace to my social relationships, where before I had a horrible tension in my body and face, never knowing what to say, me being painfully aware that I’m making others uncomfortable, well i’m just so thankful to have stumbled upon this knowledge most people don’t know of.”

–    Nick, 1/1/15

“Thank you! As I was listening to you speak for a moment I felt I understood why I have the need to be right in my relationships, and I couldn’t help but start laughing. Yes, these techniques have worked very well for me.”

–    Claire, 12/30/14

“Hi Noah.  I just wanted to let you know that I get it and thank you very much for sharing this knowledge.  What you say about the unreality of opinions makes a lot of sense to me.  Your videos have truly impacted me to the point where I feel that my social anxiety is gone.  I’ve struggled with it for the past 45 years.  It works.  I feel immune now to anyone’s opinions of me, imagined or actual.  I don’t know if it’s only in my imagination, but people seem to act differently toward me now in a good way (friendlier, smile more, talk to me more, etc.).  It’s unexpected but nice.  And when they don’t, it doesn’t get to me like before.  You’ve really got something here, Noah.  Thanks from my heart for giving this knowledge to me and to the world.  You’ve helped me overcome a debilitating, deeply entrenched handicap almost overnight.  I am truly grateful.”

–    Bella, 12/28/14

“Awww thank you so much noah. Every time I feel sad or disappointed about life, I watch your videos and I feel instant relief. You’ve helped me a lot when I’ve been sad and depressed in the past and my words fail to express my gratitude. Thanks a lot :)”

–    Akhil, 12/20/14

“about midway through the video, where you explain how there’s no need to feel anxiety because different outcomes don’t actually affect our happiness, things just sort of clicked for me. i paused the video, exclaimed “wait a second, what are you telling me?” and then proceeded to just laugh for a while because i was so full of joy with this realization. i want to wholeheartedly thank you for what you’re doing, i think you’re really helping a lot of people with these videos. ”

–    Dereineda, 12/18/14

“Thanks a lot to you. You helped me a lot in my life. I do not know how to tell you, you changed my life automatically and healed me from the anxiety I have had before. Thanks 1000 times // Nardos”

–    Nardos, 12/15/14

“You give the best advice of anyone, and surpasses all the counselors I’ve ever seen (I’m a 20 year old with a long history of clinical depression) and all the self-help books I’ve known. It feels that you actually know things, and not just spewing things by-the-book that got them whatever psychology degrees like all my counselors. ”

–    Yingdi, 12/15/14

“I have just completed watching this vides Noah I live in New Zealand, and this message is the answer I have been searching for all my life, and the reason I have suffered so much pain through  my whole life, I see it so clear, today my partner is leaving me and in desperation I went on utube for help for the intense pain I was feeling, and came upon you I have watched many of your videos today starting with the what to do when you break up and ended with this one and I have to thank you so much, it was like so simple it made me cry. Its like all I thought learnt and knew over the years,.. I had learnt nothing, and yet your simple way of speaking and explaining just clicked something in me and I SEE….. I am so grateful thank you Fi”

–    Daliallio, 12/14/14

“I cannot be thankful enough for your video and yourself. I am a 24yo guy who never cries or cried in his life but while watching your video I couldn’t help it. I felt like you were dissecting my brain and I cannot thank you enough because you showed me what I was seeking for years now. After seeing it I now acknowledged that not only I do blindly believe my thoughts but I make them darker and worse with every day passing and by repeating them forever in my mind. This is something I just discovered about me and it is all because of you. Thank you for enlightening me and showing me the true definition of Happiness. I seriously cannot find the words to thank you”

–    Gaby, 12/14/14

“noah, I don’t even know where to start. After years and years and years of therapy (that didn’t work because I said the whole time that my life is fantastic, but my bad feelings wouldn’t change), struggle, medication, a wall of science books and whatnot and finally giving in to the fact that I would have to live with depression, I am now cured. seriously. I know it was a process and that a lot of factors made my brain finally “click” and give in to the conclusion that you made it come to through that video. but seriously, it clicked because I watched that video. I stumbled upon it by accident. I’m off medication since spring and I was just considering taking antidepressants AGAIN – winter is always harder for me – and now I don’t even have the tiniest symptom. In the middle of winter. This is crazy. Waking up without a deathwish is completely new to me. since I can think I had this nagging feeling of wanting life to be over. I didn’t kill myself because I felt responsible for those who love me and because I believe in god and that I don’t have the right to take my life, because I haven’t given it to myself. But to me it was always like: time is not a healer, it just wears you down. I tried to push out of depression with willpower and god, was I creative! and now it has dropped off me. I have a life. It’s been like this for some time now and I am still getting used to it. But I love it.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have this peaceful life now and I often just sit down and smile stupidly. So if you don’t mind someone looking a little dense, you will always have a place to visit in germany where you are more than welcome and where two people (my boyfriend and me) would be very happy to introduce you to the fascinating baltic sea, where we will live again starting next fall. But just now, living in southern germany doesn’t make me unhappy and it’s no longer necessary to count the days. really. Thank you.

–    Dejel, 12/14/14

“Noah, Your videos have helped me so much.  I’ve been “chasing” enlightenement for so many years…through quieting the mind, and various other ways….then I run on to your videos, and find that I am opening up in so many ways.  You have a way of breaking everything down to a level that anyone can understand (not some way-out-there mystical cosmic experience).  Thank You so much!!”

–    Gary, 12/14/14

“You have the amazing ability to take a common subject, and then flip it upside down & inside out to view it from a very in depth perspective. Thank you so much! This helped me out more than I can even describe!”

–    Smith, 12/14/14

“Noah, lately my thoughts have been consumed with anxiety and fear. Fear of failure. Fear that I am not “doing enough” or the “right” thing in my career. It’s been exhausting and beating me down. Your videos are bringing me great relief. Thank you so much.”

–    Kristen, 12/10/14

“I just wanted to thank you again for your help and advice the other week.  It wasn’t the advice I thought I wanted but now I understand and it’s been far more valuable than I could have imagined at the time.”

–    Veronica, 12/10/14

“It has helped me so much. I was trying to get over this guy for years. We even had a Skype chat. It was amazing. After that talk, I felt so free and amazing! Thank you so much helping me out of my own created suffering.”

–    Masira, 12/6/14

“I bet you get hundreds of emails regarding your videos, but I just wanted to personally say thank you.  I have been dealing with unbelievable stress with my emotional, personal, and academic life lately. I have just felt like everything was crumbling down upon me, and that I had to deal with them all alone. With a break up, family struggles, and medical school, I somehow forgot how to just handle everything. And late last night, for some reason out of the blue, my friend sent me a link to one of your videos. During the midst of a breakdown, I felt like I could breathe again. I do not know what prompted you specifically to make these videos, but I am thankful that you did. “

–    Dominique, 12/1/14

“I just have to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I recently went through a painful breakup and I must have read hundreds of articles all over the internet, read all sorts of books, was in constant prayer to God to seek understanding, and though my faith is completely in Him and I accept His timing and his will for everything, that still does not necessarily take away the pain. Although all suffering I do believe is for our good in the development of our character and without suffering we would have no compassion. So I did accept that. But I have to tell you I came across one of your videos on dealing with a breakup, & I cannot tell you how much instant relief and joy I got. I became a fan of your page and I just want you to know how incredible your perspectives are. Thank you so much for what you do. You truly have a gift!”

–    Kalyna, 11/27/14

“Noah, I found your utube messages recently in a time of deep despair and I was looking to end my life but instead you reminded me of what I had forgotten so long ago. Thank you so much. I look forward to having a session with you in the near future, I am starting a new job tomorrow after 3 years. I have been an RN for 18 years. Everything you say hits home and I so appreciate that about you. I have suffered mentally intensely the past 8 years although most are not aware and I could not find help until I listened to every single utube video you have posted….thank you so much, you saved my life. Thank you. I will be a nanny for a family until I decide what to do with my RN license. I am so thankful for your love and understanding .”

–    Gloria, 11/16/14

“You must be an angel in disguise! I don’t think I could ever have gotten out of that black hole of self pity and feeling of not being lovable if it wasn’t because of your helpfull videos. Thanks for taking your time to help people you don’t even know and have never seen! God bless you!”

–    Silasem, 11/14/14

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Honestly this video has helped me soooo much to be able to see the truth and open myself up to happiness and peace, I’ve had a feeling of depression for a while now and I have felt so hopeless and I didn’t know what to do but you have helped me so much I feel like I can finally find peace, thank you :)”

–    Cesca, 11/14/14

“this is hands down the best IV seen and will ever see video on depression!!!! It can’t get any better than this! IV been depressed for years now and already feel relieved!! God bless u!! I will mediate on this until it becomes thru n thru. Thanks a bunch!!!!”

–    Aiesha, 11/14/14

“I started crying after watching the first 60 seconds because I felt like all the weight fell from my shoulders just by listening to you. thank you for calming me down in this moment, your words really helped me.”

–    Lauretta, 11/14/14

“I watched your video on loneliness about a month ago.  I am a person that has been clinically depressed all my life. Your video helped me to understand what I was doing to myself, and how I could be in control of my own emotions.  Your talk was so clear and so compassionate that it immediately made sense to me on all levels.  For the last month I have been freed from thinking that I just wasn’t going to be a happy person.  Noah, I have no idea how I can thank you enough for giving me one of the most important presents I’ve ever received, the gift of happiness.”

–    Arlene, 11/14/14

“Noah, I watch your videos whenever I feel bad about something.  I am too nervous to seek help and you are kind of like my therapist haha!  I’ve never heard people give advice the way you do.  It’s honestly so helpful and long-lasting.  Thank you for all of your continuous help.  I love you too!”

–    goingmads, 11/14/14

“Wow!  Four simple words have changed my life and probably my health.  ”It’s just a story”  has become my mantra every day for just about everything.  How calming!  .  My whole life up till now has been fighting with my mind and making up my own scenarios, with every thought and action ending in anger, at myself and at people, just to prove a point.     Like you said, once you stop all of this you really can see clearly and make better rational decisions. I’ve tried every self help metaphysical book out there.  Finding your video was incredible for me.  I just bought your book and know I will be rereading this many times.  Thank you!!!”

–    Carmela, 11/14/14

“Your videos have transformed me from negatively obsessing every moment of the day and night; I have let go of the ‘beehive of negativity’ and catastrophising that was causing anxiety and panic attacks for me.”

–    Michael R., 11/13/14

“Hello Noah, I must say that on my lowest days, I watched your video on depression and for some reason It spoke to me. Most of my adult life I dealt with issues very poorly. Usually through addictive behaviors. In 2005 I was diagnosed Bi-Polar, and for me that was it. it seemed to be the label my mind could justify. all my sad self defeating thoughts. As you said, I was Bi-Polar, Depression personified. Medication seemed to only seemed to progress that ! since viewing your video. I have come to challenge my thoughts as never before. Now I view myself as an awesome person. Looking at all the words of encouragement from family, employers and friends over the years as my motivation to challenge these negative thoughts about myself and take action. Why your words reached me that way that day I don’t know, but am very glad they did. Today I am almost off all medication, and my doctors are amazed at my recovery. Again thank you ! “

–    Vincent, 11/7/14

“I have both laughed and cried watching your videos- you are so genuine and your wisdom is so deep- I feel like you’re a friend to me that’s how you come across. Thanks to your videos I feel much happier and relieved to know there’s a solution and an end to my suffering- most of which stem from thought, just like you talk about.

After having discovered your videos even after few viewings i feel much happier. Keep doing what you’re doing it really matters. Thank you for everything, and thank you for taking the time to read this”

–    Artika, 11/6/14

“I have been listening everyday to the recording and I feel myself getting better. I started to notice my thinking pattern / habit. When I notice that the feeling of loneliness hits me, I stop and focus on my thoughts . If that wont help, I listen to our session. I feel I made a big improvement since our talk and I tried to apply your technique on other areas in my life, which I have problems with. Like I always felt like I don’t belong anywhere ,because my family didn’t want me. I thought since I never had the love of a family I was not able to be loved and I would never feel like I belonged .  I thought I was not good enough for anyone  I felt like I repelled people away from me. But I feel much better about that at the moment. Yeah I’m really grateful for your help and I think that you’ve been a big help for me, to see that I am not so unlovable like I thought I was. I think its easier now with the techniques that you  have shown me. I felt so helpless and I was reading books and I went to so many self help seminars. I don’t know what , but I kept waiting for the aha moment to hit me . I feel since  I’ve been reading your book and watching your videos and now talking to you personally that this is the one thing that could help me”

–    Rose, 11/5/14

“Noah, I think you are amazing.  You have simplified the suffering process to expose what is truly troubling all of us.  Thank You for your amazing work and for sharing it.”

–    Brandon, 10/14/14

“Hi Noah. I know you get this a lot often but I’m one of the victims who suffered depression most of the time but after seeing you videos on how to deal with it, I manage to stop thinking of depression for 3 months now. I learned so much from your videos. I download some of them and convert to them to mp3 so when I do my brisk walking or when I feel down, I automatically switch to your audio. It helped me a lot to stop worrying about my future and my past mistakes. It also reminds me each day that bad thoughts are just fantasies not a reality. Thank you very much for saving my life. I never encountered anyone with this technique that is very helpful and informative. God bless you, Noah and keep making more videos. Kudos! ”

–    Carlo, 10/7/14

“Hello Noah! I just have to say that your videos have helped me more than a lot.. More than you think! I’ve been depressed for a long time and went to therapy.. I have read a lot of psychology here in Sweden but have never come to peace with myself,  your videos have helped me to see feelings and thoughts in a whole new way! And I feel that it’s working! For the first time in a long long time I feel like me again! I have also bought your book.. Keep up the AWSOME work, peace & love from Sweden!”

–    Dennis, 10/5/14

“I don’t worry as much about my future and over things I have no control over. I am living in the moment and taking each day for what it is. It feels great not to have this burden of stress and worry. It’s so silly when I think about how worked up I use to get over other people hahaha (shaking head now). Thank you Noah. It’s a work in progress but I am on the right path.”

–    Lauren, 10/1/14

“thank you so much Noah. Your video helped me so much with dealing with my depressing thoughts. And you helped me realize that my depression is not my fault. You have helped my mood enormously. I only wish I could meet you in person to give you a sincere thank you. Keep doing what you are doing, I believe that you can save lives with the work you do. There’s not enough I can do to repay you. You are an amazing person and we are all extremely lucky to have you on this earth. ”

–    Steven, 10/1/14

“I enjoyed your book very much.  The perspective is so simple that it can be a hard one to grasp, but it changes everything!!!   Now I can’t not ask myself the questions you teach.  What I find most helpful is the current of love that flows through your teaching.  Your caring really comes through.   I love your patients in repeating things.  It takes a kind of pressure off my whole life and the perfectionistic way I have been trying to live.  There is such a relief in my life because of the principles you teach.  I continue to work with them and daily learn about myself and as I do I drop old ways of thinking that tied me to things that weren’t even true.  As I drop the standards I was holding myself to, I can see how I was holding others to those same standards and I am learning to be more compassionate to them as well.  I feel more loving, more calm and more peaceful.  I still get caught in my thinking and when I do I pull up a you tube video of yours and I watch it.  It helps bring me back to your eyes, my breath and out of my confused thinking. Thank you so much again for putting this into our world.  I am grateful.”

–    Lisa, 9/22/14

“I am not a stranger to some of these spiritual teachings but yours are very down to earth and right to the point.  You certainly have a prodigious ability to communicate easily and with out the complexities that other teachings entail, and most importantly a very effective way to approach many lay listeners.”

–    Nancy, 9/13/14

“I have been watching your videos and been having “a-ha” moments and so much clarity thanks to your exercises. It’s really helped and I find myself instantly dismissing untrue thoughts that come into mind. I just say to myself “that’s not true and look at the facts”. Im feeling a lot more peaceful and free “

–    Lauren, 9/8/14

“Thank you so much for spending time with me! You have a phenomenal way of simplifying the feelings and emotions that I have been experiencing. I cannot explain how horrible I have been feeling. So bad that life just wasn’t much worth living. Just watching some of your videos and speaking to you has opened a new door for me! My random thoughts and feelings just don’t have the strong hold on me that they recently have had. If I already feel better in such a short time, I can’t wait to see where this adventure called life will take me!”

–    David, 9/4/14

“Your e-book and videos were of great help to me. I came upon them during a terrible bout of depression and they were of tremendous help in making clear the way to get past the depression. I have since continued to focus on critically analyzing the validity of my self-destructive thoughts and have found continued relief. Thank you very much for the videos and boo”

–    Josh, 9/1/14

“ Firstly I want to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful work you are doing.  It was a very happy day for me when I discovered your videos, downloaded your free ebook, and put into practice your teaching. Yes, it really works and I don’t think in all my years of ‘searching’ I’ve found anything more effective.  You really are providing a very valuable service, and your great generosity in sharing all this, with such clarity and integrity, just shine through.”

–    Susan, 8/31/14

“Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed your video. I’ve been suffering from depression for about 7 years now ever since my mother has passed away and some other bad things have happened in my life as well. I just thank you so much for sharing. When I was watching your video I felt 100 pounds lighter”

                                                                                                                                  –    Linda, 8/28/14

“Thank you for all the awesome videos. They have helped me to find a great deal of peace”

                                                                                                                                  –    Perrie, 8/27/14

“All I have to say is wow. I’ve watched a couple of your videos sobbing because my boyfriend broke up with me right before our three year mark and I feel so much better. You are amazing, thank you.”

                                                                                                                          –    Alexandria, 8/26/14

“Thank you for this video. This video answers my previous question about feeling empty and wanting to run away from it. after watching this video i realize that i dont need anything to be who i am because i am always here lol. i feel so peaceful :)”

                                                                                                                                  –    Goddy, 8/26/14

“This video about how to stop feeling depressed has made me feel better when nothing else could. Thank you soo much”

                                                                                                                                  –    Shaun, 8/26/14

“I really love this whole video. This explanation really helped me understand how I am not to blame for things that have happened in the past. This video satisfied my urge to understand what happened, I thank you so much cause it really made me relieved.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Flajko, 8/25/14

“Thank you so much about this video,  I was trying to meditate from couple of years but was never able to do it for more than 5-10 min. With this video, i got what i was doing wrong. This is really a very brilliant work. Hats off to you. With this i am not only able to meditate for longer duration but also its has open a door of possibility for me to see the daily so called bad events in new light. “

                                                                                                                                  –    Amol, 8/25/14

“Your videos are my go-to when I feel like falling to pieces and they help me every single time. Thank you so much! ”

                                                                                                                                  –    Jessica, 8/24/14

“Thank you so much for these incredible videos. I’m a very talented woman who has been plagued with incessant disturbing thoughts which have prevented me from living my life to the “fullest”. People have always had high aspirations for me, but for the longest time I was my own worst enemy. The video/blog has completely revolutionized the way I see things/life/my mind. Thank you so much for sharing this. Whoa. I’m absolutely blown away.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Lital, 8/22/14

“Immediately upon challenging the assumption that I was in control, I felt a wave of relief…relief of years of guilt, stress, feelings of weakness…all dissipated”

                                                                                                                                  –    Joe, 8/19/14

“thanks heaps. since I have watched your video about how to deal with an anxiety attack, my panic has gone. and I used to be terribly dizzy all the time and that has also disappeared, thanks so much you are the only thing that has helped me”

                                                                                                                                  –    John, 8/19/14

“I just added you because I really want to personaly give you a big internet hug! Damn man, you changed my life. I have been feeling more and more depressed for about 9 months until I found your videos and help. I was that kind of guy who didn’t even think I could be happy again, and when I found your videos about depression, I didn’t even click it first because i never thought a youtube video could do that. You unlocked a lot of doors in my mind so thank you very much Noah.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Erik, 8/17/14

“Thank you for making this video. You have given me the best advice I have ever gotten. “Allow yourself to be as you are.” This video has really opened my eyes. I had been struggling with depression on and off along with my other “issues” like insomnia and mild case of anxiety. Even when I asked others for advice it really did not help me. I use to always believe that something was wrong with me and that I needed to fix it. I had recently thought about going to the doctor for antidepressants but watching your videos made me realize that I don’t need medication. From time to time I still struggle but seeing this video was different from anything I have ever heard. It made such a major impact on my life. I feel as if the weight of my shoulders is almost completely gone. Thanks again for sharing these videos.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Anevay, 8/17/14

“this is so helpful and eye opening. you literally made me stop crying haha”

                                                                                                                                  –    Karina, 8/17/14

“This guide has really opened by eyes and has made me look at situations that i come across in a different (less stress-filled!) way. It’s awesome, thank you :)”

                                                                                                                                  –    Ravi, 8/16/14

“Very helpful! I love how your videos are logical but also emotionally sensitive”

                                                                                                                                  –    Isabella, 8/16/14

“This is the fourth video of yours that I’ve watched in a row after a very depressing and sad night and the information provided has helped significantly. Thank you so much for sharing with everyone.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Marya, 8/15/14

“Thank you. Ive been so depressed, this was the only thing I needed to hear.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Jeric, 8/15/14

“it really feels good to know we dont need anything externally, just awareness that your thoughts are not true gives a person peace which is what everybody searches for in the OUTSIDE dimension.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Zahuruddin, 8/13/14

“This was a very interesting perspective on depression. For years, I’ve only heard of the generic “think positively”, which never really helped. Thank you for this video, it made me think of things differently. “

                                                                                                                                  –    Sheep, 8/13/14

“That was an eye opener.  The positive affirmations are making the conflicts in my head much worse.  What you said made a lot of sense.  Thank you very much.  I feel much better.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Frankie, 8/13/14

“Thanks… I’ve learnt to see myself and my life from a different perspective. I’m lucky to have found this video tonight. Thank you :)”

                                                                                                                                  –    Lim, 8/12/14

“I just found this video and as someone who struggles with depression constantly, I just wanted to say thank you for doing this video. It helped me and I’m sure it has helped and will continue to help others.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Michael, 8/12/14

“I not only read the e-book but I bought your book. Excelent! Even though I still am a bi-polar, my illness have lowered a good percentage. It did help a lot.  Your videos on youtube are just wonderful. GOD bless you.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Javi, 8/11/14

“You explained every little detail that im going through. Thanks, you saved me, I really do thank you”

                                                                                                                                  –    Oren, 8/11/14

“Thank you so much Noah! You never cease to truly help in things i considered without remedy”

                                                                                                                                  –    Jocelyn, 8/11/14

“Your videos on You Tube have helped me enormously. Thank you so much. You are amazing – such a good soul! “

                                                                                                                                  –    Diana, 8/9/14

“Your posts are extremely helpful. I was diagnosed recently with borderline personality disorder. I have so much trouble regulating my emotions and often behave impulsively which is a trademark of my condition. Watching your videos has been really helpful. I love them so much.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Samantha, 8/9/14

“Your free e-book was the most profound and more important thing I ever read on my life. It allowed me to see so much. I know exactly what I need to do now. I can’t find words to express the happiness and gratitude by being able to know all of that.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Lior, 8/8/14

“i love you. you saved my life. god bless you,my anger was giving me problems,i can live my life now”

                                                                                                                                  –    Joseph, 8/8/14

“You´re the first person who could silence the voice of my Inner Critic :))) Thank you very much”

                                                                                                                                  –    Aneta, 8/8/14

“Thank you so much I’ve never thought that my thoughts were what was made me unhappy. I always assumed it was because I didn’t have the relationships and feeling of belonging which I desired. I don’t know exactly why but your talk has given me at least momentary given me relief thank you so much “

                                                                                                                                  –    Grimm, 8/8/14

“You just saved me…I was almost dying with thoughts that haunted me of being alone, its really so encouraging, love your video”

                                                                                                                                  –    Neena, 8/7/14

“Thank you, Noah! Very helpful, easy to implement and informative uploads. You definitely brightened up my day.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Kara, 8/7/14

“ i would just like to say that you are very inspiring. Its quite tough here but I’m trying my best to cope, I’ve seen a few of your videos when I’ve felt really upset and worthless and straight after it finished i felt a sense of relief and that pain in my chest was gone. id like to thank you and what you do”

                                                                                                                                  –    Marcie, 8/6/14

“I am a minister and I just find your analogies and thought on various topics really amazing. You are a great help to me and im sure I will also be a great help to others based on your just so simplistic veiws. Your amazing. I do also recommend veiwing and subscribing to your channel. I think your wisdom and knowledge is trully a God given gift just my own opinion”

                                                                                                                                  –    Lucien, 8/6/14

“I love the way you try and express your thoughts and help us all! You really are inspirational.. After 2 listening to only 2 videos i already start to notice a difference within myself and how i think which i love and i thank you for! “

                                                                                                                                  –    Liliana, 8/6/14

“Thank you Noah!!!!! Every time I’ve struggled with a difficult emotion, even to nearly the point of despair, you’ve been able to “knock” some sense into me – help me understand it – within the first three minutes of your relevant videos. Even things I’ve been dealing with or seeing therapists for for a while. Your simple, logical approach is so on point. Thank you thank you thank you for what you do and for sharing it. You’ve done me a lot of service and I’m glad these are out there for other people to find too. Wishing you all the best. “

                                                                                                                                  –    Lauren, 8/6/14

“Fantastic videos you have there, very informative, i’m sure all of them are a big help for all your viewers. The thing is i really loved the way you presented them. Very upbeat, viewers can easily relate with the topics, you speak very clearly, no highbrow sounding words, meaning words you can easily understand. You presented them in very simple sentences, and that’s great!”

                                                                                                                                  –    Roland, 8/4/14

“Thank you very much, Noah, for the information and your great help! Sometimes, I just don’t have understanding of what is going on with me and not able to find that out on my own. But your clear, kind and peaceful explainations help a lot! I wish you all the best, brother! Peace, love!”

                                                                                                                                  –    Eugene, 8/4/14

“i especially at night feel so anxious nervous and am on verge of panic attacks i really feel like you have cast a spell on me as after watching this i feel extremly calm and steady im shocked as even my valium pills prescribed do not work as good as you have calmed me. THANKYOU”

                                                                                                                                  –    ilovesrk, 8/4/14

“I had a glimpse of clarity no thoughts were happening or they were just being ignored and i felt ok about myself. This video really helped Noah thanks. [how to stop feeling depressed]”

                                                                                                                                  –    ChefTokyo, 8/3/14

“Thank u so much when I hated myself because of things in life I never knew that ur words make it sound like nothing u made it easy for my to understand it in a way that its just a thought I always thought people couldn’t fix the way I feel about myself BUT U PROVED IT thank u know i have relief from all my bad memories and other things”

                                                                                                                                  –    Nicole, 8/3/14

“I must say after watching only two or three videos I got a totally different look on things. It helped me immediately think less about what I don’t like, live more in the now. So thanks”

                                                                                                                                  –    Max, 8/2/14

“you’ve said everything my therapist has said and more in these 30 minutes, compared to her 3 months. thank you. you have provided a view i didn’t even know existed. [how to deal with depression]”

                                                                                                                                  –    Haylie, 8/2/14

“Thank u so much Noah.. All your videos makes me a happier person and make me not rely on ‘HIM’ to be happy.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Sharifah, 8/2/14

“i absolutely loved this! It really helped me! you actually made me feel very calm Thank you. [how to stop feeling depressed]”

                                                                                                                                  –    Janay, 8/2/14

“This is probably the best video I’ve seen on youtube with regards to attacking anxiety as a whole.  Bravo!! Your arguments are logical and your explanations are clear.  I’ve been plagued with the problem of not really being able to decide which outcome may be better for my life or my happiness and eventually constantly over analyzing things.  It’s such a relief to hear from someone else that it’s not only OK but actually more realistic and accurate to simply admit that “I don’t know” and that you just have to try things out and live life.  Any other preconceived notion of an outcome is a fantasy as you stated. Thanks so much I really hope more people watch this.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Diego, 8/1/14

“Noah,this is so awesome! I got myself to the lowest point ever. Now I’m at the point, where I can’t even think about not being my true self ever again and put on my dishonest ugly masks to defend my ego from…..huh….that’s the thing 😉 So thank you for inspiring words of knowledge that contribute so much to my life….and only in the past 3 hours,since I’ve been watching your videos.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Alex, 8/1/14

“i was abandoned by my family , then when it happened again with the love of my life, apart of me just believed ( automatically ) that i was unlovable and that i was not good enough , everything you have just said has wiped away 4 years of misery.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Sebastian, 8/1/14

“I’ve been on youtube for 7 years.. never have I encountered such a well spoken, intelligent man in my life until this video. WOW. Probably the most brightest youtuber on youtube history..just a thought 😉 [how to stop hating yourself]”

                                                                                                                                  –    Abigail, 8/1/14

“Before I saw this I had so much anxiety and negativity I couldn’t sleep. I just felt so horrible everyday I wished I could die. I have seen lots of depression videos but this one gave me the relief I was looking for. It gave me relief and from there I could finally see clear and understand the roots of my problems. I’m very grateful for a supportive family and what you have gave me.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Tiredturtle, 7/31/14

“This is a great video. It really helped with how I feel. Most time I do not really get told what depression is or why I get it so this was a big help. So to find all of this information is a miracle. Thanks! “

                                                                                                                                  –    Balchin, 7/31/14

“Omg it felt like he was interacting and comunicating with me. you changed my life noah i was in pain. I even went to the hospital a few weeks ago [for depression] but now i feel awesome.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Eagle, 7/30/14

“You are absolutely amazing. I’ve been in search for a technique that helps me find happiness from within. I know this will not be as quick as an overnight process for me, but I feel like this technique is a huge start to finding peace within myself. You’ve opened my mind to a totally different way of learning to manage negative thoughts. I’ve been on a journey to finding myself which leads me to deal with the good bad and ugly..I have hope and faith that practicing this technique will lead me to a breakthrough. You are doing amazing work and I appreciate you very much”

                                                                                                                                  –    Ch Mji, 7/30/14

“Wow just wow your great thank you. I can’t explain the awesomeness you just gave me”

                                                                                                                                  –    Izzy, 7/30/14

“I must thank you for making me feel better about my situation and myself after a long time! Inspite of not being a negative person, I had let myself be bogged down by feelings like “not being wanted, not being loved so much (by my boyfriend), probably he’s cheating on me, etc etc”. I have been crying myself to sleep on and off, but your videos on loneliness, how to not miss someone have acted like the eye-opener! Its all in the thoughts!! Thanks again for bringing me back to life and the REALITY of life 🙂 I really don’t feel down!”

                                                                                                                                  –    Sumali, 7/28/14

“Noah, Your advice really works and makes complete sense. I feel like an idiot believing my thoughts all these years. Your succinct explanations are very enlightening and have moved me from a place of sadness and despair to a sate of peace and laughter in a matter of days! I have heard you message before from others, but I guess you said it in a way I get very easily. Your doing a great service for your brothers and sisters around the world. Awesome Noah.”

                                                                                                                                  –    John, 7/28/14

“Noah, THANK YOU for the video<3 It is simply nothing short of enlightment for me what I have been learning from you. All my years of pain and sorrow are leaving me. This video was the starting point to my life free from my prison of thoughts. Life changing,Noah.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Tara, 7/28/14

“Great one mate. I’m a success addict, workaholic and burned out, and this video calmed me down.. thank you “

                                                                                                                                  –    Frank, 7/28/14

“You really helped me in a hard time. Much love”

                                                                                                                                  –    Ronald, 7/27/14

“thank you so much. You really helped me [with my depression]”

                                                                                                                                  –    Gabriela, 7/27/14

“Thanks for making this video. I`ve learned a lot about depression and how to handle it. I hope more people would watch this.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Jingyu, 7/27/14

“Wow!!! I wish you were my therapist or friend. This has put my mind at ease. Every situation I’m going through I think too much about it and it leads me to believing I am alone and no one cares that I feel this way. Thank you for posting this video about depression. “

                                                                                                                                  –    Tony, 7/26/14

“I have been pretty down for a long time now. Recently it has been growing and growing. Yesterday it was really bad. I do not take any meds however yesterday I knew I had to do something. I work from home so I youtubed depression and one way on another ended up at one of your videos. Since then I have listened to at least 6 or 7 different videos of yours. I can not believe it but today is the happiest I have felt in a long long time. It is all thanks to you. You helped me understand that there is nothing wrong with me. I can not say thank you enough. I will continue to follow you and your items.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Andrew, 7/24/14

“I am a woman that for a decade experienced(note I said experienced not have) a very, burdened and heavy heart. Labeled by myself and the “pros” of psychology/psychiatry to be severely depressed amongst several other labels such as ptsd . I have sought help through counseling,medications(both prescribed and self medicating by other means), religion, law of attraction,positive affirmations and outside sources that I thought could free me and this has gone on for years. Until yesterday. I have never experienced relief or insight or enlightenment before like I have now experienced because of you. I plan to watch every video you have ever made and read your books. You have taught me so much and I am in awe. You are very amazing. I am not depressed. Damn right. That’s not ME. 🙂 No longer will my thoughts hold my attention,no longer are my feelings credible,I will continue to investigate. Nothing else to say but thank you with all my heart. I feel very lucky or blessed to have found you. “

                                                                                                                                  –    Tara, 7/24/14

“Thank you so much for this video. You’ve changed my perspective on my life currently. I feel stronger after that 10 minuets “

                                                                                                                                  –    Brandon, 7/24/14

“Aww, this just made my day! Thanks for making this video about how to stop hating yourself! Your the best! This made alot of sense , when you explained it! So thanks! And your right, its all in our head! Thanks so much for this, your helping alot of people! “

                                                                                                                                  –    Courtney, 7/23/14

“This is the first video I have seen from you, and it helped me tremendously. I have suffered from guilt for a long time now, and also believed it directly hindered me from finding the happiness I had at one time. I hurt someone I loved dearly and in effect I lost them. I have driven myself mad with the pain I caused them and ruining what could of been. Out of all the books I have read and meditations I have done this 12 minute video gave me a perspective that I just could not grasp else where. Thank you so much for helping others and doing what you do. Subscribed and hoping for more.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Shelby, 7/23/14

“this video and all of your other videos have completely changed my life for the better i feel happy and ive found inner peace. the rage and hate that i harbored inside me has subsided and i feel a lot better about people and life. from now on my motto is i don’t know”

                                                                                                            –    Walkthroughman, 7/23/14

“I feel like I am at peace thank you so much for these amazing videos! [depression video]”

                                                                                                                                  –    Tracey, 7/23/14

“There is something seriously ethereal about you . something really quite extraordinary . just listening to you speak calmed me and youve made me feel better”

                                                                                                                                  –    Abc123, 7/22/14

“Thank you helped so much. I was feeling depressed and by the time the video was over I was smiling! I will always think of this when I get down.”

                                                                                                                     –    Infinitegames, 7/22/14

“Thanks Noah, this is really helpful. Now I realise that getting angry just isn’t worth it, and good things can come out of bad events and people cant always help their actions. Thanks.”

                                                                                                              –    Energyadvertiser, 7/20/14

“I really enjoyed your video [about depression]! It was really helpful, thanks!”

                                                                                                                                  –    Carine, 7/20/14

“Noah. Thank you so much. You really don’t know how much your advice and help me on my relationship with this girl.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Johnny, 7/20/14

“you are like a angel did you know that? you are helping so many people by just making video’s around the world who are suffering and struggling and needs help. God bless you 🙂 “

                                                                                                                                  –    Yakup, 7/20/14

“Thank you a lot. I finally understood why I constantly feel depressed about some relationships.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Flora, 7/20/14

“Your posts are really wonderful, and I love watching them. I like how streamlined they are, how clear your theme and main point always is — it would be impossible for someone to watch one of them and not come away with the pearl. They’re also palpably heartfelt.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Kate, 7/19/14

“First I thank you for all the enlightment I have only begun to receive! Your words speak very clearly to me and your videos, ( many I  have collected!), –  wow!  You speak of my concerns and situations.  You speak with clarity.  You speak with such a gentle loving passion.  You are such an inspiration to me. Honestly I never felt wanting to give anyone a big hug as I do when watching your videos and reading your messages. “

                                                                                                                                  –    Jay, 7/19/14

“Thank you for your knowledge! You may have just been my life changer! I’ve been seeking how to regain my inner peace and spiritual flow for weeks until I came across your blog about how thoughts create emotion. Once I was able to identify what my thoughts felt like, I was able to eliminate them. My spirit is flowing now and my voice has increased in confidence and resonance thanks to you! I noticed with this new discovery of eliminating thoughts I no longer have barriers when interacting with others. For example, I can go right up and hug them without any thought and the love flows through. I also no longer have emotional issues with wanting or needing to be loved”

                                                                                                                                  –    Clement, 7/18/14

“Thank you Noah – you really helped me today – you have a gift for healing people and a natural innate ability to communicate in an authentic credible way – You seem quite young yet you understand and explain  ‘timeless ancient wisdom’.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Grazieba, 7/17/14

“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. It helps me so much. I am seeing a psychologist for two years and in last six months i have seen her every week, it is helpful for me but your video collects all my therapist’s comments during these two years. I like the way you talk and describe the problems, It makes me relax.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Hasti, 7/16/14

“Very refreshing, interesting and helpful talk/video [about depression].  Makes a lot of sense to me.  Thank you!!!”

                                                                                                                                  –    Pooch, 7/15/14

“This video made me think of depression differently I’ve always been told that I was the one that controlled my thoughts or was the one who made myself sad. I’ve also been told just to get over it. This video actually helped me feel better about myself 🙂 and less hopeless. “

                                                                                                                                  –    Samantha, 7/15/14

“you know, i have gone to many Therapists and psychiatrists and i have never had someone tell me something like this video. i feel as if he’s explaining Golden info as easy as spreading butter. Thankyou Noah… This was free. I spent $ on my others and spent months of time and haven’t felt relief. Your simple explanation of We can Psych ourselfs out helped… Alot”

                                                                                                                                  –    Lucas, 7/14/14

“Thank you so very much for this enlightenment [from depression]! “

                                                                                                                                  –    Genevieve, 7/14/14

“Absolutely love your teachings! Even though I suffer from anxiety and ruminations, I am also very analytical. And because I am analytical to a fault, your videos help me so much by breaking down things into common sense. This allows me to dissect my fears and make sense out of them. Your teachings by far are the best I have ever found to make progress in my recovery to feeling normal again.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Lisa, 7/13/14

“You are just amazing. I cant tell you how much better im feeling now. thanks a lot”

                                                                                                                                  –    Reshma, 7/13/14

“Thank you for the free e-book – it was FANTASTIC! It was SO empowering and helpful in fact, I had to order the book! And it is even better. Thank you for all of this generous sharing. You are definitely helping change lives for the better!!!!”

                                                                                                                                  –    Danielle, 7/12/14

“I can not tell you how much your videos have helped me !!! My wife left me after 11 years and was totally devastated. All your different vids helped so much !! Thank you. “

                                                                                                                                  –    Paul, 7/12/14

“Really really good video [about depression], helped me too! Thank you!!!”

                                                                                                                                  –    Marko, 7/12/14

“after watching this,something changed it felt like some weight was lifted from my heart, i really don’t understand how or why”

                                                                                                                                  –    Silver, 7/11/14

“Dude you are fucking amazing. I love this video, 18 months I’ve been suffering from a broken heart, this is a new way of looking at things. Deep thinking.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Jeremy, 7/10/14

“Best depression advice ever, thank you for that.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Dania, 7/10/14

“I cant believe my anxiety is gone just like that..i wish u all the best man!! ALL THE BEST”

                                                                                                                                  –    Jeriemaih, 7/9/14

“I have been battling anxiety, panic attacks, and some depression for the last couple months. It’s put me in a bad place mentally. But this video has really helped calm me and make me feel like everything is okay. I feel good on the inside for the first time in what feels like a long time. Thank you.”

                                                                                                                    –    ceramiccoconut, 7/9/14

“My girlfriend is struggling with severe depression and often says things like ”Why do you love me when I dont love me”  These videos help me help her feel better. I can say that these videos honestly save her life thank god that these exist I can never re pay you enough”

                                                                                                                                  –    Keenan, 7/8/14

“Thank you so much for your help noah, ever since i started watching ur videos ive been happier and feeling more at peace.”

                                                                                                             –    Walkthroughman, 7/8/14

“Thank for your youtube video. I was suicidal and watching your video made me feel better and gave me helpful tools. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ”

                                                                                                                                  –    Wendy, 7/7/14

“Noah I can’t thank you enough but you really helped me so much [with depression]. You are different to the others you are just amazing at what you do and have helped me when I was going through hard times, thank you!”

                                                                                                                                  –    Ben, 7/7/14

“Thank you man you really helped me I’ve tried to find that someone but I was always pushed away and I went in a deep hole I had a gun under my bed so I was going to end all my pain but I watch this video and it made feel happy or balanced so I put the gun in the trash and went to go get help thank you you really helped me:) “

                                                                                                                                  –    Austin, 7/4/14

“Thank you so much, you have no idea how much you helped me with my depression”

                                                                                                                                  –    Emocat, 7/1/14

“wow. I just stumbled upon this video in a random search for dealing with depression and watched your video about that which led me to this one and I can not really believe how at peace I truly feel at this moment. Allowing myself to have racing thoughts actually stopped them from racing…giving up control actually gave me more control…wow. I really hope that the next time I am in the middle of an anxiety attack I can remember this video and watch it again. It’s crazy that I thought what I needed was help with depression, but now I know I was feeling depressed because I felt like my anxiety actually made me a bad person or somehow lacking. Feelings and anxious/depressive thoughts can be and are separate…just wow. How freeing. Thank you, honestly ..wow lol”

                                                                                                                                  –    Emily, 7/1/14

“wow, you don’t know how much you’ve help me with this video about loneliness. Thank you for making such inspiring videos. “

                                                                                                                                  –    Heidy, 6/30/14

“It’s wonderful someone so understanding and helpful exists in the world.  Thanks so much”

                                                                                                                                  –    Sumer, 6/30/14

“I been to anger management classes and to be honest this is much better”

                                                                                                                                  –    Jesse, 6/29/14

“After our skype session, the guilt was gone. And I still can t find it. I feel open, strong and soft. I tried to tell someone about what you said but it sounded stupid. It just happenend in a sort of process I guess. I m only à little bit afraid in the sense of : “ o my God; this will stay I hope.” A little bit afraid of losing it again. (the thinking mind again)  But I think I ve seen it and I m there right now. It s a good place. Thank you for your clarity, I love that very much!”

                                                                                                                                  –    Welmoedt, 6/27/14

“You are sooooo clever and soooo right! Its all about wrong interpretations! You helped me very much, thanks a lot!”

                                                                                                                                  –    Lionita, 6/27/14

“Since we spoke I’ve been sat in a weird state of awe and no thoughts are coming into my head, sometimes something might float in, but it drifts out almost immediately as if it can’t really survive in my head. Nothing seems like it matters, I almost don’t know what to do with myself. Is that normal? I’m kind of worried I’m going to be sat here in silence for ever!! Thanks you so much again, I feel so much more peaceful.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Gina, 6/26/14

“I was just sat in my office today & I felt myself nearly welling up with happy tears for no particular reason haha. An overwhelming feeling of peace came over me…. again 🙂 My heart is filled with peace & love for everyone & I love you for getting your message out there & how it has resonated with me & impacted my outlook on life in such a positive way.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Chris, 6/26/14

“I hope you’re well.  I bought your book and I really enjoyed it.  I will probably read it again simply because I’m sure there are some nuggets I may have missed the first time.  I also have been loving your vids.  Your vids and your book truly have helped me a great deal and what’s more is they’ve also helped me help other people.  So thank you for that.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Kevin, 6/25/14

“Thank you for freeing me from the thoughts I was having. You have a great way of simplifying things with the way you explain things. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Zukreat, 6/25/14

“You have helped me tremendously in the past six months or so. I have been meaning to contact you to thank you. I found out about you by searching “why do I hate myself” on google. I watched your video on the subject, and immediately began to heal after a very dark winter where I sometimes couldn’t get out of bed. Since I started watching your videos, I am so much more present, and have let go of so many thoughts causing suffering. I am generally content, and I love my work and my life again. I really can’t thank you enough. If you ever need a favor that is within my ability to grant, just ask.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Derick, 6/23/14

“Hi dear Noah, every time i listen to any of your great videos, it is a meditation for me. Somehow i feel so peaceful and calm and also feel my entire energy field vibrating..thanks a lot for your being…keep it up you´re awesome.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Uday, 6/23/14

“This video changed my life for the better when I came out of a really tough breakup. It changed my attitude and really made me see that all that was holding me back from being happy were my thoughts and outlook. I made a habit of watching it so frequently I used to nearly know all the words off by heart. Here I am a year+ later and in such a good place. I don’t miss him and I’m absolutely positive I’m happier and better off without him here.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Natalia, 6/23/14

“You sir are awesome. God bless ya! You really helped me with my depression (and tons of others).”

                                                                                                           –    TheGeneralMelon, 6/20/14

“You have incredible insight on so many subjects. Going through a tough time in my life and your words have enabled me to feel so much better. Self doubt, heartache and uncertainty have been reduced by you so much. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”

                                                                                                                                  –    itzjimnva , 6/20/14

“Thank you so much for everything. I felt very trapped in all these negative thoughts and now I feel like Im being set free from my own prison. This session has helped me more than I can ever ask for and the relief I feel is priceless.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Monika, 6/19/14

“Your the best Noah. Thank you for showing me how to bypass all that useless suffering.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Carol, 6/19/14

“I’ve been having major anxiety and I’ve been truly suffering and having panic attacks every day but watching this video has helped me. I just want to say thank you. “

                                                                                                                                  –    Mirna, 6/18/14

“wow, this actually really helped me out, i love your videos they changed my whole way of thinking and made me much happier. thanks alot noah!”

                                                                                                                                  –    Hoogvlieger, 6/17/14

“Thanks for your posts… They are ALL so helpful because you explain it in a way that NO ONE else has, therefore it makes it so much more special. You say it in a way that explains it thoroughly and clarity with examples. “ You really have a special, gifted, knowledgeable way in teaching us how to HEAL” — THANKS !!! ”

                                                                                                                                  –    Lisa, 6/16/14

“A Guide to the Present Moment “ is a masterpiece ! Perhaps the best self-help book on living and self-awareness and personal growth I have seen.  You are truly a great communicator. Your videos and books inspire love , fulfillment, and joy. Personal growth never had a stronger proponent. Thank you for all your efforts.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Nicholas, 6/15/14

“A short note to say a huge THANK YOU! For bringing relief to me today.  I just finished watching your Depression Video and you turned my dire frown to a laugh and a smile.  I followed everything you were saying and I got it.  Thanks so much.  Feeling much much better.  I’m not to blame!!! “

                                                                                                                                  –    Gordon, 6/14/14

“This is the most helpful video I have ever heard to finally realize which crap in my head does not allow myself not to be fully happy. Thank you a billion! ”

                                                                                                                                  –    Zlata, 6/14/14

“Thanks Noah, I was going through a rough time and you helped me out a lot 🙂 “

                                                                                                                                  –    Colin, 6/12/14

“I feel so fortunate to have found your channel and resources. Thank you for spreading your wisdom. It’s quite incredible how you present the method to finding peace and it is so simple. At 5:26 “It’s not others love that makes us feel good, it’s our love for others”… I can’t believe I have never thought about it in that way,the light bulb in my head lit up when I heard that! Thank You Noah! Your insight is truly amazing!”

                                                                                                                                  –    Yvonne, 6/8/14

“I think your blogs are simple, amazing and very helpful in a calming way. Thank you!!”

                                                                                                                                  –    Nairy, 6/7/14

“Thank you, Noah. I never heard someone so simple, so deep, and light, and thorough! at the same time. The way you were able to take to pieces this complex issue is just brilliant. Thanks a lot, really. It allowed me look at my “depressed” habits from a non-judgemental perdspective. It´s great that you are doing this to help people. And I can tell you really care. All the best, Ana.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Palitoy, 6/5/14

“i just love these vids, I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder recently and theyre helping me so much, thanks noah “

                                                                                                                                  –    Serena, 6/2/14

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. God bless you. I watch your videos through thick and thin and it just makes me feel a lot better. You dont know how much impact you have had on my life. I have downloaded all your videos on my phone and I watch them nearly everyday.  You are simply one of the best people in this world. Thank you for everything you have done to make people happy and change their minds. I have told everyone in my family and friends about you and I send them your videos all the time. “

                                                                                                                                  –    Zoha, 6/1/14

“I have been plucking out pain by the roots. It never seems to end. There is always more. And I have been suffering over my inability to meditate. Yesterday when I stumbled across you on you tube I was ready to blow my head off. You are such a blessing. I bless you sir from the bottom of my heart for giving me another path to peace. I love the simplicity of your message and the way you drive it home for hard heads like me. Thank you, thank you, thank you “

                                                                                                                                  –    Carol, 6/1/14

“Thank you so much I’m so glad I’ve found your videos. I’ve been struggling with my ex cheating on me for a while now and haven’t been able to find freedom from the obsessive destructive thoughts over him and his new partner. Listening to you gave me enough aha moments to really feel at ease with everything.  “

                                                                                                                                  –    Peppergina, 6/1/14

“After watching this for a while, I kinda feel like my minds been expanded loads. Thanks, man! “

                                                                                                                                  –    Harima, 5/31/14

“OMG that was great! Your explanation for how to deal with a break up is the insight I’ve been seeking for years.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Jeffrey, 5/29/14

“You have helped me alot through a bad breakup with my ex, I listen to your videos every night and it almost feels like ur here and calming me down .. I like that you are so down to earth and calm in your vids. Thank you”

                                                                                                                                  –    Nina, 5/29/14

“you sir, are a wizard. I was going to a lot of problems and anxiety, stress at university, managing life on my own since i moved out my parents house a year ago, the loss of my best friend because of my depression and anxiety a few days ago. I felt so powerless and sad for myself, believing that i’m not worth living in this world since I’m such a huge failure. This video, is really something anyone with depression or anxiety should watch. And I’m sure I am gonna watch it everytime I catch myself creating “bad” emotions. You got the hang of providing help that works immediately. Noah, i commend you sir!”

                                                                                                                                  –    Tschustin, 5/28/14

“Wow you are so amazing.  Seemingly impossible things are now becoming possible simply because I’m no longer believing my thoughts.  You’ve changed my life”

                                                                                                                                  –    Poppie, 5/27/14

“I cant thank you enough for all of these videos…by not having any friends at all or family that can help me, you make me more aware of my thoughts actions and what I can do to help myself and get through certain things. You’ve helped me with my loneliness, my broken heart and the guilt I have for the things Ive done…whenever Im down I now know I can come here and feel so much relief and I can fully understand why im thinking certain things…you seriously dont know how much you’ve helped me…you truly saved me….in more ways than I can explain on here…. so thank you for not making me give up on life and myself! thank you Noah “

                                                                                                                                  –    Cassidy, 5/26/14

“I am immensely grateful to you for all your videos which together with you book have lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.  I have been aware that I was carrying a weight but nothing worked before.  Bless you and I wish you every happiness.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Veronica, 5/25/14

“Hello Noah, just wanted to say HUUUUGE thank you for all of your lovely videos. My very long term partner and my soulmate left me last weekend and I am absolutely destroyed, but your videos made me feel like you are talking directly to me. Your words are an absolute revelation, so please continue your great work, people like you are very important as you have a knowledge and power to help people getting through the pain.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Edgar, 5/23/14

“Wow, you are amazing, this video about depression is really helpful and insightful. Thank you”

                                                                                                                                  –    Mila, 5/23/14

“I think your teaching is revolutionary for me personally. I often wonder how many people in the world discover teachers like yourself in life. I feel so priviledge to discover teachings like yours and others i’ve also found. I sometimes feel like I’m in a special position to know your teachings and other’s. I think it’s my responsibility to share this with the ones I love and people i come across. Thank you!”

                                                                                                                                  –    Nino, 5/23/14

“Thank you dude 🙂 You are amazing, you cleared half of my problems!”

                                                                                                                                  –    Ramandeep, 5/23/14

“Thanks man, you’re a saint. Just by reading the comments u can see how much people benefit from them.  I split from my ex after 14 years and 1 son, about 2 months ago.   This video helped me understand many things, so much so i even used some of what you said to help my friend.  “

                                                                                                                                  –    Lewis, 5/13/14

“You just saved a life by making this video. Thank you for this, it makes perfect sense and it really helped me and my friend understand depression. You really are making a difference. Thank you again. “

                                                                                                                                  –    Iceman, 5/12/14

“Thanks so much for your help which has turned my life around by realizing beliefs are really behind feelings and emotions.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Infoquestor, 5/11/14

“Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Genuine, realistic and practical approach to depression is rare and much needed in today’s chaos of information on this topic. You are going to change many lives, Noah. Thank you for what you do.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Solgaudium, 5/9/14

“I came across your website about a month ago and ever since then I have not been the same. I have learned so much from you and you have helped me improve my quality of living. Without even knowing me, you have gotten me through so much and continue to inspire me all the time.  “

                                                                                                                                  –    Shayna, 5/8/14

“Your amazing info means so much to me and helps me everyday.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Dean, 5/3/14

“I have found your insights and questions on all the subjects quite astounding. I have never thought that questioning my thoughts, as you recommend, could be so helpful. The questions seem to act like a pin bursting a balloon of unhelpful thoughts followed by relief.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Basil, 4/29/14

“Heaven truly is a place on earth isn’t it haha… Sometimes I experience moments that can only be described as euphoria & it doesn’t matter where I am. It’s that realisation that we are a step back from what’s going on in our heads isn’t it! Take just now; I was walking down the beach near my apartment just taking everything in & experiencing everything happening around me without any pre-conceptions just appreciating everything for what it is. Couples walking past me hand in hand too; this time last year I found that kinda thing hard to deal with but I’m a step back from my thoughts now. Thank you & I love the profound affect you have had on me.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Chris, 4/27/14

“Wow. I wish people could watch this and see what you have to say. Maybe I might be overweight but my heart is full and my mind is full and someone who appreciates that will find me. I believe this video has helped so much, despite my families pressure for me to change myself in order of being lovable. “

                                                                                                                                  –    Polanco, 4/22/14

“Thank you for all the blog posts. They are all meaningful and had helped to change my mood of life and  my feeling about people around me. The way I felt before was totally different.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Francis, 4/20/14

“I really enjoy your videos. They really helped me when I was really really sad. Your words always confort me. Thank you so much for your help!”

                                                                                                                                  –    Sylvie, 4/20/14

“Your ebook helped me more than U could ever imagine!!!!  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

                                                                                                                                  –    Patrice, 4/19/14

“You’re videos are amazing, they help me understand myself and others better, thank you. 🙂 This made my day, even though you don’t know me I felt appreciated and that I really am loved 🙂 this video was beautiful. Thank you. “

                                                                                                                                  –    Shadowshy, 4/19/14

“Since our session, I have been spending some time sitting in silence and it has been awesome.  I sat and watched my thoughts come and go, emotions come and go, sensations come and go, sounds, sights, smells.  What remained was awareness itself.  It has always been there as far back as I can remember and I suspect it will always be.  That’s about all I have to say right now.  Too much to put into words, if it is even possible to put into words. Thanks for pointing me in this direction”

                                                                                                                                  –    Gary, 4/17/14

“Noah, thank you so much for your videos. I am so thankful that I found those videos online for free. You have helped me tremendously. There are no words to describe how grateful I am. Thanks again,”

                                                                                                                                  –    Liz, 4/11/14

“I have found all your words very soothing  and trust me it has helped me overcome  my fears and worries. I used to be so depressed, but after watching your video Im now able to figure all this out and im already on the way to become a  happy person. Thanks Alot for being there and to provide us all with the wisdom . “

                                                                                                                                  –    Jessica, 4/11/14

“Thank you so much Noah! Bless you for such an uplifting and objective look on perceptions!  This short video of how to stop feeling hurt was just the thing I needed in my time of need.”

                                                                                                                                  –    Jilly, 4/10/14

“You have helped me through a very difficult time in my life.  My 7 year relationship recently ended and I feel so terrible and confused. I have you on my play list that I wear out every day. I always feel better after I listen to you. Thank you so much!!!!!”

                                                                                                                                  –    Amazian, 4/1/14

“This helped me. Killing myself popped into my head a couple of times and I think that is because I dated her for about a year and two months so we had so many memories. Your videos really gave me a new approach to the situation that I am in. Thank you so much”

–     Drew, 3/30/14

“OMG you just changed my life!!!I feel no emotional pain anymore! God bless u!I am so grateful that I came across this website. ”

–     Poppy, 3/26/14

“My first time finally finding someone on a You Tube video that can explain perfectly and specifically the issues I’m having so I understand. ”

–     Dawn, 3/26/14

“Feels like you unlocked so many doors in my mind, my mind was so limited in thinking”

–     Azzy, 3/23/14

“Hi, i just want to say thank you for what you have discovered and shared. Your videos and techniques help me get out of anxiety and much more. Everthing is changing now for me so i wanna say big thanks and universe bless you! ”

–     Nejc, 3/19/14

“Thank you, for my session!!! This was something special. A had a lot of wonderfull insights… That is really a great gift for me!!! Thank you! ”

–     Maksim, 3/19/14

“Your explanation of how to defuse these erroneous thoughts makes more sense to me than any other author. I have done some Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in the past, and recognise strong elements of CBT in your ideas. I had never before made the connection between defusing erroneous thoughts by challenging them, with leaving peace in their place and enabling living in the moment. Thank you for joining my dots. ”

–     Louise, 3/18/14

“Thank you so much, you have really opened my eyes. genuinely”

–     Eric, 3/14/14

“A big, heart felt Thank You Noah. You have helped me learn a precious and valuable lesson that I will always remember and apply in daily life. ”

–     Solgaudium, 3/8/14

“Yes I read your e-book, when I was in a really dark place. I focused on one of your examples, the one with Amanda who thinks her husband did not appreciate her enough, because that’s what I felt about my boyfriend. It helped me see through so much that I stopped being depressed and sad and once I admitted that maybe he does not show me his love the way I expect him to do but in his own way, I found inner peace and it felt so good. Plus, I found out that he really loves me and appreciate me but he indeed shows it in a different way than I do. I accepted it and now I enjoy so much more my relationship ! I don’t suffer anymore and it feels amazing.

So, thanks a lot Noah, you succeeded Where my friends never did lol. I am glad I found your website and watching your videos really helps. Again, THANK YOU !!!! 🙂 ”

–     Rym, 3/8/14

“Thank you Noah for sharing your insight on this. I have watched so many videos and I’ve been reading more then ever and nothing has seemed to nail it like you just did. When you explain it in detail like you did it makes sense. I really appreciate you taking the time to help others. The way you speak, your calmness and what you say really get through to me like nothing else has. I am thankful for you~

Thank you!!! Again real insight and detail on the why and how. I have started doing positive affirmations about a month ago but like you said unless you address the reasons why you feel a certain way and question it..Is this really true? those negative feelings/thoughts always seem to come back up again.

I so needed this!!! This has been my fear in a nut shell. I don’t get close w/ others because I fear getting hurt. I never heard anyone explain it away like you. All my life I have been this way and have gotten hurt time after time only to reinforce my negative thoughts. It is so great to know I don’t have to be afraid anymore to love ,it’s all in my mind and what I choose to believe as truth. Saying THANK YOU just isn’t enough from me, You helped change my life with this…Blessings to you~”

–     Catbuds, 3/6/14

“I am practicing to stop believing my bad thoughts as you told me. I spent more than 2 hours a day watching your videos. They give me a lot of courage and pin point the solutions for a lot of topics. Keep teaching us the fantastic wisdom which you possess. ”

–     Rita, 3/3/14

“Hey Noah I’m from Ecuador and the guy I was going to marry just broke up with me, but i found your channel on youtube and I have watched almost all your videos and every time i watch them I feel so much better so I just wanted to thank you because even though you don’t know me you have helped me. ”

–     Gabriela, 2/27/14

“I cannot explain you how much the ebook is getting useful in my day to day life. Every word in the book is very thoughtfull. This book is very much helpful for the people who suffer mentally a lot. GOD BLESS YOU. The world needs people like you and books like these. Thanking you sooooooooooooooo much. ”

–     Sree, 2/24/14

“You sir are a legend. Great way of explaining things in simple language”

–     John, 2/19/14

“This is amazing, i thank you so much. I truly believed for a while that my negative thoughts were way more serious than they actually were.. thank you for helping me change my view on truly what thoughts are about. ”

–     Lilibeth, 2/18/14

“Your explanations of everything are on point and I sometimes feel very bad about myself cause of the person i miss and I create illusions like you explained of that person being here would make me happier, however we are both very different people now and thanks to your video and a few others I understand my worth and can continue my life to be happy without that person I use to love. ”

–     lpfan75, 2/17/14

“Hi Noah, thank you very much for your video. Loved it, please continue sending me your videos. You changed the way I look at life in the positive way. Thank you”

–     Mira, 2/17/14

“Brother, you made me erase these suffering ideas…I always judged my feelings and labeled them to mean that I am not making progress. Ideas that I was creating for myself… Much love from Africa! ”

–     Sajid, 2/16/14

“This video has helped me so much! Thank you very much for taking the time to make it. I thought I would never forgive myself for my past actions until I saw this 🙂 ”

–     Maisie, 2/15/14

“This was incredibly helpful, I have had some trouble with replaying the past to the point where I would break my own heart, thank you for shining light into the well for me. ”

–     Aaron, 2/15/14

“Thanks for your Youtube Videos and your Website! I already knew this concept of “not believing your thoughts” from Eckhart Tolle and Katie Byron so I really want to tell you, that you did a great job in presenting these things in a easy, logical and accessible manner. One can understand what you are talking about and use it in just 5 minutes.

People can use your teachings without believing in any spiritual things (which for some people is a problem with the teachings from Eckhart Tolle) and your website with the 5 Step tool is more extensive than “the Work” of Katie Byron with wich I had sometimes some difficulties to find out what my underlying belief was.

So your 5 tep tool on your website is… a blast! No, seriously this tool is so amazing, I can’t find any other words for this! It is really, really aaawesooome! 😉 ”

–     Gion, 2/10/14

“I have watched your “Spiritual Conditioning” playlist several times now.  What’s happening for me right now is that everything is just perfect as it is.  I can watch my thoughts, sometimes I believe them, sometimes not.  It’s all out of my control and yet I still “try”…what a wonderful paradox!  I now realize that my “efforts” are nothing more than Grace revealing Itself…in fact, all of life is just a movement of Grace.  No ownership, no guilt, no responsibility…it’s all so new and mysterious…I wonder what will happen next?  My mind certainly has no clue (of course that won’t stop it from trying to fill in the blanks!…and that’s just fine).

Conditioning falls away only to return later…and that’s just fine.  Fear arises and Grace rushes in to disidentify….or not…it’s all this swirling interplay of life to which I am a witness.  It’s amazing. For my whole life I really believed the car accident outside my window was MY FAULT.  Grace has shattered that falsehood…I have no control over the good or bad…in fact, there is no good or bad…just life right now…in this moment.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart… ”

–     Joe, 2/10/14

“Hi Your videos have fascinated me and are so true . I was feeling confused and hurt when a relationship ended and suffering the loss but your words are so comforting and uplifting I was moved to tears listening to your thoughts on loving others thank you I feel so much better about myself. Your message is vital for all people trying to make sense of ourselves and our complex relationships.

–     Christiane, 2/9/14

“Thank you so much you are a genius !! ”

–     Emmanuel, 2/9/14

“I read your ebook.  It was very helpful.  I am now trying to change my thinking and it really does help.  It was truly one of those ah ha moments.  Thank you. ”

–     Krista, 2/9/14

“You’re helping a dude half a globe away from you in ways you can’t imagine. Thank you very much. ”

–     eightypuff01, 2/8/14

“You make me stop feeling sad. Gracias and continue to do what you are doing. You are doing so well. ”

–     Lilly, 2/3/14

“I was always caged in my negative thoughts till I watched this. Thank u”

–     Salma, 2/1/14

“Your ebook was really helpful, i am able to watch my thoughts almost all the time with the 5 step method”

–     Mohammed, 1/30/14

“This video made me feel a lot better. Even though I’m with someone who loves me. They used to not love me. And they fell in love with me later. Yet my broken heart was not entirely mended when they came back. This just helped me a lot and gave me peace. ”

–     Maddi, 1/27/14

“You have helped me to understand things that I have been trying to for years and for that I thank you. You seem to be a good young man I feel good vibes from you and all your stuff. ”

–     Michael, 1/25/14

“Hello Noah, My goodness, your post was really really helpful and an eye opener. I have read many self help books and non has explained it this way. Now I get it. Thank you so much. P.S. I am so in love with your blog, this is my new best website.”

–     Jumoke, 1/25/14

“Your webpage helped me to disregard my mind and the effects it had on my life. Freedom from mind is the ultimate experience of peace and love. It is truly a gift that you have opened this information to everyone who is truly willing happiness. Thank you, and yes I love you too.”

–     Maribelle, 1/24/14

“I found your e-book insightful and truly marvellous, for someone so young to have discovered such a clever, yet easy way to help others to live in the moment. Yes it works and you are right, thoughts create our emotions and we can make ourselves miserable by creating negative emotions with negative thoughts. When the thought is disbelieved the negative emotion and unhappiness disappear as if by magic. It is then a lot easier to live in the present moment. How wonderful and easy once the process of questioning thoughts is grasped.”

–     Paulina, 1/21/14

“A huge thank you to you!!!! I feel healed:) you have resolved a huge puzzle for me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom (for free). You just made my life significantly better.”

–     Janis, 1/19/14

“Hi Noah, I am astounded how powerfully the messages Have affected me. They have had a profoundly Positive impact on my outlook on life & Long may it continue!! I have been ‘seeking’ peace for id say for 5 Years approx since I split with my 1st love, Going from one disastrous relationship To the next. I’ve been taking anti-depressants For the last few months & seeing a counsellor Due to loneliness feelings.

As I said in my previous email, since viewing Your videos at the start of this year my Outlook has been a lot more positive, my Counsellor doesn’t feel I need to see her Anymore and I’ve stopped the anti-depressants.”

–     Chris, 1/18/14

“Thank you Noah! I cant describe in words how much you have helped me, and are helping me every day! but i can at least start by saying thank you so much Noah!”

–     Nils, 1/17/14

“Thank You Thank You Thank You. I was going through grief and just 2 videos has had an instant relief through self realization of the values you taught. I love You too.”

–     Cajjie, 1/12/14

“Hey Noah I have just read ” a guide to the present moment ” thank you so much for helping me with my unwanted emotions. i am spreading the word about you. thank you again, you are truly amazing :)”

–     Holly, 1/16/14

“I have been working on mindfulness for about five years now – sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I enjoy your articles because they whip me back around to the concepts that I (sometimes) realize intellectually, but not emotionally (yet). Your writing is very helpful in that manner. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you.”

–     Cat, 1/11/14

“I was very surprised by your website. I have been wanting to wake up for years as if I were sleep walking through life. I find it very difficult with meditation to calm my racing thoughts only to realize they aren’t even mine. I found your website very informative and very simple. I had a bad case of the should-s now thanks to your help I’m doing much better. Thank you.”

–     Michael, 1/8/14

“Hi Noah – I know that you are extremely busy and get a lot of emails, but I just have to tell you HOW MUCH you have changed my situation, my outlook and my confidence. I am thrilled I found your videos. I am learning so much how my thoughts and negative self talk have affected how and what I think about; and your explanations about what love is and what it isn’t are breaking a pattern that has literally had a hold on me for more than 30 years.

Such powerful words!! This is all beginning to slowly make sense to me; my misconceptions and finding you have opened up the end to my suffering and the fact that I have a power that I never event thought or BELIEVED I possessed! Thank you so much.”

–     Crystal, 1/7/14

“Dear Noah, With all the praises i would like to thank you..for this wonderful job u have done through your video blogs…..it has helped me a lot… I wanted to mention that my suffering was 100 before i read your free ebook and listened to your videos blog…and after that it was reduced to merely 40%. Thanks a lot.”

–     Amandeep, 1/8/14

“Hello Noah, I was going through a tough time and believed life was over for me no hope left for me to live so I thought reading about what I was going through would help. Wow I felt so good and full of gratitude after reading and watching your videos. All the Info/Truth was helpful and what I needed and wanted all my life and I didn’t even know it. It was a cure for me. Such a relief. Thank You!”

–     Nadine, 1/4/14

“Hi Noah, I just wanted to say thank you for posting your videos on YouTube. I discovered your videos on the evening of the 1st Jan 2014 & I was feeling particularly low and sad due to being single and still not having found the ‘hypothetical’ girl of my dreams at 33. Upon listening to your video it soothed my mind and my outlook altered. Instead of going into work the next day all sad & gloomy I walked into my office with a spring in my step, my head held high and wished my colleagues a cheery happy new year! For this I thank you again and long may this continue. You reinforced my feelings that nothing is wrong with my life & being single is fine. The true key to happiness is within me.”

–     Chris, 1/4/14

“Dearest beloved Noah, Thank you for your love vidéo, it left me feeling spacious… it made me touch the love for myself which is there beyond thoughts. I love all really now. A treasurable moment.”

–     Maji-Da, 1/8/14

“Hi Noah, Just wanted to thank you for your videos. They are so clear and helpful. They impact much wisdom in using practical experiences. I have done a lot of work on myself for many years and have listened to many talks and yours are among the most concise.

One of the first videos I saw was about being ok with not having a partner or something to that effect. I found it so helpful in staying centered and not focusing on the lack of a partner or all this media junk about how to attract someone. This recent video was so great in that it can be applied to many situations as well as rejection. Really questioning thoughts is key and I loved how you said something along the lines of “is it fact or is it a thought” – that stops the mind loop right in its tracks. Thank you so much for all you do and best wishes in 2014!”

–     Marla, 12/31/13

“One day, I finally figured out what people were talking about when they said they were depressed. When they said they had lost their will to . . . well, do anything. That was never me. I was an overachiever, always busy, always moving, working, going to school . . . always.

When it happened I forced myself to do what I always do–I researched. As an educator, it is both a curse and a blessing. This time, a blessing. I came across your website. I have always thought, said, and even lived a life that I believed reflected the belief that life is too short to be anything but happy. What I realized was that I wasn’t. I was really good at faking it (even to myself).

Your book made think differently. It made me realize how powerful I could be, how much I could change the way I think and how that could change the way I feel. It seems to be such a simple premise, but I believe that if it were we’d all be ridiculously happy.

It has been several weeks, but I can say with confidence there has been a tremendous change. A good change. A happy one. Thank you for sharing your experiences and your insights. As for me, I’m really looking forward to what comes next–happily so.”

–     Laura, 12/31/13

“Hi, I am blown away by watching a couple of your videos. I have been struggling with my girl who is totally stressed all the time. Her stress started to effect the relationship and I started to pull back, she came to me and said we need to take a break and I said ok. It was very hard the last month and I was trying to regain my balance in life and was searching for some answers. I watched two of your videos and it changed me from weak and needy to regain my balance and I am back to feeling my old confident self. I plan on reading and watching everything you do. Thank you”

–     Sal, 12/30/13

“Your book is fantastic and applying your concepts and ideas completely changed my life! What I really appreciated is your ability to present your concepts and ways to implement them using simple and concrete methods. The past few months have been extremely difficult ones for me and I was headed for a nervous breakdown. Then, I found your book and my life has changed in a way I never thought possible! Thank you for writing the book and thank you for making it available. I am now living my life instead of living in the past or the future … you are the best!”

–     Ulrike, 12/29/13

“I wanted to congratulate you for your wonderful work. While going through some Eckhart Tolle and Adyashanti videos, I am across your videos and eventually your fabulous website. Words are so futile but limitations of language aside, I’ll just share that my “awakening” began a couple of years ago. I can say, from direct experience, that everything you have said speaks to Truth. While I always knew I wasn’t alone it’s always fantastic for the universe to confirm it! You are doing fabulous work and I wish you the very best in facilitating humankind with alleviating suffering.”

–     Ahmed, 12/29/13

“Your ebook was amazing. I keep reading it and rereading it…….you make it very very easy for a layman to understand because you go down to the real nitty gritty of ones thoughts. Even after watching the law of attraction and all the other self help videos from other well read authors, we know we need to self love and build our self esteem and work on our loving ourselves……but the dimension you have given us is back to the core of everything.

You have dug out the nitty gritty and we are examining every little thing and dissecting it and now we are able to understand how just thoughts are our biggest enemy. And even if we always knew that you have empowered us with how to understand that and what to do about it ENABLING us to actually change the way we think. Giving us practical examples you touched on the major sectors of our lives that have the power to make us believe or disbelieve something.

Personally being very religious you have finally given us the sectret key to LOVE. as an act of giving. Many other talented speakers set out to help us love our selves but by doing very many external thigns we sometimes end up being selfish. But your way of understanding what it is to love is in line with our religion and others religion and we can finally understnd what really it means to love. Selflessly. I have finally learngt from your videos about unconditional love and the real meaning of loving. Thank you so much. So so much. I have finally understood.”

–     Velichka, 12/31/13

“hello Noah, i have no words to say about how kind you are by helping people out there. Your book is amazing, I have no complaints about it. Your videos just by watching I could feel your positive energy just piercing through my heart. You have such amazing energy. Thank you for helping me and others.”

–     Shobana, 12/31/13

“I watched your entire video with tears rolling down my cheeks, because everything you said, every feeling you described, hit home hard, and I appreciate your wisdom, I appreciate your help, so keep it up. Thanks Noah!!!”

–     Mia, 12/26/13

“Your explanations are revolutionary. U have helped me so much. Thank u”

–     Tommy, 12/22/13

“I nursed my hurt for over four years. Your video made so much sense to me. He had been abusive and hurtful for over 11 years, and he was good at convincing me that everything that was wrong in his life was because it was wrong with me. I bought it. I tried not to, but I bought it. He knew how to link my shortcomings to his arguments. I knew he was wrong, but I still let him define me. Thank you for clicking the last piece into place so that I can finally get rid of the last shreds of garbage he had… taught me that I have fought so long to release. His opinion really was no more valid than my own.”

–     Lenore, 12/21/13

Older testimonials

“I just want to thank Noah so much for our sessions. I am not sure what happened, but literally overnight, I began to have a big difference in my thinking and I have also felt better since then…like some kind of release from the heaviness and weight on my shoulders. He did more for me in one session than what has been done in 50+ therapy sessions with a clinical psychologist. He showed me that not only is he very skilled at what he does, but he also has a kind and caring heart.

No matter how hard I’ve tried to battle my anxious thoughts by myself, or with the professional help of others, I just couldn’t do it. Noah was able to dissipate each thought within minutes. Words cannot describe the difference I feel, and as a person who has been diagnosed with multiple anxiety disorders, and has struggled for years, I can’t recommend enough that you read his book and have sessions with him to finally gain the clarity needed to escape the great suffering that anxiety causes.”

–     Fran C., Mother, Kansas

“Noah has helped me so much! Whenever I am angry at someone, or sad about something, he is always able to show me how my thoughts are the real cause of my suffering. Time and time again, he has helped me to see that no one else is to blame for my emotions. Without this blame, I am able to experience much more love in my relationship with others. Now, when I start to feel stressed, I find myself spontaneously noticing the thoughts that are causing it, instead of blaming my stress on my situation. This reduces my stress by so much! And helps me stay in peace! Noah gives you a new way to look at life. If you listen to him or read his book with an open mind, in exchange you will discover peace. Thanks Noah!”

–     Claire L, Nurse, Washington DC

“Noah is a deeply empathetic person and he truly embodies the adage that inspiration is the highest form of healing. He’s helped me gain a better perspective during some of the most difficult points in my life over the last couple of years. His ability to cut through mind-clutter displays his deep understanding of the human condition, and through his own experience explains how anyone can live a more peaceful life.”

–      Ariel B, Yoga Instructor/Acupuncturist, NYC, NY

“It is difficult to summarize each and every wonderful way Noah has helped me. I used to spend countless hours thinking about the past and dreaming of the future. This was causing me to feel empty, miserable, blah, unattractive, heavy, unlovable, ect. His insights and guidance have helped me to experience the present moment and to feel at peace in pretty much all aspects of my life. I feel blessed to have met Noah. I highly recommend sessions to anyone who wants to experience true love and happiness every day. Thank you Noah!”

 –      Sophia, Accountant, NY

“From the moment I met Noah, it has felt so easy to talk to him and open up to him about whatever is going on with me. His words about living in the moment consistently resonate with me on a very deep level. I often get caught up in blaming others and my situation for my unhappiness, but Noah has done a great job at showing me exactly how and why I am the master of my own happiness. He digs down into the very raw layers of a feeling/problem/sadness that allows you to see the root of it clearly, and that somehow dissolves the problem. Noah has truly helped me to live a more peaceful life. I feel lucky to have met him and even more blessed to incorporate his teachings into my every day life.”

–     Kathryn G., Sales and Marketing Executive, Los Angeles, CA

“Noah truly does not have judgments about me or anyone but only Love for all.  Noah is so attentive, it is uncanny.  His observations are so astute and precise during sessions.  Like others, I blamed my circumstances or “unjust” people for my unhappiness, but Noah has shown me that it is really my thoughts regarding my situation that make me suffer, not the situation itself.  Noah is a spiritual surgeon, armed with a finely tuned precision instrument – his attention in the Now.  With an incredible ability to get to the heart of the matter, he dissolves issues at the core, so I can feel relief now, but also so that my issues stop reoccurring.  Through his self inquiry, Noah has helped me to see life more clearly which has helped me to live a much more peaceful life.  I feel blessed to have met him and to have gotten a chance to “unlearn” the conditioning that society has taught me.  His guidance is priceless, and life changing.  I highly recommend him to all who are seeking true self realization.”

Saima, Make Up Artist, Mother, New Jersey

“I am constantly marveled by Noah’s unique ability to observe life with clarity.  Noah has talked me through some transformative personal growth.  His insights on thought patterns are both validating and liberating; he has helped me understand my own processes and unlearn negative cycles.  His book elaborates on his ideas in an accessible format that will help any reader achieve the inner peace I felt after our long conversations.”

–      Frances G, High School Guidance Counselor, NYC

I’m a person who obsesses over details and “what if” scenarios.  What if I had done this differently?  Said this instead? What if things had gone another way?   I’ve spent hours feeling anxious, fearful, and even sad about things that have either happened in the past or may happen in the future.  Reading A Guide to the Present Moment and talking with Noah has helped me focus on the present, tune out the static and experience happiness in my personal and professional life.

–      Jon W., Brand Manager, NY, NY

“The mark of a great teacher is being able to take esoteric concepts and explain them with such lucidity that once difficult ideas now appear as common sense. Noah consistently does just that, in conversation, videos, and through his book.”

–      Jevan P, Brain Trainer, Arlington, VA

“Working with Noah leaves me more aware of my thoughts–easing their control over my everyday life. He helps me challenge those thoughts that lead to negative emotions, leaving me much more capable of making good decisions. Over the last couple of years, his guidance has added immeasurable value to my life.”

 –      Taylor D., CEO, New York, NY

“Noah has helped me to feel at ease about a number of stressful events in my life.  As an attorney, I am constantly inundated with demanding and urgent expectations that stress me out.  In addition, I often experience anxiety about future goals and aspirations.  Noah’s guidance has enabled me to better cope with such pressures and deal with them in a healthy, productive fashion.  Specifically, Noah has showed me that I cannot control the future and I don’t even know what’s best for me, and that has gotten me to live in the moment and enjoy life more.  His guidance has been invaluable to me.  I highly recommend him to all who are seeking to achieve greater self-awareness.”

 –      Ahron C., Attorney, Phoenix, Arizona

“As a corporate professional, I have certainly come across some major ups and downs. Working with Noah, and his principles of the 5 steps to living in the present moment has helped to put some of these “bad” events into a new perspective, allowing me to enjoy my life more. The more I do the 5 steps, the more benefits I experience.”

–      Evan Z, Corporate Sales, NY, NY

“When I first met Noah, I was going through a particularly stressful period in my life because it was right before my final exams in grad school. I was feeling a lot of anxiety about the possibility of failing my exams, disappointing my father and loved ones, with the added fear of possibly not being able to make it in the career I was pursuing. Noah first helped show me that the anxiety consuming me was actually created by my own thoughts and not by my situation. Then, through Noahs guidance, he helped me recognize that I didn’t actually know whether failing my exams would cause my life to be worse off or not. Once I came to this realization, my anxiety became substantially minimized, and I felt so much more peaceful about my grievances.”

–      Lindsay P., Biochemist, San Diego, CA

“Noah, you brought me back to presence. You stopped my mind dead at a time it was running wild. What more is there to say than a great big Thank You for the peace that came afterwards, followed by a seeing that I had a choice in each and every moment to listen to the chaos of the mind or not. Eternally grateful.xx”

–      Tara D., Mother, England, UK

“I’am very grateful for the powerful session I had with Noah. It’s so great to receive someone’s total attention and unconditional love. His guided meditation was powerful and helped me experience ‘the natural state’ effortlessly. His genuine intention to share all that has come to him is endearing.”

–      Paul S., Coach, Nijmegen, Netherlands

“Noah Elkrief’s insightful words have surely helped to shape my take on the importance of thoughts. Our thoughts are constant and really do hold the power to influence our confidence and well-being. Noah has helped me to see that to live a satisfying life means more than obtaining goals, but that the sustainable type of happiness I want really comes from within, it begins with my mind.”

–      Ariel W., DJ, NY, NY

“Noah’s freedom from the stress and anxiety that plague so many people is truly inspiring. Noah has taught me many things about achieving contentment in the midst of trying circumstances.  More specifically, he has helped me to allow my thoughts to rise and pass without assigning my identity to them, and helping me to recognize that my negative emotions were the result of letting my thoughts govern my decisions.  Through Noah’s guidance I have learned that sadness and anxiety can be overcome by not overly assigning value to the waywardness of my mind, and I am a happier person because of his help.”

 –      Jedd B., English teacher, Los Angeles, CA

“I am grateful for my talk with Noah because I was a reminded that my experiences have not defined who I am. I had become drowned by my problem, and appreciate Noah for helping me to see things clearly and giving me tips to process my own emotions. Doing this allows me to have more freedom and responsibility for my well being instead of relying on others. Thanks Noah!”

– Londyn M, Student, California

“I have been suffering from feeling sad,angry and low self esteem. I have been living either in the past or  the future. My life has been all about analysing  past events, holding on to resentment, thinking about what i could have done different, what others have done to me or what may happen next and being afraid of the future. Thanks to Noah I have experienced what it is like to be living in the present moment and how its the only thing that exists. Noah made me realize that the cause of my suffering are my thoughts. During a session with him i experienced a complete peace of mind and freedom from thoughts. It was a great feeling.”
– Jola B., Office Worker, Poland
“Having experienced much mind created suffering, and a true longing for freedom, I am very glad to have found Noah to help me through the obstacles that I encounter. It’s a challenging process for anyone, and going through it alone is not recommended! Noah offers his clear perception to see the subtle ways you are identifying with painful thoughts and does so with kindness and humor. Thank you Noah, for your role in helping us live more freely.”

 –      Forrest W., Architectural Drafter, San Diego, CA

“Very few of us probably have a clue about what we are missing in life without some of the things people like Noah can teach us. In my pursuit of peace and spiritual awakening, I have read a lot of books, talked to a lot of different types of teachers. And from the people I have talked to, Noah has by far been the clearest. I am someone with a very active mind that has a tendency to over-analyze everything, especially my own mind. Because Noah has very few rigid ideas, Noah is able to understand me and where I’m coming from, no matter in what words I put my questions. I would recommend Noah to anyone wanting more peace in their lives.”

–  Maurits L., Netherlands

Noah is truly amazing. He just loves everyone. But the main reason I am thankful to have met Noah is not because he’s amazing, he can’t make judgments about me, or he loves me, but because he has shown me that I am who I want to be already. So who am I? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. I am who I am. I don’t have to keep searching for my identity, meeting my expectations and so-called goals, fighting a war with myself, and being miserable while doing so. No, I can just be…be myself, not who I think I am, or who others think I am. Just live, here, right now. This instant. No thoughts or concepts or judgments or ideas. No right or wrong. Just being. It is a priceless gift. I feel so happy to know that I really don’t know anything.

And I don’t have to “change myself” because there is nothing wrong with me. There never was. It was simply my thoughts about myself, about what I “should be,” what my full potential “could” be if only I tried harder. But I don’t have to keep killing myself trying. I can just rest. I can stop worrying. I can just STOP in general. Relax. Be at peace with myself. And just be…like a leaf: still, free-willing, careless, alive, with no worries, fulfilled. I don’t know if I was “ready” to live in the moment or live a happy life, things just happen. That’s okay. I have learned to accept that and just enjoy being. Thanks!

– Julia L., Ontario, California

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